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The mods didn’t think you were an idiot the way you replied to people trying to help you is the reason it got flagged. @Gysbert some weapons can be locked up as with one of the base game missions the 5* hp5 was locked in a safe until you got a key if I remember correctly. Though that might not be the case here.

Yes, I know they can be, but I haven’t found any safes either.

Okay my bad i had edited my previous comment because I forgot that.

Sorry ,I did not mean to offend anyone. I was not asking for help . I thought I was not clear that I was reporting a bug. .

It’s all good man I realize people have different mannerisms when saying stuff. I just didn’t want you to think the mods weren’t taking you seriously. :+1:t3:

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Ok thanks for saying that. I think the mods are all on PC so have seen all this FNIX rising for awhile. The bugs are PC are known. On PS4 it is brand new and has it own set of bugs. It would be good if we had mods who played on all the platforms. Seems like Xbox does not get much love. Just an observation

I play on ps4 as well so I see your point but I’m not sure what platforms they play on so i can’t say for certain.

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As far as why i don’t play GZ on consoles goes, well, i don’t have any consoles. All i have, are desktop PCs, several of them. And few laptops as well.

Where could you mainly find experimental sets?

From any Rival. Doesn’t matter if Rival is proto runner or apo tank. But it must be Rival.

How do u know if its a rival?

I’m new to the game sorry if the questions are dumb

Topic about Rivals: How to get a rival to spawn (guide)

So the rival can be any level, and could possibly have a set in it?

One last question, what is the best region on the main map to find the police outfit?

Isn’t the farmlands region a good spot to find the police outfit?

Since you can get Police set only from Apocalypse class of machines, it’s a tall order, especially since Apocalypse machines are relatively rare on main map. Best regions would be: South Coast, Marshlands and North Coast.

Where is that on the map?

If you’re in-game, open up the map. Region name is displayed on the bottom-right corner.

For general directions (when map is zoomed out to the max);
South Coast - SW part of the map
Marshlands - NW part of the map
North Coast - North part of the map

So I should look for marshlands, correct?