Companion app idea

Dear Devs,
I am a fervent player of Generation Zero. I love the setting, gameplay, atmosphere and specially the ever Self-learning A.I

I have two requests and i do understand that it’s just that…“requests”

1- it would be great to extend the Storage station in Safe Houses from 200 to 1000Kg.

2- a Companion App for Generation Zero.
I.e: My wife and I played Fallout 4 back in the days when there was a companion app wich would allow a second person to actively engage with the quests, place markers (or points of interests), switch weapons (also during combat), this person could also administer medi kits and other consumables. All in all a Companion Application would be a great extension for the Game.
I guess that the more people you engage with your game, the more people will feel inclined to buy it.

P.s keep up the good work devs, you really have delivered me and my friends a fantastic coop experience…and we havent finished the Base-game yet!


I think these are great ideas, but out of interest, why do you need so much safehouse storage. I think 250 would be a good weight🙂

Can people please stop wanting more storage space? We aren’t meant to be hoarders…


i would be a happy camper if i could see the current map on my tablet, with all MP-players and so on.
It would be awesome if i could also drop a map marker from the tablet, having it show up in-game.

A bonus feature would be to see a list of my collectables and challenges and possibly inventory too, swapping active items in quickslot and so on.

I would rather NOT have a storage increase, im a hoarder by nature and i desperately need some game mechanics to limit my storage space, otherwize i would be picking up pretty much EVERYTHING that isnt bolted down in-game and store it in my Plundra, for no other reason than “it may be of some use, someday”…

The increase in storage station is because as many other players in this game, I have some sort of hoarder background :rofl:.
Just for the sake of beeing able to store as much as think i might be needing later on

If this were a year ago I’d be right on board with you that we don’t need increased storage, but the truth of the matter is; with generation zero’s evolution we’ve required more and more storage as time goes on.

Whether it’s through a simple “up the number” approach, or diversifying storage, realistically the need for more storage is becoming more of a quality of life feature than a simple request of “hoarding”.

Personally, I think the diversifying of storage is a more interesting approach, especially in the long run.

In regards to a companion app though as equally brought up by @Dr1cando I think that’s a great idea, though maybe out of scale for what the team is able to accomplish. Mobile apps can be tricky to get right, and would need members of the team potentially specialized towards mobile features. Who knows what the future may hold, if the team can expand further, but for now it might be difficult to accomplish sadly!


Unfortunately yes we will need more storage just it’s sad that the kinda survival low on supplies feeling will be completely diminished

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Dude I definitely agree with you, it feels like the GZ we all started out with is long gone these days, though i wouldn’t call it a full blown bad thing myself, i know so many people fell in love with this game due to that fighting from the heels kinda feels.

I think there’s a real dichotomy in the player base, with many wanting the grounded feel, and many wanting the crazy wild and out there kinda stuff.

My hope is someday we’ll see a survival mode, locked to a single character, with heavy limitations and maybe the inclusion of some heavily requested features that fall more in the line of a survival type experience. That way we can get the best of both worlds here in our little game! :grin:

but for the sake of not disrupting the mods, that’s all imma say on that here so we can keep things on track to the topic at hand. :slight_smile:
(though stay tuned to my YT i have a vid coming out this week on survival vs. sci fi in gz!)


people hoard in a crisis , we need to feel secure , gimme your toilet paper NOW

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If you create more characters, you can use them as mules. That’s how we did before we got the Plundra

Can you please integrate a forklift into the game. So that he can follow me with the Plundra Box :joy:


Actually, the author has got a really great idea. I do not understand why most of you are against some extra storage space. That dude is having a good idea in order to improve the game, and just add some new features that could be useful in the near future. I actually think that this kind of features are more than just great. The guys from this online gambling platform are also looking to make a certain app, which would allow the existing users to invite new players.

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Topic about it here: Storage box size

As far as why i, personally, am against extra space, well, from another topic: