Changes to the matchmaking system

@pegnose Lol that’s brutal

I would understand if very few people open their sessions up to just anyone. I don’t.

I don’t myself but I join others to try and assist them on their progression.

Sure, I am on windows 10. I got the game on steam and I have been having other multiplayer issues (and I sent an email to the studio about it) like for example sometimes it doesn’t find matchmaking sessions at all in any language, but I close the game and reopen it works again. I didnt expect a quick reply cause I imagined everyone is on holidays

Please add a list of servers / users, the options and the current search for players is horrible :sob:

Please add a list of people hosting, the matchmaking is horrible, it always links me to anyone and many times it puts me in the same game over and over again. It would be good if you add a list of the people who are hosting, the ping and the number of players in the room so I can choose who I want to play with.

Also the filter seems rubbish to me, the option “any difficulty” would be basic. I always have to choose the difficulty of the game I want to find, I am not interested in that, I want the option to be any level of difficulty. Anyway, like I said before, the current matchmaking has to be totally changed, no longer a ridiculous search option like the current one. Please add a basic list of people hosting, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


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It would be nice if the multiplayer join settings worked correctly, and also if a player could filter by player level who may join their game as most of the time I will join a random game just to be kicked. Most likely due to being a higher level than the host.


I fully agree.
It would be very nice to see a type of room where all players (that have MP open) are shown.
Also, should have a “blocked” feature, I reckon, to block bad apples from further meeting with you…?


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I agree.
make a blocking feature available by typing in names, not by clicking on them, i want to be able to block players who don’t change their game back to the default invite only, but instead just kick everyone the moment they arrive.
i don’t want to go back into their game the next time i click ‘find game’ again, as often happens. kicked repeat, kicked, repeat. it’s actually harassing them too.


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In one of the latest dev streams, The Boss Man himself (Paul, Product Owner of Generation Zero), answered the question for the possible changes to the matchmaking settings. This can be viewed at 00:58:33,

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Agreed, sir!

Since the beginning the matchmaking/multiplayer part of the game is broken. Just a minute ago I tried to join a multiplayer game, the engine send me to a lone player playing a game on adventure level. I though no sorry waste of time and left the game, clicked on multiplayer game again and set the setting on skirmish pressed the button and the engine again send me to the same player and changed the difficulty back to adventure…

Seriously… the matchmaking is broken since day no. 1. Would it so hard to put in a list of running multiplayer games and let the player pick which game he wants to join? or would it be hard that a players could add games (players) on a blacklist etc?

How come that when I join a game, leave and and try to find a different game I am ending in the same game again? for me there is only 1 explainable reason how such a thing can happen… right now there is no one else playing… except of those 2 players and that would be really sad to see that noone plays your game anymore.

So fix the matchmaking please - its really needed. At least give us a choice which game we want to join buy asking the question “do you want to join [playername] game?” and if we click yes we join it and if we click no then the game tries to find a different game for us. How hard can that be? seriously how hard? I can write that kind of code in less than a hour and I would do it for free too.


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Hello me and a friend of mine are trying to get the region level up to minimum 21 to make the Reaper spawn. when we reach lvl 19 or 20 there is always a player on another server who kills a rival for that area witch decreses the region level significantly, i think that this should not decrease the region level at all. it makes it almost impossible to make the reaper spawn we sat up for 8 hours killing machines in one area and it happened 3 times during that playing session. we dropped 1 to 3 levels everytime. thanks for your understanding and please comment if this ever happened to you guys!

Go to options and enable the “invite only”.
Make sure it´s enabled.
That´s it, no one else can steal your rivals ( low move :angry:)

You can also kick anyone that enters your game, but you might be too much occupied and not see the ingame message.
I was once busy destroying machines and hide myself inside a House, went to the kitchen for a moment and came back.
Only 20 minutes later i saw that someone entered my game.

I have had a bad experience with this. My world was Open for some weird reason because mine is always invite only. 3 dudes came on while I went to get some lunch and killed all of my rivals in the Farmlands decreasing it to a level 2 region. Then they left and I couldn’t even get the loot. :angry: It is a very low move and just made me quit for a week.

it’s not that if another player that’s not in my game kills a rival it dies in my game aswell and it says a player defeated him witch is very agravating

No, that is bug. Sometimes machines fall trough ground and die. Very common thing to happen in multiplayer.

There is no servers for this game, game host itself is the server. And it is NOT linked to any other GZ players game. It is totally your own.

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It hasn’t happened to me, personally, since i keep eagle eye on everyone who randomly joins my game. And if the person who joined doesn’t even bother to say “Hi” or “Hello”, i comment his/her rudeness, followed by the kick from my game.

But i’ve seen it happen in other random games where i’ve joined. Though, i let the host know of that kind of action and sometimes, host has kicked the other player, while at other times, host has given us all go-ahead.

I, personally, won’t go after anyone else’s rivals. I have plenty of them in my own game:

My current Rival collection

Pretty, isn’t it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Instead, i stick with the host and follow him/her around. Like a personal body guard, to say so. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s another, relevant topic, that ties into the current issue quite well: Code of Conduct when joining a coop game