Changing the Reaper spawn/drops

Wait, if you already have 8 wouldn’t it mean that you have to kill one of the rivals so the Reaper can spawn?

From the Wiki
  • The maximum amount of rivals that can spawn is 8 per region. That means if there are already 8 normal rivals in the region, the Reaper will not spawn.
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In that particular region, yes. And that is what i don’t like about it. Reaper shouldn’t count as one of the Rivals since it’s meant to be end-game boss and you can only spawn one active Reaper in your game.

I have Farmlands, South Coast, Mountains and Marshlands, all filled with 8 rivals per region and all are level 4 tanks. I’m not going to kill any of my tanks, just to spawn a Reaper.


Okay, then I’m with you.

I agree with that killing the rivals should count towards the spawning ritual. I recently just closed the game for tonight/morning, I have 7 rivals in the Farmlands and are on region level 21. So I am nearly there.


I hope the Reaper have a bunker key for that door in Dyrboslätten-crate.

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The issue with Reaper being rival is, that when you have 8 rivals in the region and you kill one, it drops the region score. Depending on a rival type, class and level, that drop could be huge. Well enough to drop your region score below the minimum score of Reaper spawning in.

Answer to spoiler


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I got a tip if that happens; kill the lowest/weakest rival (Prototype-classes).

If I do not beat the Reaper, maybe I can ask it if it would like to play a game of chess :wink:

The Seventh Seal

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That tip is useful only in Archipelago and Farmlands since only in those two regions, proto machines spawn. Everywhere else - and you’re out of luck pretty much.

If you do not, then look here: Reaper Tips and Advice

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I decided to get a Reaper to spawn on Himfjäll as well. For some reason I don’t know, I thought 6 rivals was max on Himfjäll, and I kept on killing my 6’th rival over and over again cause I thought I was making room for The Reaper! :joy: Anyway…


ah, let me rephrase. No duplicate drops if clothing, plans, or experimental. If experimental and you have one it would drop in a rotation or something like that. It would make grinding worth it.


And I would add at least one clothing schematic. At this point clothing schematics only drop on level 4 rivals with any consistency…

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I wiped out 6 L4 rivals last night and got 1 schematic.

The drop rate has considerably changed post November update and genuinely and kicking myself now that I didn’t purge all 64.

The bitter sweet taste of waiting for the game to be fixed on Xbox, only to now have to rebuild over and over again to obtain schematics.

  • however - Himfjall is next to check this evening ref L4 Rivals and Schematics
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It would be nice to see ensured schematic drops from the reapers loot pool, as schematics are end game content requiring hella grind to work your way up to 5c.
This way, even if you’ve gotten the sledge and the foa suit, you still could have loot to look forward to from the reaper.

As well, echoing sentiments here; the reaper could either be separate from rivals entirely or work as carni said with rival kills counting towards a reaper instead of against it. 8 kills to spawn a reaper? Something along that line. So that way the grind isn’t removed, but reduced and RNG is taken out of the equation.
(we have enough rng factors to consider when playing :crazy_face:)


Maybe you should stream whilst doing it? It seemed to work on your 8k stream you got 3 schematics I think… maybe the hype does work?


If only I could stream every rival kill! I’d have all the schematics 2x over :'D


But heh you got it right in the end. That can be a tough fight there, depends on how many apoc show up and how many adrenaline you have. You can always run back to the fight from the safe house Lo its never too far on the island.

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Exactly. This forces you to drop your Region level, making it harder to spawn the Reaper. It’s an absurd balancing act.

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It’s like the game was aware of this thread and my complaints, and wanted to shut me up, because yesterday when I had some time to play, I got the reaper to spawn in the Farmlands.
Killed it, and immediately after a new one spawned. Killed that one as well, and yet again, right after the second a third one spawned which I’m taking on tonight.

Anyway, original complaint still stands - killing rivals should work in favor of spawning the reaper, not against it.


I agree to this! The reason to that I have already stopped killing reapers is because of this reason. I have almost 8 rivals in all my regions so if I want to spawn the reaper I must kill 1. But if I do my region lvl decreases. And then almost always just another rival spawns instead of the reaper.


Fighting The Reaper, you mean? :slight_smile: It wasn’t very hard on Skirmish, but it was a very entertaining fight. Finally a machine that felt like it actually wanted to kill you. I have at least 70 or 80 adrenaline lying around somewhere, and I think I used 5 on my first Reaper. I was fighting a bit recklessly, and I could probably do it with less if I was more careful. :slight_smile:

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I think part of it is the way the EXP dynamic works.

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Does the FOA clothing set have a unique function or is it just cosmetic? IMO the reaper loot pool isn’t that much different from rivals in the sense that you still need to grind a lot. And the EXP sledgehammer doesn’t feel all that rewarding as melee is something some players don’t like. So in the end you grind for something that you can already get i.e exp guns but getting the reaper can take as long to spawn as killing regular rivals.

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