Can't Respawn After Death

I am having a problem where I have no options to respawn after death. I play on pc and majority of my deaths lead to me having to restart the game. I am able to use adrenaline shots to get back up, but if I ever try to abandon, I am left with a completely blank map and no options to spawn back in. When I first had this issue, it only happened here and there, but now it happens nearly every time that I die. I tried verifying the integrity of the game files, no change. It is getting very frustrating having to restart my game so often.

Try looking at your map legend, maybe you clicked on something like favorites, and you have none.

There’s no map legend in the death map. But I have had it happen with my map on “all” and on “favorite”. And I have safehouses favorited anyways so unfortunately, not the issue.

In my case it was not as severe as in yours, but some safehouses were missing (about 1/4). In standard map view all were visible.

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