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I’ve roleplayed in MMO’s for almost a decade myself, but you really do have a point! In fact, there’s a house at another location by a lake I think I like way more than Villa Skogsberget (Villa Forest Mountain, if anyone was interested); Kungsgården (King’s Garden or King’s Farm).

I know that Kungsgården is part of the main quest, but I could choose that location and call it something else like you suggested! Say it’s by another lake somewhere else in the Forest Region.

Yeah. I’m still in the base game, so at Alicia’s current point in the timeline, Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising hasn’t happened yet. That said, I have explored and done the base main quests in the South Coast region already and only experienced the region during its current FNIXed status. But it’s certainly not a stretch for me to roleplay that the region was not FNIXed when Alicia was there.

Also! Are you planning to write a character profile for your own character? That’d be really cool!

Yeah, whenever I start writing a character and story in a new game, there’s always the risk of falling into a trap. That’s part of why I started this thread in the first place, and why I asked about Villa Skogsberga.

And that brings me to another question, for everyone. I’ve imagined that it’s likely that due to the current state of affairs in Östertörn, there would be non-player character survivors who would help only themselves and essentially turn bandit, either out of sheer human desperation or because they’re just bad people that decides to take advantage of the chaos. I’ve imagined that Alicia would have had to fight and kill not just machines but also some of these bandits, either due to them attempting to rob and murder her, or because she witnessed them robbing and killing an innocent group of survivors, was too late to stop it, and made up her mind to hunt down the perpetrators. Yes, that’s rather specific, I’ve been thinking about it. But my question is, would that be feasible?

Added Erik and Bella’s current look.

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They look awesome! If I may ask, what jacket is it that Erik is wearing?

Erik is wearing Arctic Jacket beige

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I’ve got a few characters I can add to the thread :slight_smile:

Name: Rolf ‘Roffe’ Andersson
Age: 21

Born on Östertörn, but left a few years after his mother died of cancer when he was young. He and his father moved to his father’s relatives in a small village in Norrland, the northernmost parts of Sweden. They’ve lived together ever since. Both Roffe and his father are greasers, and enjoy fixing up old cars in their spare time.

In October 1989, Roffe’s old friend Sven called and invited him to spend a week on Östertörn, perhaps do some fishing and hunting in the archipelago. A month later, Roffe borrowed his dad’s old orange Ville, and drove there. Sven’s family owned a small island, so they spent their time there along with a couple other old friends from school. Roffe awoke one night during a particularily fierce rainstorm, and could swore that he heard explosions, but he was assured by his friends that it was just thunder.

When they returned ashore after a few days, everything had changed.

Name: Eva Lindström
Age: 25

Born on Östertörn. Had a rough upbringing, and ended up falling in with the wrong crowd in school. When the mandatory military service came, she refused and got jailed for 8 months. Once she got out, she barely found any work but managed just barely to get along. She lived with foster parents when the Machines invaded, and even had a girlfriend called Lisa. When they were evacuated, she and Lisa got separated.

Eva managed to get away, and fled to an old hideout in the woods. Once the fighting started with the Machines, she tried to find Lisa, to no avail. Eva is currently part of the Resistance, and has seen plenty of action. She’s learned to handle a multitude of weapons, and found more purpose in life than she ever had before. She still searches for Lisa, but is slowly starting to accept that they may never meet again.

(Story character, not playable. Contains spoilers to A Rude Awakening.)

Name: Karl Björkman
Age: 42

Born in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. Educated in computers and programming, and has a few diploma’s in mathematics. Karl signed up with the swedish military after his mandatory service, and made a career within their computers and science division. Though the armed forces he also met his future wife, Linda. Together they had two sons, named Benny and Adam.

After a promotion, Karl started to get involved with the Documentation and Analysis Department, where he designed and coded programs for various defense projects that the military researched during the Cold War. He didn’t do all the work alone; but he made sure projects were up to snuff before they were “shipped” to active research status.

This sadly meant that he was forced to choose between family and work. After 3 years, his wife got fed up when he couldn’t give a definitive answer, and moved to Östertörn with her grandparents.

Soon after, Karl signed on with Redovisningskansli Öst.


Thanks so much for posting, I really enjoyed reading about your characters! I like the short background stories you wrote, and the fact that your characters are so realistic. I do like that their names are so incredibly ordinary Swedish (I really think that’s a good thing!). I should write a short introductory background snippet about Alicia too, describing her childhood and upbringing and personality and such. Anyway! You wrote in your background for Rolf that he returned to Östertörn in 1986, and then once again a month later when he went to Sven’s family island from where he heard explosions that we know was the beginning of the machine invasion, and then he returned to shore a few days after that to find that everything had changed. But the game takes place in 1989. So you might have mistyped it!

Now, if I may, I’d like to talk about realism and…not realism. When you’re actually playing the game, are you roleplaying as well? Are you immersed in your character so to speak, as if they are the ones performing the actions on the screen and not you? This is what I do when I play; while playing the game solo, I am roleplaying as Alicia. So my main question here is; how do you deal with being outnumbered by machines, heavy combat and other things it would take an immense amount of skill and/or luck to emerge victorious from? Do you roleplay that your characters are right there doing it, thus being capable of it?

This is actually something I’d like to ask everyone in this thread, as I don’t want to fall into some sort of hole in the future. Me roleplaying as Alicia extends to almost everything I do in-game, including surviving and winning heavy combat despite being rather heavily outnumbered by, for example, Hunters and Runners. Alicia essentially has the Action Hero trope, despite her young age, and I’m wondering if all of this would be accepted. This is why I wrote the military training her parents gave her into her background, and why I have the headcanon that Alicia is descended from the Norse gods, because I needed reasons that explain how she is capable of it all, even if not all of those reasons will come up during any roleplay.

I mentioned in another post above that I don’t enjoy suspending my disbelief, and I meant it. For example, I have roleplayed in Elder Scrolls: Online for about five years, but I haven’t really played the game in around four years, solely RPing in the game instead. This is because there’s a huge disconnect between what happens during normal gameplay in Elder Scrolls: Online and my RP character there, and I have a very hard time enjoying the normal gameplay because my RP character is not the one doing those things.

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I role play my chars in a way where i take into consideration one of their missions (among many), which is to test their combat effectiveness against Mark 1 machines and in turn, also evaluate the combat effectiveness of Mark 1 against Mark 2.

Before their deployment, all blueprints of Mark 1 machines were uploaded into their internal database. Due to that, i can role play with them where they know all the weak spots, blind spots, flaws etc of Mark 1 machines and can engage them in the most efficient way.

So, despite my chars (Mark 2) being always outnumbered, they are never outgunned.
Also, they are so sophisticated that when need arises, they can take on the entire Mark 1 machine armada on their own, without any outside help.

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Thanks for the reply! And the way you’re roleplaying your characters makes a lot of sense due to what they are! Are they entirely machine, by the way? Or are they part organic? If they are entirely machine I’d assume that they would not have the physical weaknesses of an organic being, such as shortness of breath, risk of blood loss, or any susceptibility to poison gas; all of which would help tremendously. Maybe they can fake all those things though, to infiltrate better?

And yeah, the weak points of machines are the key to beating them. During the first weeks of the machine invasion, whenever Alicia encountered a type of machine she hadn’t seen before, she’d carefully stalk and study them, learn their patterns of behaviour, their armament and other strengths, and also identifying their weaknesses and weak points. Then she’d use the knowledge gathered to hunt and destroy solitary machines as an experiment to prove her hypotheses concerning what makes them tick, or more correctly, where you need to hit them to most efficiently make them not tick.

Alicia’s ancestry is there to explain how she has enough endurance and is strong enough, fast enough and accurate enough to sufficiently make use of the combat skills she learned from her parents and the knowledge she gathered on machine weaknesses in the field to emerge victorious in open combat despite also always being outnumbered, even when not having proper cover. Couple that with stealth and tactical planning, such as planting land mines and drawing machines into them, and always making sure to actually have sufficient cover if she has to fight a Harvester or a Tank.

Also, I want to stress that Alicia is still human and makes human mistakes! If there’s ever any RP conflict between her and any other character, a dice roll should decide what happens. Alicia could trip and fall, or something. That happens to everyone!

In my head, it all makes sense! Mostly. I just hope it makes enough sense for everyone else too. I’m primarily worried (probably too worried) that people will think she’s too skilled and that it doesn’t make sense because of her age. I worry about that despite being fully aware that our characters are in a fictional version of reality that is inherently unrealistic when compared to actual reality (because, well, it’s a video game) and that no real human of any age or experience could have that level of skill either. So at the same time that I worry, I also know that the game and its setting means age is less of a problem than I think and that I’m blowing this out of proportion. And now I think I’ve said what I wanted to say! It’s incredibly difficult for me to focus my thoughts sometimes since I have ADD, but please have patience with me!

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Thanks for noticing. I’ve corrected it.

I’m not RP’ing when I play the game. It’s just the headcanon I have for my characters. I’d love to try at some point, though GZ doesn’t offer much in the ways of doing so.

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He is my main Character i played most of the game with him.
A single Person that causes much Damage.

My play stile is like a guerilla. Sneak up the enemy and kill them. My target is only to kill one or two robots and then run away. Acting like a ghost, vanish like smoke, stitch where it hurts.
In some mission that’s not possible so it was for example in Torsberga Fort and clearing up the bunkers.



All characters that were depicted are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Omg that made me laugh thats from the loading in screens :grin:


When you look a Film that same note appears and mostly in the Front of it and that has his reasons because you can violate personal rights if you use any names of natural persons, hence this note.
Usually it is hardly possible to find a name that does not exist somewhere. And without this hint you couldn’t make a book, a movie or a game, because there are always some names used and even if they are fictitious they might exist somewhere.
I don’t want to be rude, but sometimes this is quickly taken lightly.

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Hey, this is very good. You breathe life into your character by giving her a vita. The idea that Alicia is decent from norse gods is really cool. :smiley:


They aren’t cyborgs or enhanced humans. They all are fully machines.

Without living skin over metal endoskeleton (like T-800 model 101 has it), they do not bleed when shot. Of course, while they do have superhuman strength and speed, they are limited to average human, to keep their cover. With it, you won’t be seeing them throwing cars at Mark 1, jumping 10m in air or running 80 km/h.

For best comparison, look at T-X:
While also taking into consideration that T-X was made in 2029 while my F-X’es were made in 1989.


Terminator fan eh?

Where’s the tread for the grenade attachments to AR’s :slight_smile:


I’m not the only one. GZ devs are too. :wink:

Type into forum search: M203.


I think I found a Blade Runner reference as well.

  • I also toyed with the idea of T2 reference, which as they are fans will put in to see if someone spots it