"Carry Capacity" skill has only 1 level, not 2 (PS4)

I just got confirmation that there should be 2 levels in the “carry capacity” skill.
One that unlocks the 4th row in the inventory and a second level that unlocks
the 5th and last row.

In my game the “carry capacity” skill has only one level however, not 2.
So unfortunately I can only unlock the 4th, but not the 5th inventory row.

I have attached a picture for illustration.

Has onyone else encountered this problem?

PS: I play on PS4pro - Softwareversion 6.5 - Playing from Bluray, not a Store download -
PS4pro Enhanced Mode: active - Gameversion 1 (not updated to V1.02 yet)

Update to 1.02 , i not have that problem , i download game 24th update was installed 25th day before i could play it on the 26th, i am also on pro ps4

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Hey why did you hold back installation of update ?

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Merely a “technical” problem on my end.
I only have 3G/4G mobile phone internet at the moment, no WLAN available.
So when I use my mobile phone as a hotspot to go online with my PS4 the update is about 8GB or 12GB(can’t remember)
Anyway, with Mobile Data prices in my Country such a massive download would cost me 40 Euro. That is the price I payed fot the entire game so update simply not an option at the moment.

I asked devs on 25th what 11gb update was , they replied . Check out my first posts on here

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Title of tread so I can find it right away?
Appriciate it, thanks.

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Holy sh you are lvl 30 and have been playing all this time with 1 inventory row less?

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Yes i get you . Last year our internet broke whole street no net so i bought credit with unlimited data every month, ’ three’ Pay As You Go on me mobile fone 25 uk pounds a month unlimited data 3g 4g and tether to ps4 , it was good speeds aswell, i was using old microsoft nokia lumia . A dongle will do just as good ._ good luck . PS u must get that extra loot space it helps , though u seemed to be doing fine without it , cheers

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Muhahaha :rofl::+1: Yep indeed I have Erkawest.
I don’t know if you have read my other tread yet but I have
even done something more stupid just up to level 30.
(well this one with the Carry Capacity is not my fault evidently)

But as I explained in an other tread, I was so stupid of not testing out
the adrinaline shots in my single playing campain. I thought they where only
to revive team-mates in co-op mode.

So, even up to level 30, every time I died in-game, I respawened at a safe house
and I had to make my way all the way back to continue fight.
Hilarious isn’t it. Duh, me so stupid. I thought about this way to logically.
I thought, how can one administer himself adrenaline when he is dead.
My mistake, should have tested this, I know. Well, I can assure you,
that was quite a self invented "Ultra Hard Mode"to play the game at, muhahaha :joy::rofl::crazy_face:


Here is a link to the tread.
Hilarious, I still start laughing out loud
when I think of how stupid I was.

I discovered that you can administer adrenalin to yourself about half a day
“AFTER” becomming level 30. Muhahaha :crazy_face:

Moonmist check the offtopic section i moved it there cheers

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Yes indeed, so no update for me at the moment.
Do you maybe know if one can download GAMEUPDATES via PC.
Like you can with the PS4 softwareupdates?

Havn’t tried this, maybe someone knows.
If I where to login to my PSN account, would I be able to download
GZ V 1.02 update to my computer?

(This way I can simply go to a cafe or restaurant with free WLAN to do the download
of V 1.02.)

Would be cool if this works.

Yep i did something similar found out last night u can open garage doors instead of going to small side door all the time haha

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Thats a good one aswell :rofl:

Yes u can only if the game developer has it on there website , its been done many games , same as u can with sony update which i know of as i am always downloading the latest firmware to repair bricked playstations

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Good to know, thanks.
I will have a llok at the GZ homepage and hope they have the PS4 version 1.02 on there
for a download. Than I can do download on a free WLAN acces while having a nice meal at a restaurant and when download is done I can update my PS4 version 1 game via USB.
Thanks for the tipp :+1::ok_hand:

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Goodluck keep intouch , if all fails message a dev they might be able to put it up on file share

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Great tip once more. Thanks a lot. I appriciate it.
Will update you if I get this update going.
Cheers mate :+1:

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Omg you must’ve been playing ultra defensively, I die atleast 3 times every fight. Some fights even about 20 times, total deaths probably over 300+ now… poor you


Well, I can assure you I hadmy share of dieing.
But it wasn’t that bad. Runners are easy to kill.
I just avoided running into hunters to much.
But it went fine.
But hey, it runs even finer now that I know what the adrenaline is good for, I’ll give you that :wink:

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