Cosmetic bugs (mostly)

Finally posting some bugs I found, usually floating objects or things out of place or weird-looking. Took over a series of weeks and now only getting to post them. Hope this helps!

I will first provide a screenshot of the issue with a brief explanation then a screenshot of the map coordinates.

Missing sliver - looks like part of the rock isn’t rendering correctly.

Map coordinates:

Floating bag (maybe table didn’t render while I was there)

Map coordinates:

Snow inside room. Note that the same thing happens in the room directly across the hall.

Map coordinates:

Floating tractor

Map coordinates:

There are several more, but I’ll post now so I avoid a timeout for posting and to not make it too obnoxiously long.

Most of these are already reported, either in the Floating Objects Thread or the Terrain Holes thread.

If you see any miscellaneous terrain issues, this is the thread for it.

The snowing inside certain bunkers is a known issue, I’ve reported this myself about another location. Not sure when we’ll see it fixed… Hopefully soon.

The floating backpacks usually spawn on physics objects that sometimes get moved around, resulting in a weird bug.

In the future though, please keep issues separate when reporting bugs, it gets confusing for the developers to sort through otherwise.

Ok thanks, helps out.