Double check when looking for loot


have you ever gone into a shed and on your way back out find a box by the door that you didn’t notice on your way in? that happened to me a few times and I thought it was just me missing it but chances are it didn’t load in until you looked away.

I fast traveled into a church and was confused because some bags that I knew I looted there a few hours ago were gone. walked away and came back and they were magically there. still unable to be looted but that’s not the point. so I fast traveled away and back and recorded this

Backpacks and boxes loading error

Really asmongold seems to get everywhere


sorry, I am lost. asmongold?


Fantastic! I’ve suspected this for some time myself but have never seen it like in your video.

But I have all of a sudden encountered ticks inside houses! Several times. I mean, usually they detect you even if you’re a hundred meters away. No these houses were all empty, could run into them without being detected by anyone. Suddenly I was attacked by newly spawned ticks… :joy:


i know, i would close the door before slowly walking down a bunker hallway and still have one sneak up on me


Haha exactly! And the ones that don’t magically spawn right next you, instead magically glitch right into the room :joy::joy: But that’s more the case with Runners though…


Heyh kakarron, would you mind posting this in the bug reports section as well? I’m not sure if this is a true bug or not but who knows :slight_smile: Thank you very much for providing the video as it obviously shows there is some sort of problem with the spawning of those loot bags!


done :+1: