Assignments - Lets talk about it

Today’s assignments gave less rewards for destroying 10 apoc machines than looting a box from the back of a car and was completed in less than an hour. Surely they can be made more interesting, challenging and time critical.

Hmm, I just attracted a apoc harvester, killed 10 apoc hunter and went away :joy: I did it in about 8 minutes.

But what’s most hilarious is the collecting task for 10 medkits. Just take medkits 10 times from the Plundra. (open Plundra, take a random amount of medkits, close Plundra… do this 10 times) :rofl::rofl::rofl:

After day 5 I have to say I’m beginning to like the assignments although the ones on the first day were silly and some need improvements (e.g. cycling a distance should be completed once you’re over the threshold and not when the char gets off the bike).

I like that most of the assignments are short and snappy. I don’t have time to spend an hour a day but ~20min fit on most of the days :+1:

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I liked them too. But I’m not trying to do them as quickly as possible. Most assignments I’ll do while I’m roaming the country side. It is a cool little extra, that we were given for free.

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Why not put more of the world into play on these assignments? For example:

  1. Go to a phone booth
  2. Pick up the phone when it starts to ring
  3. Receive a code while enemies starts to arrive
  4. Survive the attack
  5. Run to s safe and enter the code
  6. Pick up loot (or a key needed for the next assignment)

A bit more mission-like assignments would be nice. “Kill two tanks” hardly changes how I play the game already.

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That would be nice indeed. I suspect that that takes a lot more coding though.

2 tanks is nothing for an end game player, so they should make the overpowered player less overpowered by giving assignments like find a 1* magnus and kill 2 (or more) tanks with it. And for reward, I personally feel more rewarded if I got a score tally in my log. Assignments done: 15. Something visible and permanent.

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Indeed, @Gysbert, I’m sure it will. I suppose it is - to some extent - a matter of how you prioritize your coding ressources. Yes, some makes GUI, some makes engine, some makes databases, but I am reluctant to buy into the “some can only do landscape (which they do very well by the way) and the team is very small”. Game programmers are (usually) among the highest paid in the business and therefore very capable and versatile (Respect guys :+1:). Trust me, I’m in the medical business and we’ve lost quite a few to games and finances. Money and entertainment pays better than health :wink::grin:

My point is, however, that I have rivals, crafting, Semla (thanks guys :cake:), etc. but not much to do since I reached max level and completed my missions ages ago. It is like playing Pac-Man … a really cool implementation yes - but still Pac-Man.

Okay, now I’ll probably be flamed from all sides but that’s fine. This is my impression and what I miss from the game for what it is worth.

Why would you be flamed? Your not screaming, yelling and demanding are you?
The players who finished everything need to be creative and maybe find other ways to keep enjoying the game or just step away from it for a while, until the next big DLC arrives. That big Island above Himfjäll is really beckoning though, it calling come explore me. :wink:

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I totally get your impression. Hitting the wall after max level and completing all missions is really hard to ignore. All of a sudden there is nothing more to do except searching for machines, destroying them, let rivals increase their level and maybe have a reaper spawn. But after a while that feels stale.

The daily assignments at least give some form of activity but as @Gysbert said it, a tally in the log would be more then just to receive some medkits.

Maybe in the future the weekly assignments could have more of a mission character but I guess the daily assignments will always be something short.

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Oh, I guess that the general consensus in here is, that I’ve been - uhmm - less that enthusatic about a number of changes to the game since the introduction of Rivals and experimental weapons :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I really like the idea of announcing “missions” over this TTY thingy. I spoke in favour of it back in november '19. I just hope the “jobs” we get will differ a bit from what some of us are already doing when in Östertörn.

TTY, is that that Suitcase-Telecommunication device?

Yes, “TeleTYpewriter”. Old name for an old device. I’m old … :cry:

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Player retention is always a long term issue with any new title, and these assignments have had very mixed reviews. If they keep burning ideas like this because of teething issues after release - they’ll end up un capping the skill tree just to keep players.

I think it would be better to have to go back to a station to claim the reward. Maybe there is a drop box there to pull the items out of. It’s kind of weird to have things just pop into existence in your inventory.

Sometimes there is a reward for XP. That’s pointless for a maxed player. It should be replaced with something else if the player is maxed (much like the skill points for more xp).

Overall, I do like these little missions, especially if it involves ammo or med kits, but I’m hoping for more some day. I suppose mission replay would be nice, but really there are only a select few missions, especially from the DLC, that I would care to replay. I would much rather see things like defend some random POI location and escort a supply truck run between two random bunkers.

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Made a topic cleanup.

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Before starting a new topic about the same I pick this one. Well, it’s a few month old, but I feel it’s more actual than ever before. The assignments seem to work now.

How could they be improved?

For example there could be small mission like assignments.

  • What about gathering unspecific ressources like a random amount of fuel and deliver them to a specific place?
  • Or to find a special weapon at a specified place and to bring it to another place?
  • Clear a specific location (not just kill x robots in x region)

Assigment should be definetelly expanded. There are good suggestions, here is mine. There should be minimum amount to partisipate on these, quickly shooting one machine would not get you on boar. Or your contribution level % affects reward amounts. Like top 10%, 75%, 50%, 25% groups. Example community has killed 1000 machines. By killing over 100 machines you would be top 10% of players. Of course this number changes all the time as total kills go up. So little competition to stay on top 10%

  • Community goals destroy huge amount of machines, FNIX base, Russian machines. Different stages bronze, silver, gold, platinum tier. Duration could be 1-3 months 1-3.

  • Community goal Rival and or Reaper take down mayhem, kill x amount.

  • Personal weekly monthly goals. Now you pretty much cant miss any of the assigments, if you want that top reward. Players are busy with their lives, not possible to every day jump on computer / console to finnish daily assigment. These could have little leeway.

Rewards for community goals also could be weapon skins, vehicle paint, decorative xmax lights to your home base, exp weapons, 5* weapons, attachements, or even your choosing mystery box containing assorted items, etc.

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Are assignments permanently down for others as well? Says they’re under maintenance… :grimacing:

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