Der Weg der Götter

Ich bin gerade bei der Mission der Weg der Götter. Ich habe den Zettel am Kühlschrank gefunden und muss jetzt eigentlich das Notizbuch im Wohnzimmer aufheben, dies geht jedoch nicht und aus diesem Grund kann ich die Mission auch nicht beenden, was ein bisschen nervig ist. Was kann man dagegen tun?

Welcome to the forums, please abide by our language rules and stick to english if possible. Since I understand some german I realise this is about the Path of the Gods mission, which has a notebook you can’t pick up. It’s been acknowledged by the devs and we can expect it to be fixed with the June update that’s coming soon, which is focused on the game’s missions.

Okay thanks, and I´m sorry for that. In Future i will write in english.

I´ve downloaded the update and looked to the mission the path of gods, and it still don´t running. I can´t took the notebook with me.

Right, that’s not how it’s supposed to happen. I’ve forwarded it to the devs.

It seems that any side missions that where in progress when we did this update where “hidden”. We are working on it and will resolve the issue in an upcoming patch.

In the meantime you can play main missions and find other side missions that you haven’t started yet.

Thank you for reporting


I have the same Problem.

I should look for more information in the house. I see the notebook can not record it. But this will not continue the mission.

The game was purchased on Steam, so it should be the latest version.
It looks like the bug still exists and / or has not been resolved.

Here is the place where the clues leads you to

Hello Everyone ,

thins i get the Mission “Way of God´s” i can´t see any other mission. How i can go on ??

Just grinding is mutch boring. :frowning: