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since the topic was moved, I agree. That was my first thought was an extra 50 kg. I feel adding enough space to have about 500-700 of each material. Of course some are more rare. So Some will have way more of one thing. I am not sure if we can already do this with the amount of space. If so then about 900 for each.

The plundra has a limit of 999.999, so the recycling station could have that limit.
More than that, only the developers can say if its possible or if it would provoke some kind of crash.

The plundra has a limit of 200. 50kg less than the crafting mats storage.

What a confusion, I was thinking about other game :sweat_smile:,
Then it´s a matter of asking what is the safe limit.
We really need more for the resources.
There will be certainly more crafting recipes in the near future.

Correction: YOU need more.
I’m completely happy with what i got, especially since GZ to me, is a game where hard decisions have to be made. Mainly because when i started with GZ, there was no Plundra what-so-ever and i had to choose what to keep and what to leave, not hoard all the things.

No, most people want more space for resources.
And i´m not even talking about the Plundra, it´s interesting you are usually against this type of thing.
I guess some people want things the most simple they can possibly be.

You can talk only for yourself, and no-one else. I guess my previous hint to that didn’t go through.

I’m not saying i want it simple. On the contrary. I want it as it was, in the beginning. That was though, having only what you could carry. Now, it’s child’s play with Plundra, Recycling Station and double the carry capacity. And for some people, it still isn’t enough. So, which one of us really wants it easier? :thinking:

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Well the past is in the past, the game won´t return to his original version.
And having a place to store weapons when there are more than 4 available, does not make the game easier, otherwise it would not be such a Popular feature in hundreds of games.
Better A.i, more enemies, enemies with lethal weapons and a dangerous environment leads to a game more difficult and challenging.
So I certainly don´t want it easier, I even wanted a Reaper per Region and asked for the return of a similar April difficulty in skirmish and guerilla.
Having crafting as a feature (which did not exist prior to 2020) requires having more space, plain simple.

I’m with those who think our carry capacity is more than enough as it is.
I can carry around 5 weapons, lots of ammo for all of them and enough medkits for a whole squad.
I never run out of anything now, but with the old grid inventory, I did all the time.
The plundra holds 200 kg, which is more than 2 characters can carry!
The workbench holds 250 kg, enough to last for quite a while I’d think?

Please be aware that there are already some hidden bonuses to boost our carry capacity.
Weapons weight is what I’m getting at. Here are some IRL comparisons:
KVM 59 (KSP 58) with a full belt of 250 rounds weighs almost 17 kg.
PVG 90 (Barrett M82) with a scope and a full magazine weighs about 15 kg.
M/49 (Carl G. recoilless rifle) also about 15 kg.
AG4 or Älgstusare fully equipped and loaded weighs 6-7 kg.
A shotgun 3-4 kg, and a revolver 1-2 kg.
One single round of .50 BMG wieghs 0,11 kg.

I have always encouraged people to NOT compare a game to reality, but I think these differences are so big that they’re worth being aware of. :wink:


And you have it. 250 kg worth of space, completely independent from the Plundra.

If the crafting materials would share the space in Plundra, then, maybe, there would be basis to complain about it. But as it is now, no.

If having more space is the issue there are 3 other character slots to make mule characters. Problem solved :joy::joy:

Depends. It’s down to the individual to choose if they want to use other characters for multiple builds or just to be a mule.

You are right about that. I forgot people experiment with different builds. In my case I made my first character and beat the whole game with them. Then reviewed what skills I had that were useless and made a second character to reapply skills the way I wanted. I still had 2 slots for characters free. If nothing else other characters can still be mule characters just have to swap loot around when you play them.

At least your arguments are well made and in a friendly way :wink:
But I did say that the Plundra storage space is Ok as it is, I just don´t agree with the max storage of the recycling bench.
Or at least there should also exist a storage system in the crafting Workbench.
That way things would be better, the need for resources keeps increasing the more items and clothes modifications and fabrication we can make.


Sorry I mean .308 Win, but .338 would be even better, to fit between .243 and .50 - in the game, the .270 is not far from the .243 as it feels now.

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I understand you’re being tounge-in-cheek, but I want you to realize that the barrel of that machine gun was also destroyed with that test.
I personally don’t use lmg suppressors in game because a compensator is far better and I’m not sneaking around with an lmg anyway.

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Well, we could actually have AI Arctic Warfare (Sweden is godfather of that product) as Psg 90, date of adoption is 1988.

I’ll rephrase: currently the only difference in difficulty (as far as my MP experience go) is in health/damage ratio, where “adventure” has “lot hp for player, low damage for machines”, while Guerilla is vise versa with “skirmish being something in between”. I proposed to change existing mode (“do them right”) and add unique behaviour patterns and more varied loadout for machines, based on existing models.

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I know the barrel was destroyed, sir.
The heat from the silencer was too much, the barrel could not cool down as normal.
A weapon like that is purposely build, and build specifically for that purpose.
A silencer is not in the idea of purpose for that weapon, sir, hence.

I did NOT speak of the shotguns, as I do not know a darn thing about these.
Or hunting rifles, sir.
I leave that to those that do.

I was an officer, Lt in the Belgian army, and I know one or two things about military toys, but absolutely nothing about military ones.
Thus I do not address those.

Discussion moved here to keep the source topic on-point.


I made a bug report on it, mods in the forum seemed to think I was an idiot and not making a real bug report. They are literally not in the spots they are supposed to be. Maybe if enough people report it ?? You should indicate platform you are on FYI