Cutscenes would be really cool

Cutscenes are used in many games to add immersion to games mainly during significant points in games depending on plot and current environment.

Ive come up with some cutscene ideas:

  • when you encounter your first hunter next to the broken down cars on the archipelago it pans to a scene in which it is walking just past the brush and you get a good look at it, then engage in battle.

  • opening your first naval bunker you get a pov of you opening the door slowly and then having a tick jump out, you grab it and throw it. This would then have you destroy the tick after.

  • when coming to Overby airbase for the first time (though main entrance e. g. Gates) you get a panorama of the base pacing through the tanks and possibly harvester with the hunters and runners that are there (the first time you enter should make sure that the variable for spawns should be as described or lower).

Other miscellaneous cutscenes:

  • seeing a pack of runners sprint by you in the forest

  • first harvester encounter

  • first tank encounter. Seeing a tank from far away in the fields in early game could trigger it

  • first tank explosion (as in destroyed)

-whenever seeing a new machine (not types)

Thankyou for reading :slight_smile:


Cutscenes are fine and dandy when you can afford them
However the team has stated in they’re stream that that can’t at the moment
I’m not saying it’s a bad idea all I’m saying is that it probably won’t be likely in the near future

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Instead of saying the team is beyond cut scenes like what @Bronyboi18 is saying, i think the team is fully capable of creating great cut scenes. But instead i would offer this as a more stable argument, instead of spending hours making a cut scene work right and function properly i think the teams time could be better spent on adding to what has been requested/worked on so far. Things like crafting, adding weapons, adding more EXP variants, adding more missions, and expanding on the plot laid out.
Not saying cut scenes would be a bad thing, or beyond the teams scope, because both or possible and doable, just saying that when it comes down to one versus another more game play elements would be more beneficial to the player base.

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Game doesnt pause so you also are at risk of getting killed while a cutscene plays


No way. There’re plenty of “interactive movies” out there, don’t need this here. Besides, it’s expensive to make them and devs barely can make functional game. Plenty of unfixed bugs exist - focus on them and forget about cutscenes. In other games I watch them once and don’t really understand why even bother creating them


Actually, I have only played a few games over the last many years so cutscenes might have a justification that I’m not aware of. However, cutscenes - especially the opening one - are usually used to set the scene. It brings you into the story and/or atmosphere of the game or brings you from A to B. I GZ you are supposed to be totally unprepared when you start up the game. You have no idea of what’s going on, so you’ll better start figuring it out yourself. And regarding getting from A to B. When going to Himfjäll on the boat, that could a cutscene. But why? You do that in-game. I see no use for cutscenes in this game. Unless it should be used to clarify and summarize the story for us “illiterates” that have a hard time keeping up with the subtle details (“Veronika did this because von Ulmer did that … did you get it now?”). But that could be done in other and better ways discussed here.


Jesus. I said ‘cutscenes would be cool’
Not, ‘you better drop everything right now and make a cutscene’


Yeah I know I just think that they could maybe come someday in the future.


And basically I agree with you, @DystopianGZ. They could be cool :wink:. You gave some fine examples on where it would make sense. For my own part, however, I would prefer to remain in the first person view. I think it would kind of break my “immersion” (whatever that actually is :smile:) to leave that even for a moment. But never say never! As I mentioned, flashback scenes to what important events brought this mess upon us in the first place (dialogues, actions, etc.) might actually help me immerse myself further into the story.



Now, I got to understand, it would be time and resource heavy, and obviously there are a few other things to do.
Still, an ‘intro movie’ so to speak would be awesome, I think.
Personally, I did not even think of this the whole time, and yet…
I think it could be just awesome? :slight_smile:

The intro movie actually exists. When you lookup the game in Xbox store, it does play the intro movie. And that certainly encouraged me to buy the game. I don’t know about Steam or PS4, but I guess it is the same here. Personally, though, I see no need to bring that intro movie into the game. A matter of taste, I guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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I meant an ingame one, a film of how machines wreck havoc, kill people, tanks, drive them into extinc… erm… evacuation. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think that it has been a design parameter for GZ not to show humans actually being killed (except for the players which is kind of unavoidable). I don’t recall watching anybody (beside my own player) actually die and I kind of like it that way. There are so many games feasting in blood, gore, and death, and I actively avoid those. I’m a sentimental AND sensitive guy you know :wink:

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Oh, OK…
Fair enough, sir.

I thought it would be a darn good mood setter…

It probably would. Again, a matter of taste :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would rather have a prequel… from machines point of view :robot:


Well… I would love to see their point of view… but more at the end…?
Wouldn’t it otherwise be a spoiler, sir?

  1. Cutscenes are really expensive and time-consuming.

  2. The DEVs don’t have sufficient resources of either to make a deceent fist of it.

  3. The DEVs are on record as saying that they simply cannot foresee having the spare time r budget for them.

  4. The whole point about Gen Zero is that you don’t know what has happened, and that every situation you meet, you meet for the first time cold.

  5. The story is not explained - it is discovered by clues and notes on computer screens that are there if you look for them.

  6. The game is about ME. Cutscenes are about watching someone else, which breaks immersion instantly. I decide what to do about every situation - in cutscenes someone else decides what to do.

  7. Cutscenes add nothing whatsoever to gameplay. Nothing is changed by them. They take resources and give nothing back.

  8. Gen Zero follows the best rule of storytelling “Don’t tell me, show me”. A cutscene tells you what has happened. The bodies lying round burning tanks shows you what has happened.

  9. I play Single. Does the cutscene show Single, or Multi? if Multi, what has it to do with me? If Single, what has it to do with a group of four playing Multi? Do they all watch it together? Doesn’t make sense.

  10. Let’s spend all our time and resources on new, immersive, content.


Calm down. Also I do see your points so no more need to add to this discussion.

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I’m kinda on the line between maybe they would be cool and maybe not. I like the idea of an opening cutscene, but with the overall style of the game I think it wouldn’t fit.

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