Are bikes only at safehouses?


I have found bike stations at two locations that aren’t safehouses so far. One at a farm NNW of the artillery base. Farm name starts with a H. And a bunker on the south island with a plane in it, no red shipping containers, just a plane.


Both locations should be safe houses (all the bunkerrs with a lone fighter jet are safehouses, but you have to actually go into the rooms off to the side to unlock it as one). The game seems to be really finicky lately about where to go to trigger unlocking a safehouse.


Yes, fully searched both locations. Neither would show as a safehouse.


Seems strange if they’re not safe houses… Could it be an issue of missing icons on the map?

I’ve noticed that farms and such I’ve discovered show up on the HUD when I arrive, first the name then I get the XP and all for the discover. But when I open the map there isn’t any icon for the location. This has happened to me a few times. Not sure if it has ever been a safe house though.


Certain parts of the map seem to not want to show any icons at all (mostly in the Farmlands region for me), and there also seems to be a bug with icons not showing up in the right place, but I’ve never seen either happen for safehouses. I have, however, had cases where I got to what obviously ‘looked’ like a safe house, but it didn’t register as one until I explored some of the surrounding area.


So far the missing icons have only occurred in the Farmlands for me as well.

Maybe I (or we) should make a list of them to let the devs know. It is a minor bug (as long as it isn’t safehouse related), and they sure have more important things to deal with as it is right now, but still :blush: