Alpine Unrest - help with collectibles

Apo robots blueprints are all at the vanilla island.

Another topic covers their locs,

@pegnose, @Aesyle

Ok thanks. I couldn’t remember if there was a collectable there or not. So I already did a quick search but I couldn’t find anything. It would be quite annoying to waste a lot of time because of a stupid bug. :slight_smile:

Btw. Spoiler/Hide tags aren’t very useful if quoted, it seems :upside_down_face:

OK, I give up. Photo 20 where are you? :wink: The nearest location would be great.

I’m missing:
Photos: 12th, 19th and 20th
Char bios: 5th and 7th

Any hints/tips on any of those?

Edit: Just found 5th bio.
At Marksätern church, back room, 1st floor, on table (2813, -712).

@Aesyle @Znurrad

Bio #7
Svante Von Ulmer
4680.7, -769.2

Photo #12
Camping ground
4436.4, -673.2

St Charlotte Church
3054.4, -782.9

Photo #20
View of Djupskäret
4138.7, -854.8

and for any other collectables they are all now listed on the wiki thanks to Queerthulhu-The Crone

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Thanks, though I was hoping for a nearby location as the hint, not the actual /loc but thats fine. I’ll probably forget the numbers in a minute anyhow… :wink:

Thanks a lot! :smile::+1:

Is there any kind person who knows where the second personal folder of the game’s characters is? Thanks :smiley:

@Mich3le If you mean the Bio’s then scroll up a few posts, all the collectables are now listed on the wiki and there is a link :slight_smile:

Thanks, I didn’t see it :+1:

Thanks again for the help, it was the last piece I missed to complete all the collectibles.