[Disappearing Weapons] Accidentally dropping weapons into dead enemy loot containers while looting

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Sorry to hear you’re having problems, it’s being worked on.


I Also have had that happen, I was in a battle and same thing KVM-59 and attachments all disappeared most annoying ??

It just happened again when I logged on today. 2 Klauck Exp pistols and all attachments are gone from my inventory. Weeee.

Do you play on PS4, X-Box, or PC?

Because this never happens to me on PS4.

It’s happened to me on PS5 and my friend on PS4, I hope it’s fixed soon :+1:

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Hello everyone in this topic :wave:

Wall of text incoming!

Sorry to hear that so many of you are experiencing this issue.These types of issues we take seriously and a ticket has been created for dealing with this. We’ll try to get this sorted out asap, however, at this time we can unfortunately not make any promises as to when it’ll be fixed. Looking at our current workload/schedule it seems likely this won’t be fixed for the next patch, but the patch after that (but it’s too early to say at this point). We realize that can be considered a long time to wait for fixing a bad issue like this, but we are a small team and our resources are quite limited and we have to be realistic with our workload and time frame, that is also why I am being honest and transparent with you here when I try to estimate when you can expect this to be handled.

Reading the comments in this thread and after doing some testing on our end, and as pointed out by e.g. @Aesyle, we realize it is indeed way too easy to accidentally drop your items/weapons into a loot container when looting it. Our first step dealing with this is to make it so that this accidental dropping of items/weapons doesn’t happen so easily, greatly reducing the risk of this occurring unintentionally.

In it’s current state the game auto selects the first item in the inventory list after the player transfers the last item from the loot container list when using the “transfer item” action. This can cause you to move an item from the inventory list to the loot container by mistake if rapidly hitting the transfer button when looting. You can see this happen in the animated GIF below. Our thinking right now is that we need to make sure that any selection of either list in the loot interface is an intentional action that is controlled by a different button than the “transfer” button.


We hope that will cover and prevent the issue described by a lot of reporters in this topic, however, that said, it seems like there might also be another issue happening in parallel, which might be weapons disappearing/despawning, but our current information on this is limited and these are only speculations at this point so we need to gather more info.

This is where you can help us. We appreciate all the sharing of information in this topic, we are reading your comments and adding info from them to our ticket to help with the investigation and to pinpoint what is going on. Please keep it up as it helps a lot! When reporting, please try to be as detailed as possible, sharing what platform you are on, if it occurred in single player or multiplayer, what item/weapon disappeared (was the weapon equipped?), describing step by step what happened (or what you think happened) to the best of your ability. This helps us a lot and know that we appreciate you taking the time to report and share information on this issue.

In the meantime we’ll deal with this as soon and best we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding, sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:


Wouldn’t it be easier to simply disable possibility to store items in loot crates/machines?

Maybe I missed something, but I don’t see any reason for that option to exist.


It certainly makes it faster if you accidentally pick up for instance a gas tank. Then, instead of having to go into your inventory and find it again, then select it, and drop it, you are already in your inventory, thus a step is saved. So, using that logic, having this feature is quite nice. I personally use it relatively frequently.

However, you are correct I have also lost some really nice guns due to accidentally putting them in crates and things of the like. So, I just try to be more careful when looting things.

I have lost my 2nd Exp PVG90 during weekend. This is what happened, time frame is quite small. Only 1-2 minutes of time. There was fight outside of command bunker (Skvadern).

Looted all machines with R, wanted to have some ammo to scrap for materials. (low on .50 AP)
Entered command bunker command room with all stations.
At this point was still holding the Exp PVG90 in my hands.
Proceed to recycling station to recycle looted unwanted ammunition.
Clicked ammunition tab from inventory screen to only list all ammo what i was carrying.
Double click ammo stack with mouse to make it sure it was active selected item.
Double click E to recycle stack.
After recycled all ammunition proceeded to plundra pickup my ammunition boxes to generate .50 AP rounds to Exp PVG90. (This point the weapon already might have been lost)
Closed plundra
Tried to switch my Exp PVG90, it was gone.

Checked plundra, floor, machines outside and could not find it.
This leaves pretty much conclusion that it was my active weapon when entered recycle station, and it get recycled somehow even it made sure it was not active item to recycle.

Still this player fumble is possible to place it in machine loot, and people has also confirmed this to happen. But definitely there is bug which makes weapon disappear, and recycle station is main culprit here.

From what I’ve experienced and friend it can happen anywhere, switching sessions possibly been a trigger for us, hope you get another drop :woozy_face::+1:

As by demonstration by @SR_knivspark I’ve just recently recycled 5* mag for G3 that was attached to gun by rapidly tapping action (when been sorting hoarded stuff and loitering around scrapper) - as stated, it was first in the list of “everyting” tab (don’t remember what exactly I did, but mag was recycled right after tab switch) and I admit it’s my screw-up.
One of theory that every time I recycled non-stack item (guns and attachments), I had to select it to be sure I’m recycling that item. Knowing rigid responsiveness of “inventory” menu tab, either I’ve tapped “acton” to much or didn’t clicked enough on item. This problem has same root in inventory’s “same quality” sorting - ammo, consumables and other items within same quality will wildly shuffle if their count more than there’s slots withing single screen (7).
So I recycled some attachment, and then I’ve had only “golden” (5*) quality and non-quality optic mods in tab and said mag was selected “next”, which was recycled with hasty actions.

One problem could be lag. This has happened to me before, where I hit the button twice, thinking it didn’t register the first time, but then two things were recycled because I hit the button twice, but the lag made it look like I had to hit it again.

good news everyone

Hello again! I got some good news to share with you regarding this issue. Our first step dealing with the issue of “disappearing weapons”, specifically preventing items from accidentally being stored in loot containers, will be in the next update/patch!

This fix means there will be a new behavior for loot containers (loot containers = machines, backpacks, boxes, etc):

  • Rather than manually having to close the “loot window” when you are done, it’ll now automatically close when you have picked up all items in the loot container, which means less input required from you and reducing the risk of accidentally storing items in the container after having emptied it and the marker auto-selecting your items.

  • After the loot container has been emptied and the “loot windows” has been closed the loot container can no longer be interacted with.

We are hoping that this fix will greatly reduce the number of reports of weapons disappearing (and if for some reason the issue keeps happening and being reported we’ll have to look into further actions that we can take).

And on that note, we still need to investigate and gather more info on the possibility of there being another cause for disappearing weapons. I see some speculation and theories here which we should look into soon. If you believe you may know something about what else might be causing weapons to disappear do not hesitate to mention it here, describing it in as much detail as possible.

Thanks for sharing helpful information in this topic, thank you for your patience, and thanks for reporting! :pray:

EDIT / UPDATE: On testing the changed behavior further we’ve noticed that there are still edge cases where you can accidentally deposit your items into a loot container, thus we will do some additional improvements to the changed behavior to further minimize the risk of this occurrence.

EDIT / UPDATE - SEPT-NOV 2021: With the next patch it should no longer be possible to drop items into loot containers such as destroyed machines, ammo boxes, etc (The patch has unfortunately been delayed due to complications, see our news letters on the official website for more detailed info, but know that we are working on getting it out to you as soon as possible!)


Thank you for your hard work to fix this issue. It is much appreciated.


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Hi guys today [27.05.2021] i first time play on co-op mode with a friend when i back to single player mode my Experimental Pansarvärnsgevär 90 with 5 crown scope 8x16 scope / visiual module and 5 crown extended mag where missing from my eq.

Is there any option to retrive it [expect hard grinding on lvl 4 rivals] -.-

Thanks god i didnt lost experimental shotgun. Now im worried that i can lose any other item/weapon high grade on next co-op session.


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Yes. Trade it with someone in MP game.

idk if this is usefull information but a sniper rifle i have cant remember exactly what. i found another one already so its good. atleast mine vanishedwhen i shot a gas tank to get unstuck from the bench rows in a church. it worked but my gun seemed to vanish after the explosion. maybe this can be usefull information for fixing the issue idk

:information_source: This topic has been dedicated to the issue where weapons are accidentally dropped into dead enemy loot containers while looting.

With the next update it will no longer be possible to put items back into loot containers!

For the issue with weapons disappearing / despawning please see this topic;

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why not flag important items , and when they are being transferred add a “are u sure u want to transfer / del this” etc etc . this would solve the prob with recycling too. just a thought.

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