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If you end up getting the Alpine Unrest dlc the island it opens up is the best place for apocalypse class machines. But until then the places @Aesyle listed are the places to go. It will say on the map in the bottom right corner what region you are in. Good luck getting the sets. :+1:t3:

@CrazyGamerPlayZ001 You look pretty obsessed getting the costume, just get Alpine Unrest, it´s worth it and cheap and it will spare you from hundreds of hours you would need to find enough APOC machines in the Mainland.
If you don´t have the DLC you are going to take forever to get the costume.


What is Alpine unrest?

And whats DLC? I know I’m stupid for your point of view.

I´m sorry but i´m exaclty like this :man_facepalming: .
How long have you been playing videogames?
Alpine Unrest is one of the Generation Zero available DLC´s.
DLC= Downloadable content, which usually is an extra paid content that brings new things to a game.

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I’m not really into video games. I don’t know alot.

Yeh, that explains a lot!.
You sure choose a game that is not that easy for beginners in videogames, congrats there :+1: .
Basically without the Alpine unrest Expansion (DLC) you will take forever to get the police costume, like finding a needle in a Haystack .

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Can you explain how I get this A-line thingy?

A line? What are you talking about?
Alpine Unrest?
You have to buy it…in the digital store (PLAYSTATION STORE, XBOX GAMES STORE/MICROSOFT STORE or STEAM STORE) and then you need to download it.
You are having so many problems for something as simple as this, do you understand the mechanics of the game at all?
If you play on Xbox or PS4 do you even have an account? Without an account you cannot buy the GAME EXPANSION.

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OLO , can you tell us if it was on the Himfjall island or another region ? I have looted a fair amount of reapers in the farmlands , nothing. If it was the island it makes sense because that is the only place that dropped LMG stuff before FNIX rising. Thanks for your input.

It was in the Farmlands.

Guerilla level ? And how many people in group ?

Skirmish, I play alone.

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OH NICE !, did it self destruct ? If not how did you manage to prevent that, usually it is very hard with 2 peoples DPS to get a clean kill. I have only done it once.

It got self destruct every single time. Perhaps becouse I spend most of the time hiding in a fight with the Reaper :blush:

Discussion moved here to keep the source topic on-point.

That discussion could’ve been very well in the PMs, rather than being off-topic. Next time, do it in the PMs.


i have a question: Are the FNIX structures there from the very beginning of the game, or later as you reach max level?

We started a new game on Guerilla dificulity.
I have backed and deleted my saves, cousin refused.
So we played on my save with him on max level, and now i can’t progress because there are FNIX structures everywhere.

This. They were included with FNIX Rising update.

I’m aware of that, and it’s not what i mean.

If i start a new game, like “delete saves” new game, are they there, on the map?
They apeare as we progress?