Code of Conduct when joining a coop game

Here are a few simple “rules” (do’s and dont’s) that people really should consider when they join others.

Edit: List rewritten. Added things from contributors in the thread.


  • greet the host and the other players when you join a game
  • primarily check what the host is up to, and help him/her out (unless the person tells you otherwise)
  • be polite and mind you language


  • cheat!
  • go after and kill rivals on your hosts game unless the host has given permission
  • cheat!
  • run around finishing missions that your host hasn’t been able to even take a look at
  • cheat!
  • run ahead revealing everything in the game ahead of the host, unless asked to
  • blow up cars and other things just because you want to try and hurt your teammates on purpose


  • Watch out for cheaters. If you stumble upon anyone cheating, you can ask the host to kick them out. Some hosts will kick you instead of the cheater - so be it. Report cheaters on your gaming platform.
  • If the host is cheating, leave the game, report.

Feel free to add to this topic. Most of the things on this list of course also applies when you are the host.


Main thing i do when joining MP is sticking with the host and following his/hers lead. Since i joined his/hers game, my purpose there is to give host a better gaming experience.
If i’d want to lead the pack, i’d open up my own game for others to join and follow me.

Another thing is politeness. Every time i join, even before moving at all, i always say this line 1st:“Hi, can i join?”. I find greeting and asking for host’s permission to be in his/hers game a nice thing to do.
Also, it goes vice-versa. If someone joins my game and doesn’t bother to even say “Hi” or “Hello”, i’ll monitor his/hers movements on the map and when player has moved quite a bit, i’ll state his/her rudeness in the chat, followed by kick from my game.

3rd thing i do is checking out Team tab just after i say my greetings and question or when someone joined my game. Quite a bit of good info is in there, including if anyone is a cheater.


I stoped playing with randoms as a lot of them where clear cheaters, NO I dont want a pile of exp weapons with more ammo that can be possible carried by one person.

Why do ppl wanna ruin coop games were looting for better and better gear is part of the game. It´s like buying the “win the game” DLC for Burnout paradice on PS3. There is no point in it is it?..

un-said rules would be:

  • Be polite
  • help the host do his things
  • Don´t be there to kill there rivals as you are to lazy* to farm
    your own.
  • it would be nice to defult to eng unless host specifies

Would like to add watch your language you never know it may be a kid, wife, Nun or priest. Remember just because you have a right to say something it does not make it right to say…


If you do not want anyone to come go to ‘multiplayer’ and turn on invite only to stop people from coming in.

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Yes…check your multiplayer options…you can always kick them out, i never understood why people complain of something as easy as this, there Will ALWAYS be idiots and jerks that only want to mess with you or just use your game to repeat missions and farm rivals without your consent.
The solution is very simple " solo" mode or invite only.

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Or bring them closer to a car and shoot the car, it’s a lot of fun :rofl:


@Mich3le idea is good, i have one better.
Tell them that there are legendary weapons at Bockhyttan, they will die and die and die, 12/15 harvesters, lots of runners, Hunters and 3 Tanks roam that zone. Since April it´s a kill zone, really hard to survive there because if you die, hunters respawn after you respawn.


Hi, I completely agree with you, they are joining and running to kill tanks that I grew up to level 4. I want to play with you, according to your rules, if possible, I like this style of playing brykeznikolai.

Setting it to invite only would stop this but it sounds like the problem is they want people to be able to join and play with but the people they keep getting don’t have the same playstyle. Some of them may not even realize that by joining your game and doing missions that they are messing things up for you.
There should be a way to set up a greeting or announcement for people joining your game telling them what your intentions as host are. Yes you could message people as they join yourself but it would help if someone joins while you’re in the middle of a battle and don’t have time to stop and type out a message asking them not to go around killing all your rivals.

when i join a multiplayer session i first of all (typ Hi or hello) and then ask what we are doing. and i follow the host around even if its a lvl 1 doing the first steps im there as i think that is polite if the person is doing missions i let them do the pickups and push switches and so on im there for helping and i help if i can. and i love the main story missions so im just happy to her it agen =) but hey im old and not so hot headed whit my 46 yers =P


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