Crash Issues, Low Fps and Trap Safe Houses

Could you optimize the game and fix the crashing issue i keep losing loot because the game decides to fuck up (crash) i haven’t had that problem in any other games not even in theHunter: Call Of The Wild which is very similar to this game. And could you work on optimizing the game for lower end graphics cards i have a 1060 6gb and the game runs 40-50 fps for me at 1080p. By the way i really want this game to be more popular but it just feels like a beta not a full game you need to add more content and fix common issues like being trapped inside safe houses because the enemies can see you through walls and never leave.

A GTX 1060 isn’t exactly a low-end graphics card, and based on the game’s recommended specs, should be more than enough to run it. The game does however appear to have problems running on Windows 7 and/or on an i5 processor, based on a lot of bug reports.

Try to follow the report format mentioned in READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report to make sure that the devs get all the necessary details.

Incase u have not seen devs reply yesterday , they are on it , right now , check post , wheres the devs , in bug report area… Cheers


Found it: Wheres the Devs?

Aye thats the one , using ps4 so could not do link like you did , nice one