Combat award notification system off feature

I would like to be able to turn off the combat award notice that pops up every time after combat. Seeing this after each fight takes away from the experience for me, especially after reaching level 31 where it just says max level every time.

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The combat XP pop-up at level cap is, yes, a bit annoying.

One option, as you suggested, is to remove it, once level cap is reached.
Another option is for it to show the XP combat was worth, despite not gaining any of it. This is discussed in here: When Max level - Still show the exp gain

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Soooo - to offer an alternative take from way back then - please keep some visual notification intact for those that don’t or can’t rely on audio clues. Maybe introduce a small HUD element (like some games show a ‘crouch’ icon) that tells you you’re in a fight? That’d allow the whole ‘battle and xp notification’ to be toggled if you want to go for maximum immersion.

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Would be a good idea if this could be turned off in the options menu. Think this wasn’t displayed earlier when you reached the level cap? That added to the flavor of the game, not being sure if all robots where down or if a hunter still was standing in a distance waiting.