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There is only one weapon at Tokeröd Farm and it’s 3* AI-76.

For a clue: it’s at the same building as the safehouse is.

For spoiler, exact co-cords

(-3967, 4195)

Yes. Side mission named “The Virus”.

OK, if you say so. I’m in the building, there’s no weapon anywhere as far as I can tell… I’ve been in it, around it, under it. Can’t find anything…

Sure, there is.


I guess, if you played with friends, the weapon was taken.

Nope, not there. I have played coop with my son, maybe it was taken then…

In this case, you have the same issue as described here: Co-Op to Single Player Collectibles

While that topic initially talks about collectables, the same applies to the stand-alone weapons.

Thanks. I know I’ve had problems with coop, I finished the ‘Follow Calle’s Truck’ on coop with my son, but it doesn’t register on my game. This is the first time I’ve noticed a missing weapon though.

Today I found yet another two new locations (for me) which I had not visited before, bringing the discovered location tally in my stats to 291. It was the sixth location with a stone circle and the third location with a stone ship However I still did not find any other Runestones (that @Pufty talked about) beyond the three locations we already know.

well done @Gysbert :sunglasses:

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I have problem with finding wepons in åsötungan outpos. The problem is that those aren’t there, it looks like i have picked those before but location marker indicates that I didn’t find them, by the way marker isn’t at the right place. Is there any way to fix this wepons bug?

F23 Överby Air Base has now 6 weapons to find. The first 4 were easy to find, all on the same spot (sort off). But the last two weapons are giving me a headache (not really :wink:). Has anybody found all six? I haven’t seen anybody talking about this, so I was wondering, were they easy to find, or is no-one bothered yet to find them?

Have you found the hammer on the brick building?

When you walk towards the Skinnarbol Crater you get the indication that 1 collectable (I have that) and 1 Relay beacon can be found there. But I have been searching for that relay beacon to get 100% completion for that area, but it is giving me a hard time. I have been walking in an ever decreasing circle toward the center, but it keeps eluding me. Can anybody confirm it’s actually in the crater?

Yes, I found möller pistol, automatgevar, algstudsare, and a hammer. But there should be two more.

Honestly, I think they are in the research center, which we can’t get into.

I was thinking that too, at first, but the game mostly does not lock up findable weapons. I have seen weapons just lying in the mud, or partially under another object. Those are easy to miss. There are two dead men lying around the base of the brick building, where you expect a weapon. One of them has two knives, but I can’t grab those.

We can with a bit of hokuspokus. :innocent: But there is nothing of real interest there. There are 4 lootable Fnix harvester dumping stations, so I guess we will be able to get in some day. But the weapons aren’t there.

Yes both are there , try approaching from the south, that is how it appeared for me

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