[Disappearing Weapons] Accidentally dropping weapons into dead enemy loot containers while looting

Hi, I have the same issue - I had an experimental kpist and picked up a muzzle for an SMG, added the attachment and the entire gun vanished!

I will dm you a link to the save file


I had an experimental kpist and picked up a muzzle for an SMG, added the attachment and the entire gun vanished!

The location I lost the experimental kpist was the Klacksundsfyren lighthouse, I picked up an attachment from the weapons box in the small hut behind the lighthouse, A SMG muzzle I think, added it to the Kpist as an attachment and when I went to use the gun it was gone.

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Same thing happened to me! Expiremental Klauke and all attachments dissapeared! Playing on Xbox!

I put My 4 star N60 in my inventory from equipped weapons and it dissapeared. I played for hours and hours to get it. Soooo frustrating.

Xbox One.
Had just started Up single player game.
Is it Lost Forever now?

Care to give us more info by following the READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report guide?

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after I fast traveled from somehwere in the world I noticed tha i lost my expermental Kv. 59 machine gun and my expermental sniper, is there a way to fix this issue

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I have lost three experimental class weapons in just a couple of weeks! When will this bug be fixed? The first two times I didn’t notice exactly how it happened. Suddenly I just didn’t have it any longer. This last time I actually saw it happen. Had just destroyed a runner with the experimental m/46. When looting the carcasses there was a kvm 89 there. Highly unusual in such a simple opponent so I grabbed it. Suddenly I was holding it in my hands. The m/46 I was holding had just disappeared. When checking my inventory I had gained two kvm 89 but lost the only really valuable machine pistol I had.

This is really irritating. The longer I play, the less advanced weapons I have to fight with…

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**Platform: Xbox One

**Description: This bug happened when playing with my partner. For the past two nights, when playing multiplayer, when my partner put a weapon away in the storage station and logged out for the night the next time they went to get the weapon, it was completely gone from their storage. Even when leaving multiplayer and going to single player the weapons were not there. One was a level 5 rocket launcher and the other was a level 4 sniper rifle. This has happened twice and with high level gear. We also tested this out with a random level 3 pump action shotgun and it also disappeared. Furthermore, any weapons level 3 and above in my partner’s storage have been downgraded to level 2 or 1. This has taken away weapons we have worked very hard for and has just began happening after we have finally been able to play. Now we are scared to put our gear away or switch it out for things.

**Steps To Reproduce: Place a weapon in storage in multiplayer and log out. Then close the Generation Zero app. The next time you log in if the weapon placed in the box was level 3 or higher it will not be there. We don’t know how to replicate the weapons being downgraded.

**Images / Videos: None

**Host or Client: I was the host but this happened to a Client on my game.

**Players in your game: 2 players

**Specifications: Xbox One original

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Hey guys :wave:

If you are experiencing this issue (Weapons/Attachments disappearing) and haven’t yet disclosed the info below please consider answering the questions below as it’d help us a lot in our investigation of this unfortunate occurrence.

  • Q1: What platform are you on? (PC/XB1/PS4)
  • Q2: Were you host or client? (Were you playing single player or as client in a multiplayer session?)
  • Q3: What weapon/attachment disappeared for you? (If multiple please list as many as you can remember)
  • Q4: What were you doing prior to the weapon/attachment disappearing? Please try to describe with as much detail as possible what happened leading up to the weapon disappearing as it could give us an idea of what is causing this.
  • Q5: Do you have a theory of your own as to what may have caused your weapon/attachment to disappear?

:floppy_disk: IF you are on PC and have been affected by this please consider sending us a copy of your save file.

  1. Your save file can be found here: Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves
  2. Right-click the save folder (containing “savegame” and “savegame.bac”) > send to > compressed (zipped) folder
  3. Go to https://wetransfer.com/ (No account required)
  4. Click the “…” button and select “get transfer link”
  5. Add/attach the .zip archive with the save file(s)
  6. Upload and copy the link
  7. Send me a DM here on the forum and include the link from wetransfer

Note: IF sending a save file please specify which weapon/attachment you have lost.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:

This topic contains one of the causes (if not the only cause): Active weapon drops into crate being looted

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Platform: Xbox Series X
Host / Client: Single player (host)
Weapon: Experimental Sledgehammer

I saw this happen at the weekend when my son was playing using one of my characters.

Previously, I had assumed this was likely due to people dropping weapons in enemies / crates when looting them as it is far too easy to do accidentally. However I was watching my son play and can confirm that he didn’t do this.

He had fast travelled to Ulvstugan Slope Cabin on Himfjäll and pulled some stuff from the Plundra and I could clearly see the Exp. Sledgehammer in his inventory equipped as a sidearm. He then set off across the map on foot, fighting enemies, looting them and on occasion using the sledgehammer.

As he got near Readiness Storage 018 he decided to swap his sidearm for a gold N9 he had just looted from an APOC Hunter, but after collecting and equipping the weapon he realised that the sledgehammer wasn’t there.

I then took control of his char and backtracked, carefully checking every toolbox and enemy he had killed / looted all the way back to the safe house. Unfortunately we didn’t find any sign of it and I’m confident that he didn’t drop it while looting.

As for a theory? I’m pretty certain that dropping weapons in crates or dropping US weapons while playing with people who don’t own the DLC might account for a large portion of the instances, I’m 99% confident that neither of those happened here.

Now lost my ex 50 cal and my 89 5 star…

This is done when I open my inventory by pressing R and when I close by pressing R. When closing i drop the weapon… WTF???

Im 600+ hours in this game and i love it… But now.

It took me forever to get the 5 star 89;(

Is this a bug after the new update?

This finally happened to me also. Yesterday was playing when needed must trusted exp. PVG for tank take down, it was gone. Noticed this very quickly in a fight, so weapon was lost about 5-10min earlier. That time i stayed in one place only.

To possible scenarios,
Accidentally pressed R when looting machines and stored that weapon to dead machine or dropped it with R press somehow. Place where i lost it didnt find any backpacks.

Or it just did disappeared from my inventory when died bug.

This weird deposit stuff back to dead machine inventory is weird thing, should be removed. We already have drop function to share stuff.

just a PSA to everyone. until this is fixed remember to backup often.

I unplugged one of my external hard drives to see if it was an issue causing a friend to not be able to connect and the game didn’t recognize any of the DLCs for a moment.

I lost all of the 5 crown US WEAPONS PACKAGE.




1.Did you try repairing the devise? (Software speaking, not literal hardware)
2. Did you contact the company?
3. Was the extended storage still on when you unplugged it? Or was the PlayStation/X box/PC turned off, which in turn would turn off the extended storage?

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