Known Issues [June Update]



  • Passed Norra Saltholmen the red and blue toolboxes will be empty. All other loot containers should contain loot. Remember that loot containers have a 4 hour cool down after looting them.
  • [PC ] Can’t save game. We’ve noticed some issues with AV software (Bitdefender etc.) preventing Generation Zero from writing saves. To prevent that in the short term please add Generation Zero as a trusted process in the software you are using.
  • [RARE] Players cannot see each other in multiplayer games | Solution is to rejoin the game
  • [PS4] Users playing without having a PSN account will not be able to save. (See workaround in reply below)


  • Side missions: We are working on an overhaul to help players that are stuck on side missions due to previous bugs. Any side missions you had in progress should be reset. This seems to have also “hidden” them. This should be solved in a future patch. This should not stop you from starting other side missions you have not yet picked up.

Other / Good to know

  • Pre-Order items will not show on your character creation screen (this is intended behavior). You will find your pre-order items in game under the “profile” menu.
  • Inventory: Picked up items will not directly stack with items equipped in the quick bar
  • Your characters share the same world. When starting a new character, the story progress does not get reset and you spawn at the last checkpoint you visited with the last character. To completely reset and start over, you need to delete all your characters in character creation menu.

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Things I've already passed on to the devs to look at for future patches

For all the players who can’t seem to save. Steps for those of you that use Bitdefender or similar Anti Virus that block the creation of folders:

  1. Open Bitdefender, go to the Notifications tab.
  2. There should be an entry “Application access blocked”.
  3. Expand the message and click on the button “Show application”.
  4. “GenerationZero_F.exe” should be shown in the list.
  5. Click on the toggle button to “allow” access.

The process should be similar when you whitelist the application for other types of AV software.

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For all the players who are loosing mission progress after multiplayer please see this thread and help us collect more detailed information.

Also please note:
To avoid some confusion about how the mission system is supposed to work in MP I will try to explain with some examples.

Adam has made progress and completed 3 missions.
Eve has made progress and completed 2 mission and she is currently playing mission 3.

Scenario 1 (When the guest can save progress):

  • Adam joins Eve’s game (eve is hosting, Adam is guest).
  • They play and finish mission 3 together. Adam has already finished the mission so it won’t impact his progression.
  • When they start playing Mission 4, Adam will start making progress that should be saved for him when he returns to his game.

Scenario 2 (When the guest will not save progress):

  • Eve joins Adams game (Adam is hosting, Eve is guest)
  • Eve will see Adams missions in her log and NOTE the save icon being crossed over. This will notify her that they can play together, but the progress for mission 4 will not save for Eve. It will save for Adam.
  • Once Eve returns to her own game, the missions she previously saw while in Adams game will no longer be in her log !


As a guest, if you check your log and you don’t see the save icon above under a specific mission, you will be able to play that mission together with the host and save your progression.

In both cases above, they will both save any loot picked up, any XP earned. Their achievements, collectibles, stats should also be saved for both.


Here is an update from the Dev Team

We are investigating, fixing and verifying many, many, many issues. Thank you to all of you who give us details around your issues and those who help others find temporary workarounds for problems.

Thank you!


Today we released the April update. Please see patch notes here:

XBox One:
PS4: 1.03
Steam: BuildID 3742329


We are looking into Windows 7 boot issue.

A workaround seems to be patient and then to hit esc a couple of times while on the black screen.


If you are playing on PS4 and have never registered to PlayStation Network (please note this is not the same as having PlayStation Plus) you will not be able to save.

Some users have reported that they can’t save while playing offline, these players all seem to sign in to their PS4 with users never registered to PlayStation Network.

Workaround: Sign up to PlayStation Network (you will need to be online to do this step) and the next time you start the game you should be able to save. After that you can save during online or offline game play.

We are investigating a possible solution, but the above step will help you for the time being.


For May update please see our notes here:

Versions are:
PS4 1.06

Things I've already passed on to the devs to look at for future patches

For June update please see our notes here:

Versions are:
PS4 1.07
Steam BuildID 3933731


June hot fix is out. Fix for crash when using fireworks.

Versions are:
PS4 1.08
Steam BuildID 3969641