Crash games Generation Zero

Hello dear developers! I apologize if I write in the wrong direction. Today I played a game, and suddenly at one moment it crashes with an error. In general, I can not enter the game. The last time I played, everything was erased from me (the computer crashed, I rebooted it and everything was new), and now something happened right now. I do not want to start over 3 times, please help ((

Did you check what specs the computer required to have in order to run the game?

I did not understand a bit. I played a game, it was good. At one point, she flew out. I went back, click on the menu to continue, loads, then the game crashes.

Fill the “Provide additional info about the problem (recommended)” as best as possible and “Send report”.

Without filling it, devs get the game telemetry during the crash but that doesn’t tell what you were doing at the moment. Latter helps for devs to reproduce the error and fix it.

Also, are there any game mods and/or hacks you’re using?

I sent all the data to the developers, almost immediately. It’s a pity that it’s not direct in detail. Think help? I don’t use anything at all, there are no modifications. I’m really worried.

Savegame backup

To make a manual copy of your savegame, your save file can be found here: Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves

Within the save folder, there are: “savegame” and “savegame.bac”. Copy/paste both files into different location for manual backup. Once your game crashes and saves are lost, disable Steam Could (if you have it enabled), copy/paste your backup save files back to the original location and launch the game.

Latter method is a bit inconvenient but it helps to keep your progression if the savegame wipe bug should happen again.

Bug report

As far as reporting the bug goes, it depends if game crashes at one certain task or at random tasks.

Other than that, there aren’t much else you can do. Though, do keep filling out and sending the Error Reports.

Thanks a lot. The main thing is that everything is fine now. Is it possible to take someone’s meeting? - + with the same progress? Simply, if the progress is removed, you don’t feel like starting over again.

I think that you’re asking if it is possible to take other player’s savegame? If so, then yes, you can take someone else’s save progress and put it into your game, if they give you their savegame files.

However, since character creation is also stored in the savegame file, you will have their characters and not yours. While you can change clothes on your character, you can’t magically change the gender. Meaning that if someone has female character and they gave their savegame file to you, you’ll also have female character.

You’d also have all the missions done they had + every weapon/item they had at that point, including everything that is stored in storage box.

For example, if i were to send you my savegame files, you will have 4x max level girls (skills here What is your skill build? ) with all missions done, all collectibles found and loads of gear since i completed the game long ago.

Thank you) I still can’t finish the game. All the time, some problems. In the autumn, progress has worn out. I was strong enough, there was a very good weapon (experimental) and so on. There is still no such weapon. (right now it seems like from level 30?) I would put the save, but interesting for myself. I do not know what to do. Think help?

You can get experimental weapon drops from Rivals once your character level is 25. Latter was changed by the devs for game balancing reasons since experimental weapons are end-game weapons and it ruins the gameplay when you get experimental weapon early on (e.g at char lvl 6).

As time goes onwards, devs are constantly adding more things to do. E.g Rivals, challenges, Alpine Unrest DLC and by the looks of it, crafting comes with the next update.

after a long break, I received an experimental weapon from 1 enemy. I look forward to additions, like Alpine, almost passed it, but again, it does not enter the game. Namely, it goes into the game itself, but I can’t enter the session, well, you understand I hope. I am from Russia, if something, then I use a translator, maybe I can write something wrong.

Well, i understand what you’re saying but it’s so general that without any additional info, there is little to none what we (community and devs alike) can do about it.

You say that your game suddenly turns off. I can understand that but without you telling what are you doing or what PC is showing you before that happens - no-one can help in fixing the issue.

Ну, я понимаю, что вы говорите, но оно настолько общее, что без какой-либо дополнительной информации мы практически ничего не можем с этим поделать (и сообщество, и разработчики).

Вы говорите, что ваш игра внезапно выключается. Я могу это понять, но без того, что вы точно не скажете, что именно вы делаете или что компьютер показывает вам до того, как это произойдет - никто не сможет помочь в решении проблемы.
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In general, everything was fine. He played for several days in a row, pumped and in the last battle, with Tank, right in his 1st attack, my game turned on. Just turned off and wrote that it was crash. I overstepped, but nothing. I enter the game, all is well. I can delve into the settings, maybe even make a character, but when I click “play”, the download is in progress, the music gradually disappears and the game crashes. He crashes about loading that is. I hope you understand me.