February 2023 Update - Patch Notes

Greetings, Resistance Fighters!

In exactly 24 hours, at 10am CET on the 21st of February, we’re bringing you an update focused on fixing some long-standing problems as well as introducing some new additions that we believe you will enjoy!

First off, let’s not make you wait for this one longer than we have to:

  • The mission “A Wrench in the Works” has been fixed and can now be progressed normally.

This one took us a while to fix because we wanted to make sure that no follow-up issues would be created while attempting to repair the mission flow.

Thank you for your patience while we dealt with it!

Now, before we get into any more bug fixes, let’s talk about what’s new in the February update!

New Collectables - Safe house hints

In each safe house, you will now be able to find photographs containing hints about the location of the next safe house to travel to. These were added to help players unlock respawn points on the map and aid the natural progression through the world. Plus, they’re super pretty to look at!

Gotta collect them all.

A new introduction to base building

In order to show off this awesome feature to new players and make sure they realize how viable and important it can be as an endgame activity, we’ve revamped the introduction mission for Base Building and Base Assault.

The new mission is called “Building Blocks” and can be picked up from the Warboard in the Vesslan Bunker. It guides players through the process of completing a Base Assault and subsequently, building their own first base.

Players who already completed the old intro mission, “Good News”, will not be able to play this new mission on the same world and will have to start a new world in order to experience it.

More free Weapon Skins!

Weapon skins were a highly requested feature and adding them enabled us to really have fun designing fresh looks for our ever growing array of guns and melee weapons.

At the same time, they allow players to express themselves through even more customization!

The feature was well received, the criticism we kept seeing the most was “There are not enough of them yet, give us more!” and we happily comply! The February update brings you 6 new free weapon skins for the Möller PP, Klaucke 17, Kpist, HK5, and the Brännboll bat!

They will automatically be added to the loot pool of your rivals, so get to clearing your map of them! Good luck on the hunt.

Here’s a look at the new skins:

Möller PP - Neon Grid Custom

Klaucke 17 - Copper Top Custom

M/46 “Kpist” SMG - Part Pop Dark

HK5 - Graffiti Resistance

Möller PP - Graffiti Resistance

Brännboll Bat - Graffiti Resistance

More swag for your buck!

Since we released the Camo Weapon Skins Pack DLC, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding its cost-to-content ratio. Since many of you felt like the amount of skins included in the pack didn’t justify its price, we decided to add five more skins to it!

Everyone who previously purchased the pack will see them added to their available weapon skins after downloading the update. Enjoy!

AG5 - Desert Camo

KVM59 - Flecktarn Urban

PVG90 - Naval Marine

AI-76 - Digital Forest

12G Pump-Action - Orange Venom Custom

Main Menu Carousel revamp

The news carousel in the Main Menu has seen a substantial change to make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate. This was done to make sure you’re always up to date on the latest news!

You can open this more focused view by interacting with the existing news tab in the game’s main menu.

This is still a work in progress, we will continue to take in feedback and improve the presentation in coming updates.

In-Game DLC Showcase

You can now see which DLC you own and which ones you’re yet to unlock directly from this new in-game screen! New DLC will get added to it automatically.

Return of the Semla event

Those of you who have been playing GZ for a while will remember the previous Semla collection events on the occasion of Fettisdagen, or “Fat Tuesday”! You might know this special day as “Mardi Gras”. Because Fettisdagen is celebrated by eating the national “Semla” pastry here in Sweden, we’re bringing this special little treat to the world of Generation Zero for everyone to enjoy!

From the 21st to the 28th of February 2023, you’ll be able to loot Semla pastries from some locations in the game (where are baked goods normally made in a household?). Eating it will restore some HP to your character as well as give them a nice full stomach!

If you have your Avalanche Apex Connect account all set up, you’ll also find an extraordinary assignment with an extra special reward in your FMTel Reward Trunk during this time! It’s time to show everyone how much you like this creamy goodness. We hope you enjoy and share lots of screenshots of you having a fika (coffee and cake break) with your friends!

Bug fixes and improvements


  • Missing UI section for War figurines collectables in Collectables tab in Log
  • User is unable to synchronize saved data after logging on with the same account on the different device
  • [Community Reported] Distributed Emotes evenly between the Schweet Vanity Pack and the Blockbuster Vanity Pack
  • [Community Reported] Before, players could still spend Command Tokens after having reached the limit of claimed base areas. This has been addressed. No more lost Tokens! Thank you to gearhead455 for making us aware of this.


  • “Perform a dance emote within a FNIX base during a Base Assault Mission.” Assignment did not complete correctly. This has been fixed! Feel free to cut loose, footloose once more.

Combat, Weapons & Equipment

  • The Experimental KVM89 has been adjusted as follows:

    • Increased the damage dealt at peak performance
    • Reduced the heat gain and bullet spread while at peak performance
    • Reduced damage falloff and recoil while aiming down sights
  • The Experimental Magnus now deals more damage than the 5 crown Magnus with its initial projectile

  • The Portable MG Turret has been buffed with increased lifetime and damage as well as reduced crafting cost and completely removed damage falloff!

  • Portable Cover now has significantly increased durability

  • Explosive Toy Lure has had its explosion damage slightly increased

  • [Community Reported] Fixed an issue where the m/49 grenade launcher couldn’t be loaded with experimental ammo. Benox’ thread on the forums greatly helped us to resolve this!

  • [Community Reported] The EXP .44 Magnus’ Laser sight is no longer offset when the player is irradiated. Thanks to MrVagabond for reporting this!

  • Firing while mounting a vehicle will no longer cause the weapon to continue firing indefinitely


  • [Community Reported] Fixed a bug locking level 5 apparel crafting schematics. ICShadowcat made a collection thread on the forums for this issue, thanks!
  • The Simple First Aid Kit schematic was missing on older save files that had completed the “Sanctuary” mission. It has been re-added.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting materials would sometimes be shown as attached to another item.

Crashes & Performance

  • Fixed a crash issue while fighting the Firebird

  • Increased performance while riding motorcycles. This is an ongoing process, more improvements will be made in the future!


  • [Community Reported] A Wrench in the Works - Some players could not finish A Wrench in the Works after the patch 24 update. You can now progress normally, without getting a temporary hearing problem from the explosion sounds!
    Slybry70 was the first one to report this on the forums, but everyone else contributing to the discussion also deserves praise!


  • Fixed an issue where machines would become unresponsive and invulnerable during coop sessions
  • [Community Reported] Fixed certain machines only dropping ammo for client players in multiplayer. This one was fixed thanks to Zesiir, our beloved Forum mod!
  • Fixed a bug where Firebird Tesla Spikes would only damage the player who initiated combat with the Firebird
  • Exhaust fumes of other players’ motorbikes are no longer invisible in multiplayer


  • [Community Reported] Fixed a bug where selecting any other filter than “ALL” on the World map screen will hide safehouse icons when trying to respawn. Thank you, ArcAzrael!


  • Removed a terrain obstruction inside Mården bunker. Sorry diehards, you’ll have to find other ways to glitch yourself outside of the map again!
  • [Community Reported] Re-added the missing Relay Beacon at Skrankebol. Thanks to draco255!
  • Fixed several Points of Interest not being completable because of misplaced items inside the area

Known Issues:

  • Lynx and Firebird sometimes get stuck in a shooting loop when getting stunned

  • Dismounted Moped can sink it into the ground

  • Infrequent crash on login screen

  • Clients are sometimes invisible on motorbikes in multiplayer sessions

  • Non-default text color settings sometimes don’t apply correctly

  • FNIX Base Walls with spotlights have no collision

  • Experimental Älgstudsare fires inaccurately when aiming down sights

  • The 4C AG4 has a very high drop chance under some circumstances

  • Vintovka drops less frequently than intended and not at all from Wolves


Thanks Carni,

Quite happy about the ExP KvM and Magnus Buff!

Do you happen to know if the team was able to repro the exp AG4 not applying its damage over time anymore? It’s one of my fav guns and right now there is no difference to the 5* AG4. Keep up the good work and thanks for jumping in for Pontus.

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We’re still investigating that one and I’m following the ticket so I’ll let you know if there are any updates!
Thanks for the kind words <3


Does this mean that saves are cross-platform? I.e. I sign in on my PlayStation and my Xbox progress is present & correct.

If so how does one decide which device is the current save?

I play GZ on Series X, PS5, Windows PC and Steam and would hate my 200hr PS5 progress to overwrite my ~2,000hr Xbox save.

Nope, that just means a different device, same platform. EG a new PC


I figured, but wanted to check. Thanks!

Thank you, devs, for all of your hard work!

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Thank you guys! So lets spend the day in GZ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just LOVE the resistance skins - more of those please!! :grin::sunglasses:


You guys didn’t fix the crashing of the game all of the time, or the fact that you lose resources when you crash

Or the fact I can’t use schematic points on two pieces of clothing which is the athletic pants and blast- resistant jacket

Or fix the electric ammo not working when in multiple player game

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We’re working on more performance improvements to provide a smoother experience! They’ll be in future updates:) We’ll also get to these other bugs eventually. Thanks for your patience!


Just started the game the first time after the update.

  1. Tylöveden homebase is gone, as reported many times.
  2. Started at the church of boo and took the new collectible. Until now I thought the photo would show a hint how the next safehouse looks like. But it just shows where I am. But on the back there are coordinates of “the next one”. Additionally I now have a new icon on the map that shows the next safehouse.

Sorry, but :face_vomiting:

How much “easier” do you want to make the game in future?

One nice part of the game was to explore the world and to find the safehouses by doing this.
That’s not needed anymore. Just take the photo and you know where to go next. Maybe I’m wrong, but my first thought was, that you just destroy much of the immersion of this beautiful world.

Now the players just watch the map and run to the next location… Well, I did exact the same on my first playthrough… But not because of an icon, but because of the structures or roads etc that are shown on the map. I just explored everything that looked interesting.


Its like they think we are dumb or something?


I think they added this to help players who have lost their safehouses to reclaim them :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think they want to make everything easier, just making better the start of the game :+1:

This update is cool, but unfortunately, the “Tylöveden Control Point” issue is occurring right now. I have a friend who has lost everything in that base, materials, stored ammo and healing items, and he was really disappointed :cry:

So I want to say this for the Team: We love GZ, is an awesome game, we love new content added to the game, revamps and more, we support you, but please try to launch updates without big issues :pray: We know you can do this, developers! :grinning:

Me personally I love this update, but I’m so sorry for player who have lost a lot of resources due to this issue.


I lost very much, too, at this base.
But who cares ammo?
There is so much to find or to craft now…
I’m just disappointed, because it was still my first base. No expensive soviet structures, but it was still cool with all the scafoldings I built there, surrounded by walls, some small outposts of the main base,… And many stored rockets.
Sad, but not too bad.

That was my second thought, too, but it doesn’t help as long as you didn’t capture them all again to find the photos.

I’m excited to see what will happen if I lose some of my newly discovered safehouses again… Will I see the marks on the map again, because I found the photos? Or will they be gone, too, because I once discovered these “unknown safehouses”. I’ll see.

So I have found 2 of my bases are gone the first one on Tyloveden the one at Granhygget. The send isn’t that bad as it was small but the first I put a lot of time in building it up. Now it’s all gone. WTAF!

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Okay now I am a little confused and irritated by the fact that my main offensive base is no longer on the map! Do you want know how much time and effort I had to put into the game? A lot. Further more I didn’t receive any of my resources that I had put in it. So what am I going to have to do go back and to those badly design control points get my stuff or am I going to receive compensation for my resources that I lost

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I wouldn’t bet on it, as everyone lost this base due to a bug of the last update.

Why do so many think that they should have get their ressources back? It wasn’t intended to remove these bases. And if man lose a base defense, man don’t get any ressources back, too. Lost is lost.
Well, this time we lost against a bug. Or FNIX itself?

Would anyone complain, if we would lose our main base because of an intended surprising scripted event during a mission? (hint at the devs: just deliver some lore for this bug :joy:)

Shit happens. That’s it.

It’s not like this is these developers first game, or their first update.

It’s ridiculous how so many in this community have become just so desensitized to the low quality of these updates.

We should be holding the developers accountable for constantly releasing updates in unfinished states, or containing game breaking bugs/oversights/general issues that make the game worse then before.

People spending days, weeks or possibly longer on their bases only for the devs to go "Woops! That’s all gone now! We somehow didn’t notice that during our “Thorough Testing™” " Is completely unacceptable.


No, that’s not it.
It’s just… It’s just a game and I’m more annoyed about real peoples reactions about bugs and digital content than about the bugs or digital stuff itself.

It’s often just complaining and wanting compensation instead of trying to find a solution or to live with consequences, no matter whos fault it was. And I’m not just talking about GZ or games in general.

You should know my opinion about the updates /the games technical quality. It (the technical quality) has never been really good. But it’s beautiful and different to many other games. I love it though.

As long as I can play it (btw. for more than 1000 hours yet) , everything is fine for me. And if not, I play something else. That’s it.