Dlc weapon storage

hello fine people hope all are having a good day i just want to talk about dlc weapons and storage so I bought the game recently with a good amount of the dlc not all of if but i felt like i wanted to talk about something so when I started I had 39.850/200 so pretty much a a good chunk of weight is taken out of your storage so before you play the game so i kind of thought what’s going to happen once even more dlc weapons come out? i think we have a storage problem that just making bigger just wont fix i think the FMTEL box (sorry cant remember the name of the assignments box) could have a dlc section for weapons and ammo. i think that would help out a lot and solve headaches in the future. would really like to hear what other people think i have included a picture of the weight so you can see for yourself i did take out everything and only left the dlc stuff just so you can see. again i did not have all the dlc like the bow or flame thrower so this could have been more like probably 40 to 41 if not more. please let me know what you think


If you are on PC you can disable any DLC to temporarily have them not in the plundra. Also you can upgrade the plundra capacity and the resources box capacity. You should have enough space to manage, for now.


Thank you for your idea.
You talk about another problem of the dlc-weapon packs, I didn’t think about in my idea to optimize the weapon packs:

Of course, with even more dlc the limited storage could bring problems. You are able to upgrade the plundra to 400kg, but still you are limited at the beginning, where you don’t have enough ressources to upgrade it.

You’re solution, in my eyes, isn’t a good way. You would have to need one dlc category per category. There would be to many categories in total to manage all. And the iteams and weapons would still need space in the plundra, which doesn’t solve the problem.

Part of the game is to manage the space you currently have, that means you have to make choices. However, it is problematic when people get all or almost all weapon DLCs when they start playing this game. It would make that managing harder.

Now you said in other topic, you’d wish that you also could disable DLCs. Are you sure you can’t manage DLCs on your end? If so, that might be a requestworthy feature. Also, I think that over time it could be necessary for the devs to allow another update of the Plundra, but that time is not yet here.

I have just under 300 in my plundra, but I don’t feel the need to keep every weapon. Where others do like to collect every weapon.

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i actually did not know you could disable the dlc so besides thats. i honestly dont think i need to worry about it now i am used to it. but i am just wondering about the future when the weight of dlc weapons gets to high lets just say 100 for the sake of argument thats half your storage when you just starting out. i understand that a part of the game is inventory management. but that shouldn’t effect me before I buy and even play the game. i just think that the FMTEL box could provide that extra storage and could be done in a way it doesn’t change the game. it already is a limitless storage box of quest rewards i just think it should have a dlc tab and category and probably an extra tab for dlc ammo.

i actually do really like this idea. cause when i started playing i didnt want to use any dlc weapon until i got my first blue weapon as a drop i have been playing on ps4 mainly and i bought a lot of stuff mostly 1 at a time but on the pc i had to buy a a bundle for the sale so i was overloaded with all the weapons XD

At the time of the update that brought upgrades to the storage it was enough space.
But with new Weapons Dlc and eventually other NEW and upcoming weapons Dlcs, storage space is not enough.
So allowing us to upgrade a few more steps or giving us a storage of 200 kg just for weapons would serve as solution…or else we wont be able to have a lot of ammo inside storage.

I feel the current 400kg is enough for a weapon’s collection as well as ammo.
I do not personally have every DLC, missing 1 to be specific,but that would add what, an extra 10-20kg?
This including the weapons and new ammo types.

I have a good collection of all the ammo I could really want and I am at around 170-240kg used.

However, if we do keep getting frequent weapons packs time and time again. We might have a problem by the 5th one from now.

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There are several problems.

  • The problem of the unbalanced weights (every weapon 2kg?),
  • the problem of dlc stuff being right inside the plundra (see my topic for optimizing dlc weapon packs),
  • the shared plundra between characters,
  • and last but not least we players.

For many of us the storage is enough. It’s part of the game to manage your inventory, not to gather everything. I can understand the harvester-faction of us. I try to store two of each weapon at 5c and 6c and of course at least two of each 5c attachment.

Additionally I try to store my exp ammo I don’t need at the moment, as much explosives (grenades, rockets, ammo for g79 and rlg7, mines) as possible (at least for recycling), advanced and exp healthpacks and of course firework boxes (as they are “unique”).

There is some other not as useful stuff and the ammo I currently not need (5.56 and 9mm), but there are times I almost scratch the maximum (400kg). Then I have to clean up, recycle, throw away,…

I once made a table that helped me for the attachments. Now with sorting and filtering it’s not needed anymore.

Advice: don’t just grab and store everything.

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There are weapon storage lockers (the big ones made of concrete) and having one of those available for storage in every bunker you’ve unlocked would be one solution to a future limited storage problem.

Now with ability to have several bases a nice addition would be to instead have a weapons storage locker included in the build menu. This way some extra storage (100kg or 20 items?) could be available at each new base and you can only put weapons and ammo in it. The more bases you own the more storage.

Plundra would then be used for loot storage and the high-grade weapons you use the most and need to access at every camp you unlock. The rest goes into one of the weapon storage lockers you built.

This solution would fit in the game-play introduced with Landfall update.

(I thought I mentioned this some time ago as a request post but couldn’t find it. Sorry for any duplicate posts.)

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I dont have the last DLC weapon yet.
The problem is the probability for new weapon dlcs is at least of 90%.
New weapon and ammo types will require more space.

To give an example
We now need extra space for :

  • arrows.
  • Flamethrower fuel

Soon we will need space for molotovs (they are coming) and probably other weapons or even new materials.

PS: 12 hours later here it is Tactical Equipment Pack

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The use of a mule character is the easiest solution to storage problems. I can hold 1,000kg+ of anything on one character. After beating the game I just started looting because nothing else really to do. My goal is to have one of everything from 1c to 5c and 6c.


But that’s nothing that helps quick when playing coop and would be quite annoying especially if your are the host.

“Ok guys, wait, I have to exit the session, change my character, move some stuff from the mule to my plundra, then exit, change character again, open another game and invite you. Hope to see you soon again (if you don’t have bad luck with joining my game).”

The topic question from @Neskenvondoom is valid in case players will not buy all new DLC to not flood the game with things we can’t store to keep and will just throw away.

Without DLC revenue some people claim less development will be made. On the other hand more attractive DLC or disruptive changes like Landfall update may get many more new users to buy the game and better revenue than just one DLC at a time.

In early random MP game I got the advice from a seasoned player (thanks for the AG4 EXP btw!) to spawn Rivals I should just hunt everything, “rinse and repeat”.

I think this may be the business model for this game too that risk “rinse and repeat” player experience in areas like storage limitations.

More evolving (sandbox) can be good unless it causes friction with negative player experience satisfaction. Parts of the game (storage and cluttered maps) have to accommodate these ongoing disruptive additions to the game -before implemented- to keep revenue going. DLC revenue will work as an addition to player experience satisfaction. Yes you can quote me on that but only (pontus :shushing_face:) know if this is true by checking sales numbers so remember this is a well educated guess not a fact.

(OT?: @Madchaser for special items like Fireworks, semla and those weapons that have sentimental value just one mule with upgraded backpack should do just fine. One mule for just resistance weapons and EMP will work fine. But we soon run out of characters too. @Wolf_Spirit07 the spawn coordinates in home base was slightly changed in latest update so you can’t reach Plundra with your 200kg+ mule anymore without dropping inventory btw. If that was intentional then I don’t think devs want this as a general solution and is OT about DLC vs storage need.)

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I apologize I didn’t factor in multi-player issues with that solution because I don’t get to play multi-player alot with sometimes poor internet. @leoel about what OP was talking about. A weapon workbench station that only holds weapons and attachments that allows you to upgrade crown ratings with a independent storage from the plundra would work. That way players wouldn’t get just more general storage where anything can be stored.

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I got bored of the “mules”, now any loot we leave will disappear as soon we go back to main menu, its been that way since early 2021 i think?
But its a way yes.
I still manage, but considering rpg and kharl ghustav rounds weight so much, we cant have much ammo for them…and its the same with other explosives.

IDK chief. I have plenty of everything and multiples of a bunch of weapons and still got hundreds of Kg’s left.

I would not be opposed to more specialiseed and interesting storage. But I do believe a larger amount is not needed.


There are still fast-travel spots in normal safehouses where the mule teleports right at the plundra. But indeed at the player bases, the layout of the red squares where nothing can be built, makes placing the plundra on the fast travel spot impossible.

…and may remove the others if the devs find out. :shushing_face:



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