Anyone got a list of all experimental clothing?

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I’ll post the updated pics at later time since it takes some doing and currently, i’m busy elsewhere. :slight_smile:

I remember that. I even participated in one of those. :slight_smile:

Here’s the latest pics of apparel that i have:

Do note that i don’t have all of them. I’m missing few pieces (e.g Police set, FOA set, Child of Apocalypse set) and i don’t have all color variants either (e.g Slayer set, Elegant set, Fancy set, Experimental set).


Eye wear


Face paint









This would be some amazing info for the wiki


Since i haven’t pinpointed out exactly what i’m missing, sure, you can bring out the comparison between yours and mine. Though, i have general idea of what i’m missing. :slight_smile:

This list is amazing, I may also do a sweep of mine to see if I can help out.

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Just as a thought, how about an interactive list that will also show an image of said item as well.

I don’t know how it could be done, but be a great opportunity for a photoshoot!

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It is, very. :slight_smile: Thanks for that.

Gave it a quick look and i see an error. You’ve listed Antartic Cowboy Hat with yellow color, indicating that you have 4 of it and i have 0 of it (numbers behind it). But in my screens, i can see it being vice-versa. :thinking:

Oh, you have “Haz suit pants” listed twice.

Yeah, that’s one tedious thing to do. Also, how would you show t-shirts? Since there’s only select few jackets that show the stomach area while still covering sides and sleeves.

Maybe a step ahead at its current stage. Data first, features later

Down arrow = part of DLC.

Slicked back differences

Vanilla game


Only way - if dev spills the beans and tells us all the apparel items in the game.

Also, next update may change things and devs can secretly introduce new apparel item(s). E.g “Shirt with tie”. ← that isn’t part of any of the “sets” nor is it challenge item. It was secretly placed into the game in one of the updates. Just like Police set, among the few.

I guess that there are people out there who have “every” item. Thing is, only a few are willing to share what they have.

As far as what i’m missing (based on your spreadsheet), some are event pieces and can’t be obtained anymore. Others are RNG and one is from challenge.

Fancy set - event only (unobtainable as of now)
Child of Apocalypse set - i have last tier challenge undone (need to do some base defence)
FOA Exosuit set - i need to kill Reaper some more
Experimental set - i need to kill more Rivals
Resistance set - i need to kill more machines in Himfjäll
Police set - i need to pray for RNG god :grin:

Btw, i just noticed that your list is missing “Fancy updo” hairstyle completely. It’s event item and i only have 1 color variant of it. But there should be 4-6 in total.

Well, showcasing all apparel items anywhere else than within the game doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like where people are buying the game, based on how they can dress their char alone, right? :sweat_smile:

Also, there are plenty of marketing images, showcasing different clothing sets you can have. No need to see/know “all” the items in the game beforehand. Else-ways, there won’t be anything left to search for. :slight_smile:

For a complete Apparel list check here (work in progress)

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I found only one, in HEAD where I had 7, and you 6. (you will spot it) I have over 2000 hours in the game, but I still sporadically find one I did not have. I also don’t have the apparel that was in the game for a event before I played it, so those I cannot have. About being complete… probably those are complete. :wink:

Yea, alphabetical order would be nice, so I applied it to the list. You kept me busy today. :coffee: :sunglasses:

That’s a superb list. Once I have everything set back up I’ll go through my collection and add to it.

Although I did notice that none of these lists feature the Gnome Mask (7) under Head.

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We obviously did not have a gnome mask. Now it’s added. :sunglasses:

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I changed it. I also added (halloween drop) after some of the apparel items, but I am not sure if I have them all. Is hockey mask, and silk gloves one of the Halloween drops?

They’re not from a Halloween event or anything like that, they’re a little more ‘vague’ than that. I suggest having a look through this thread; Tick-sized... Gnomes?

They’re not for the faint of heart. I don’t even know if they’re still possible to find after the Resistance Update. But if you’re still on the Xbox build then they’re definitely still in there to find.

I might fire up the PC or PS4 and take a look later to see

There are only 7 gnome masks. Chrome & gold are the same one; “gold/silver”.


Hey there,

Is there any tip for getting the experimental ear-thing (headset)?
My buddies got it very early in the game in the first region, but I just don’t get it. Now, after about 9000 destroyed machines since june, I just thought that maybe you have an idea, if I need to use a special type of weapon or ammo against a special type or class of machine.


you just need to keep killing rivals to gain anything Experimental. Alternatively if you are PC or PS4 try doing Base defence as you have a chance to get EXP clothing and weapons from it.

Ok, thx :confused:
I never got exp weapons or clothes from base defence missions :thinking: just exp ammo.
I’ll keep on hunting :+1: