Community effort to recompile the schematics list

Hey guys and girls, long ago the GZ community collectively compiled a list of all schematics that can be found on fixed places in the game world.
However, now due to revamps some are moved from the original spot (they should in close proximity devs said), and now the compiled list is no longer accurate.

In the future, with more revamps to come, probably more schematics will be moved. So my question is to all players who still need to find the schematics to note down the coords of the schematics you find, maybe even take a picture and share that with the community. A new list can then be compiled.

We are looking for the moved schematics specifically, but we don’t know witch ones are moved.

We are the resistance, together we are strong…



Old Schematics Lists

Apparel Schematics List (before any were moved) - (by Aesyle)
Ammo / Equipment Schematics List (before any were moved) - (by Thagen)
Here are screenshots of all 1* craftable (ammo & first aid kit) schematics - (by Aesyle)


Moved Schematics Lists


2* Blast resistance jacket is now at 1330, -235 back of red house Ostervik area
2* Bullet-Resistant Shirt at -1944,-2219 in Ramsboda barn is fixed.

Ammo / Equipment

.243 FMJ is now at 2452, -1500 (in the yellow house)
.270 SP is now at -173, -1841 (on the park bench)
HEDP Is fixed at 2112, 57, IGA outside blue doors

Need fixing

One Schematic can not be picked up at Stralsund at 2098, -260 in destroyed house, wait for fix.
Edit: Today (24 Nov '23) I picked up the schematic, so it seems this is fixed. :coffee:

I will keep updating if new information is found…