Changes To Skills and Gameplay

HI hellmatic here, ive been playing for a few months now, and ive reached lvl 31 considerably quick, with help from friends and the weaponry that is presented, my honest opinion about the skills is that it should be capped at lvl 55 but once u get past 31 it becomes 2X harder to kill enemies ontop of gurilla mode, due to there is sooo many skill points that could be achieved but no way to unlock and keep going.

Soo much more of the map to discover and could use some more missions to help with gaining the lvl 55 cap, also on the gameplay, crash after a new minutes would be helpful and hosting side fixed also which causes crashing of the hosted player running the game, but mainly the storage holding ive gone over soooo many times past 96 i think it is, which we either need a second bag or bigger storage size ontop of skill tree, and allow us to fill entire skill tree for better fun, more challenge and harder robots/machines.

Also would love to see the so called reaper added into the game as a boss mission or once u reach the lvl 55 u can go after that machine and would love to see more destructive challenging machines added in also so prototype, military,FNIX and apocalypse, but even facing them with friends and more powerfull weapons.

I personally would love to gain more scares from machines coming out of know where and more difficulty of the machines,even 2 more new machines would be awesome, bigger the better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha, tougher also, but i do have to bring to attention the ability to be able to use the broken roads and bridges than the boat to gain access to the islands due to the boat also somtimes glitches in the switch ive seen a few times, and would love to see the other islands around the place be able to become unlocked and added into the game at a certain mission or even open to explore would be awesome to have new mahcine types 1 on each small island or somthing.

i dont know how u would do it but id love to see more tougher machines with higher skill cap, and ability to finish all the skills available than having to change profile all the time to have different abilites

thanks hellmatic :smiley: stay safe in this crazy time

Hello, I don’t normally do this but I did read through your post and thought you brough up some interesting ideas. I figured I’d add some paragraphs so it’s easier to read.

Seems like many want an increased level cap, there’s a thread for that here.

We’ve also got a topic for increased storage, here.

The “Reaper” is not the official title, but something the community made up. It’s an awesome looking Machine, though. Who knows what we’ll see in the future.

Boats as vehicles is something I think makes sense as well, but I can see why it’s not being added in, with so much of the world still needing to be added to it first.

Cheers for the feedback :slight_smile:

Hi and thx for the reply, and for the boat aspect it’s when u use the boat to go across from the main island to the alpine area the button can become glitched and won’t show to use

the bridges that are broken should be a mission to repair the bridges for easier access on bikes or anything else including running than boat ride across, which may also allow apocalypse machines to enter main island easier

good to hear there is a post about skill level upgrade would be soo beneficial

and the reaper any sort of new tank that’s harder or anything would be an awesome thing due to new challenge and better loot

even level 7 weaponry, that can be farmed that can help with harder robots , but would love to see a new class of machine though harder,scarier more clever and trickier to shoot and kill, would make a formidable foe to challenge

also have the gun chests in the houses contain different guns that suit the player level than just lvl 3 or 4 would be helpful, and even the ability to make ur own weapon if u scrounge up the parts, could be a new thing

but deffently would love to see all islands be able to access and have 1 different class of foe on each new island and accessible via bridge or road

plus the biggest one would be make it so that we can swim that would be an awesome feature so that we don’t have to respawn back up if we fall in and have a skill to improve the speed of swimming

thanks hellmatic, if i think of anymore i’ll add or let u all know, due to i love the game no matter critics or anything i enjoy it and would like to stay with new features and things solved

another thing is if it’s easier to put into dlc then go that way either way i’d love to have the entire map usable and different and unique with new interiors or house designs and more, and possibly use ur own boats to access harder islands if need be, who knows keep up the good work devs :slight_smile:

bring in more dlc’s if possible idk what they could be make it harder and more jump scares and screams trust me it’s happened a lot to me

also the secret bunkers we can’t access wish we could via mission to help the ones screaming and turn the abandoned church underground into a safe house also, but have a platform outside for easier access and moveability

Level cap exists for a reason, sir.
This prevents you from becoming even more powerful.

Each level would come with a new skill point, which would render the machines even more useless.

I cannot see that reasonable, sir, until things have been fixed, for an increased level cap (and thus more skill points) to exist…

hi and i understand that, but if they are able to increase even if it was more levels and increased machine strength to even it out as they go from 31 so it’s not useless it would work so that the machine and player both stay at a difficulty that machine is little more than player each level the player gain sim not sure how but i think the devs could think of somthing to make it work i’m not sure

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What the Devs seem to understand of “more powerful machines” is keep slapping on armour, life and damage a wee.
That ain’t more powerful…
AI should get fixed.

But first… the other, much bigger issues.