Consistent static white noise

Searched this topic in the forums and its different from what ive experienced like a lot of other sound problems this game has had, im getting a constant static or white noise effect when i fire a weapon or walk or just listening to the wind blow through the trees. Played all day last Sunday and not one problem but got up this morning to do a lil bot bashing and this problem presented itself. Its game breaking. If anyone has any ideas on how to trouble shoot this i would appreciate it. Im on PC. I verified game files with no luck.

1080ti x2
64 gig ram
2tb storage ssd

OK so this seems weird to me but im not that tech savvy. I did a clean install of my GPU driver and everything is back to normal. My question is , could a bad GPU driver cause sound issues or did i just get lucky? Any thoughts?

Do you use a sound card? or do you get audio through HDMI / DP?

At first I thought it was related to the static noise issue, but now I’m uncertain. I don’t suppose you could record it happening on video?

if it happens again i’ll record it , but its running fine now. weird.

i use a headset plugged into a usb.

i think i know the sound issues you are talking about because i have experienced those in the past as well, but this is a really bad crackle that just seems to persist and gets worse when firing a weapon or just moving. if it happens again ill post a vid.

It could be your headset as well. Since i’ve had the very same issue.

I have Corsair Void Pro RGB USB headset and rarely, i get the static through my headset, regardless what i listen. If i continue to listen, the static (crackling noise) usually gets worse (louder). So far, unplugging and then replugging the headset USB has always fixed the issue.

Why this happens - i have no idea. Though, i only have barely logical assumption: with headset plugged in all the time, over time, the connection gets “dirty” and manifests itself in a static (crackling) noise. Unplugging and replugging creates a new “clean” connection, free of the static noise.

Yeah I thought that as well and just seems to be this game. I finally got a vid of it happening but I have never had to upload one before, is you tube the only way or are there other options. Would really like you guys to hear it, it’s crazy.

Google Drive is also one option. Though, in there, videos may not work all the time and one needs to download it to watch it.

As far as Youtube goes, you can upload your video and rather than “Publish” it, select “Unlisted”. This way, the video doesn’t appear on your channel and is only watchable via the video link, that you can share here. I’ve done this with all the bug reporting videos of GZ.

I’ll give that a shot tomm. Thanks for the info.

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Hope this vid gives a bit of a clue to my problem. And i realized im not talking loud enough but the static is more of what i wanted you to hear. Thanks for any input guys.

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Well, the issue isn’t your headset since if it were, the recorded audio would be smooth, without “noise” and you’d be hearing the “noise” on the headset side. But since there is “noise” in the video, it is generated on the system side. Moreover evidenced by, your talking, which is smooth in the video, while game SFX is “noisy”.

When was the last time you:
rebooted your PC?
shut down your PC?

Also, does the issue go away when you:
reboot your PC?
shut down your PC?

Further questions (for troubleshooting);
Does the issue appear only in GZ or other places as well (e.g listening Youtube, playing something else)?
Your Win version and build is? + Is Win legit or pirated?
Any OC on CPU?
Any OCs on GPUs?
Mobo make and model? + Current BIOS version is?

i shut everything down when im not on, it doesnt always correct the problem after a reboot but it seems to be running fine now once again. WIN 10 pro build version 19041.508 no OC at the moment and win 10 is legit. Its a dell alienware r7 and i believe the board is proprietary, not an after market board like msi , asus etc. It comes with its own OC software called Command center which seemed to conflict with Afterburner so i uninstalled Msi for now but command centers OC isnt working right now, its got a bad rep for being buggy so once i fig out how uninstall and reinstall a clean version, im not messing with it. I have XMP enabled on my memory and its running at 2933 MHZ. I run other games and youtube and have never had this problem. But that was a good catch, i wasnt sure if anyone else would hear the static if it was a software issue on my end and only i could hear it through realteks software through my external speakers or the drivers running my headset. As far as the bios version of my board i did an update about 2 weeks ago not sure about the version though, is booting into the bios screen the only way to find my version or is there a folder somewhere i can find it?

This is a USB headset - it has basically a sound card build into it that takes over whenever it is plugged in.

@Crazedndepraved , check different USB port, check how it sounds using other output methods (integrated sound card, HDMI/DP audio out.).
Update your headset drivers if possible.

Yes. However, if the audio is recorded at the source (in system, where it is generated) and then sent out to the headset and you still hear the “noise” in the recording then the issue is in the source, rather than in the headset.
If the source recording audio is “pure” but what you hear from headset is “noisy” then the distortion happens in the headset and not in the system.

For example:
If i were to hook up busted headset, that has one of the speakers toast, what i would hear is mono audio but if i were to record the audio from the source, the audio in the video would still be stereo. All it takes to confirm it, is just to play the recording via different device which works fine.

Speaking of different device, OP did say in his last reply that he has also used external speakers that produce the same issue, giving proof that the distortion doesn’t happen inside the headset but instead in the source. Else-ways, audio from external speakers would be “pure” while only headset produces the “noise”.

While the MoBo is proprietary and designed by Dell, it is manufactured by MSI since it uses MSI BIOS (you should see the MSI logo when entering the BIOS) and it comes bundled with MSI Command Center.

Latter program, while having nice GUI, is poor choice to ever use since it will overwrite BIOS settings and isn’t compatible with all hardware.
My MSI MoBo (aftermarket one) also came with that software and it flat out, did not detect my RAM and set it to 2133 Mhz, despite i specifically put it to 3000 Mhz within BIOS. So, i uninstalled that piece of software and my PC has no issues running my ram at 3000 Mhz.
If you want to do any kind of CPU OC, do it only from BIOS. Don’t use the MoBo utility software for this.

BIOS version is only visible in the BIOS. But given you updated it few weeks back, it’s safe to assume that you’re running the latest version (which came out 28th July 2020).

Saying “static” to your audio issue is understatement since what is heard from the video is severe distortion of the in-game audio.
As i said above and as evidence shows, i think the issue is in the source, rather than with your headset and speakers as well.

As far as fixing it goes, things get harder since i don’t do that well with software issues (i work professionally on the hardware side of things) but looking around the net gave this result to try out,

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Thanks for the link and the help. I’ll research this some more and give you an update as to what I can fig out. Game played great all day yesterday though and I can’t seem to recreate this with any other game or You Tube etc. It’s just weird.


When you say that the game played great, do you mean that this audio issue stopped occurring?

Yes this “white noise” is another problem. Tge first time i thinked that was my pc… Then i mute mi tv e this heavy noise is gone. It happens in every game more less.

Yeah it’s running good at the moment