Alpine Unrest Available Now!


1 down… man are they tough!


Nope, the mission didn’t automatically start when visiting IGA. Walked around the whole facility…somewhat disappointing…but was prepared at least…


@Balla_Jazzuz You need to search the surrounding better. Look around more carefully after the convoy.


My mistake you have not bought DLC So no mission for you , plus side you have new bots and guns , Working as intended friend :+1:


Sad to hear it didn’t… I was tempted to do that, but after having my entire ps4 database crash then rebuild itself i figured i needed to call it quits and just wait for the patch. :confused:


Yup, got the dlc…will search the IGA area more carefully. Thanks @Alinde


Does anyone know how to start the DLC? The Lennart’s Marin safehouse is there. There’s a new boat that I can’t interact with, and no new missions or triggers that I can see.

I already have some (3) safehouses unlocked on the DLC island, but don’t want to fast travel over there incase I (further) break something by doing something in the wrong order.


Aha. IGA facility. Heading there now. Thanks!


Already did that, encountered a apo tank immidiately…cool encounter…but with exp AR and exp shotgun it was pretty quick encounter after all. That shotgun is really good after dismantle the MG with emp and AR.
So back to IGA then :blush:


Ok. This is odd. I’ve opened my main save again after playing multiplayer. And the Lennart’s Marin safehouse has disappeared and won’t unlock. Plus one of the 3x safehouses I had on the new Island has disappeared despite being there 10 minutes ago.

Also, every safehouse I go to says “Safehouse Unlocked” despite already being unlocked.


Um, guys - sorry to sound stupid (again!), but the November update is still downloading after four hours (go on talk to bloody Macron for me), and i can’t see where to buy the DLC. Is that going to take another four hours, or is it in the update? Which you then, ummmmm?

Okay! I got it. It’s going to have to download again, isn’t it. Oh knickers - I’ll be able to talk about it tomorrow!


Same thing here. DLC installed/run fine.

Could fast travel to Marin AB safe house. So I did. No mission. Cant use the boat (if thats intended).
Restarted the game. Now I lost Marin AB safe house (spawned at the nearest safe house up North). Travled/ran around. Still no mission

Done all previous main/side missions.



@alinde I keep searching the area around the convoy on the road on the hill NW of IGA, but I still can’t find the mission. Do you have some more hints? I don’t want to use the whole evening searching…I want action on Himfjell :wink:


It’s bugged. For a lot of people it’s just not there / won’t activate. The devs have confirmed it’s an issue, and has been reported on PC, XB and PS4.

There’s a potential workaround here;


Found it :wink:


Sorry to hear that many players can’t play this wonderful dlc. I’m only halfway up the first slope and it’s great, let me tell you. Apocalypse machines scare the crap out of me. Hope everyone’s up and running soon.:+1:


Where do I start my first dlc mission?


Iga facility area east of òstervik ’ forest region ’ just head there and it will auto pop up and direct you , :+1:


Oh thank you! I’ll go there now.

I’m at IGA Industrial Facility, where do I find it to trigger the mission? It doesn’t auto pop for me like you said it would.


I had choice to make. Either buy Alpine Unrest or something else. I chose a Kel Tec 9mm PCC. Now instead of shooting digital robots I can shoot something for real.