Cannot finish Wrench in the Works (fix announced for February update)

@Madchaser pretty much nails it.

Let’s drop this subject now, it’s not the point of this report thread and it’s cluttering it up.

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same problem here, system ps5, got everything - explosions triggered, but no end… love this game, the explosions really kill the atmo - maybe the devs can but a timer at the end and after 5 min of explosions the end triggers (or just kill the sound)!!!

What about changing the title of the topic?
You could add something like “fix announced for febuary update”.

If one wants to report this bug, doesn’t open a new topic, but finds this one, he/she could immediatly see, that a fix is on its way.


Good idea. Title updated :+1:


And what is the news on the “Fighting the cold” ? That mission is glitched as well.

I haven’t seen any reports about that mission.

Please make a separate bug report about it.

Habe zur Fabrik zurückgewollt,nach dem Errinnern an gelesenen Hinweis des Keycardbesitzers dass dieser seine verschusselt hatte,um nun dies Hintereingang zu suchen.Welcher Innen wohl der ohne Strom ist.Fand enpassant Nebenmission dort zu einer Notfallhöhle in der Nähe.

Da drin liegt auch ein Revolver.
Leider noch ohne Munition mit ausreichend kritischer Masse…:wink:

Übersetzer fölgt…

Wanted to go back to the factory after remembering the note from the key card owner that he had messed up his to look for the back entrance. Which inside is probably the one without electricity. Found enpassant side mission there to an emergency cave nearby.

There’s also a revolver in there.
Unfortunately still without ammunition with sufficient critical mass…:wink:

Misión: A wrench in the works.

This mission cannot be finished in PS4.
Please fix that.

Known issue. Moved to relevant thread.


I have the same issue but I’m on Xbox.


Could you add the title of the mission from the spanish version to the topic?
“planes frustrados”

Seems that there are some language/translation troubles :wink:

I got a mission with lag, I can no longer do the mission or switch to another, what do I do? Please i need help

Which mission?
What’s your system?
Provide more details, please.

The name is “frustrated plans”

There is no mission in the game with that name.

Please provide more details, otherwise we’ll have to close this thread.

I can’t find the mission, too, but there have been reports about freeze issues for a mission they called “thwarted plans”, “plans thwarted”, “disrupted plans” and now “frustrated plans”.

Somethings going on there…

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It is possible they all mean WITW, as all of them mean the same general thing. could just be jumbled a little in translations.

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That’s it. Just checked it by changing the language to spanish, english and back to german.

In spanish the mission is called “planes frustrados”. If you translate this to english… Well.

Moved to main topic.

@Madchaser The title is long enough already, unfortunately.


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The mission is "Spiking the Guns " There is talk about to thwart some plans…
It not a translation problem.