Duplicating exploit. Still exists. 4 YEARS EXISTS

I can’t really properly make a topic without no negative reviews. It’s extremely hard to go around it.

(So a warning the topic has negative stuff added into it.)

I’ve heard Xbox players talk about duplicating stuff again. I just get more confused and more confused every update they release not saying a thing about fixing duplication glitch exploit.

Luckily PC can’t do the exploit. Only consoles can do it.

Wanna know something about trading? Well it’s fucked. You never know if you traded something where he traded duplicated item or not.

So like an example: if I want to trade to get an experimental sledgehammer giving 30+ uranium to the player. But the person doesn’t want to lose the hammer. He can simply duplicate the item so I pretty much get scammed.

LIKE WHY IT’S BEEN 4 YEARS. And that exploit still exists?

I Know! It’s PvE, but you don’t know whats gonna be like from 10 years later! developers are gonna keep adding updates like more experimentals items, dlc weapons, equipments and resources, trading is gonna become more and more popular but it literally ruins the trading porpoise from just duping.

And you maybe will question these specific questions

People: Why don’t you just tell us how it works, so the developers would figure out how to fix it.

My Answer: I can’t, I remember an mod told me to remove one of my replys that explains how to do it.
(So for sake of reasons. I’m not risking to get a warning or get banned. If an mod allows me to explain it. I can put it on the replys.)

People: why are you keep making topics about duplicating items?

My answer: it literally ruins the point for trading. You never know if you traded fair or not. And also duping existed for Soo LONG that people said I don’t even need to loot anything. my mule has 200,000 shock ammo for my AK.

Isn’t experimental ammo designed to make your gun powerful but don’t waste it too fast? Because uranium is expensive to get?
But people dupe uranium so they don’t worry about it. That’s exploit. Right?

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Just searched on google for how it works.
Any idea of how it could be fixed in your opinion?
There are pretty many games out there where this method works.
And it should work on every system where you can access the safegame file to make a backup (which can be restored, too).

Tip: Ignore the whole whale of duping.

Edit.: I was a trader on Xbox. If you got a bad feeling about a customer - block him/her. It solves a lot of problems. After all its just a game, means your world - your rules.


I am not sure how or why this upsets you. And how is it a scam? Does the hammer vanish after you exit the game? Does it work differently? One way to stop this “scam” is to not allow trading. And I have to ask, how do you have so much extra uranium that you want to use it for trading?

Is it being true to the game to trade for weapons instead of finding them yourself? Wouldn’t that be sort of a scam and cheating yourself? You don’t like the fact that you may be getting a weapon from another player, that they had to loot to get, but you want to take a short cut and just trade for it? I have met a lot of players that want to enjoy the game by finding everything themselves because they feel trading is cheating.

I drop loot that I don’t use and don’t need all the time in co-op. I let players know that I dropped the stuff, its stuff I looted from the machines that the players just helped destroy. Should I instead carry that stuff around asking for someone to trade with me? Or store it till someone joins my map and asks if I have something to trade?

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the game should isntantly auto save when an player drops an item.

and the bug gets fixed. simple.

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its not only the duping. but too many people uses overpowered builds from duping where its extremely hard to find a person whos using a normal build. all because the duping exploit existed for soo long. that so many xbox players know the bug, and they use it.

people when they play games. if they find an exploit. they say this. if a game has an exploit fking use it, because everyone will also evantually start using it.

it was an example, relax.

xbox people rarely trade experimental sledgehammers. and uranium also.

but one thing i should tell you is i rarely use uranium. and im not the only one that I don’t want to use uranium. and what youre saying from this.

i should just drop away my uranium?
where i couldve traded with someone to get some wood? (or other items.)

you know theres people who want to get something but they dont want to grind for it. so they just trade?
as one of the examples: i wanted to make an build where i use 5 experimental rockets to shoot 10 rockets in 8-12 seconds. but it will take so much time for me just to make the build if i work for it. so i just wanted to get some of it by trading.

just to tell you this my first experimental sledgehammer i got. i didnt trade for it. i naturally got it from the reaper.

and i should tell yall this is my second account.
i have 2 accounts
theyre similar name

I think there is no problem.
There are no unique items of much worth like in Diablo for example, it’s not PvP, it’s up to every single person if he/she plays with random people or not and if he/she plays to trade or to play the game.

I’m personally not a trader. The game doesn’t offer much for trading and even doesn’t have trading as feature. It’s just dropping and picking up.

I don’t pick up what I don’t need or don’t want to recycle. I just drop stuff if I’m overencumbered and don’t really need it.

And if I play with my mates (with fresh characters in a secondary world), we help each other with what we find and get.

People who cheat themselves by trading all the stuff they could get by playing just to be as strong as possible from beginning on… Well, they just cheat themselves. In my eyes they destroy their own experience.

Oh, @JuanEyeJack, I have hundreds of uranium, too. I don’t spend that much for experimental ammo. That’s it. It’s just gotten too easy to get it.

No… I am not saying trading is bad. You play your way as you see fit. I just don’t understand the issue with someone offering to trade a weapon or anything, but they may be duplicating what they have to offer. How they have something to trade shouldn’t effect YOU. It is how they play their own game. You having two accounts, you could easily trade a lot of uranium, or anything else, (that you duplicated) to get things you don’t already have and then duplicate it too. One of your accounts has something but the other doesn’t so instead of grinding for it in the other account, just drop it and reload a save file so both accounts have it. And you already admitted to not like grinding for things…Not saying that is what you do but it does happen.

Trading and dropping loot for others to pick up is part of the game. But I have seen players get scammed by traders that want something in exchange for something else and never drop what they are trading. Like you claim you have uranium to trade, the owner of the hammer drops the hammer, you grab it and exit the game. You keep both. That seems to bother players more than just duplicating things to trade.

Scammers and cheaters are all over the web. But backing up and reloading files has been around as long as there has been the binary system, maybe longer. I feel for the player that doesn’t manually back up their game files and something happens to those files and they have to start over, talk about not liking to grind.

@Attacke18 Are duplicated items glitched or buggy?
If not then what is the problem?
The point of trading in games is to obtain what you want, the rest is irrelevant.

Now if you are to tell me that it gets boring that most players just use the most overpowered weapons, well thats something different.
You just need to find good co op partners, I personally like to change the weapons, using always the same turns things boring.

It’s an exploit. Exploit are meant for when gaining a advantage when it’s not intended to be.

It’s the autosave problem to be exact.
Pc players can’t do it. But consoles can.

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I still do not understand how it affects other players or you. Other than, since you don’t like destroying machines or exploring to gain things, grinding, for things you do not have. You had rather trade for them. To me and a lot of players, trading is an exploit also, which you like to take advantage of. So, you are upset how other players can exploit the game so you can also exploit the game? If they want to trade you for something, you expect them to also grind for it, but you do not want to?

Hope I was able to explain why I am confused.

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I’m a bit confused, too.
About what advantage are we talking?
The advantage of, for example, having more experimental ammo than others by just duplicating it?

The game is cooperative only. There is no competition. The only advantage against other players is, that the game becomes somehow easier if using this exploit because you don’t have to grind or craft consumeables or ressources.
And with this advantage you get the disadvantage of an adulterated experience with the game.

By cheating the game you just cheat yourself. Noone else.

Ofcourse y’all don’t understand.

First of all.

I started trading when I have every single item in the game. the main gameplay for generation zero is campaign,combat,stealth and looting. And you thought I only LIKE trading?

I have already gotten every gun. It doesn’t feel exciting when I’m trying to get something where I already had gotten. So mind as well trade to get multiple of them to make a build, for FUN.

I have to destroy machines to get resources to improve myself. And I still like grinding!

It’s not fun when you’re playing with someone who just has thousands of bullets of shock ammo. It just feels you’re a completely useless teammate.
The way I see experimental ammo was designed is, it makes you powerfull but not forever.
And you meet those powerful people very often!

The game wasn’t designed like that! Since when did you think that people who play cooperative allows you to cheat??
Farcry6 is an cooperative game also and I see no exploits on that game!

And also it got me questioning. For some reason you said @JuanEyeJack

You’re saying that trading is an exploit also? Hmmm. So why didn’t they remove the exploit?

Why didn’t they close the trading topic? If you’re saying it’s an -exploit also- it should be removed.

And why does it sound like y’all are both you disagreeing that duping should not be removed? Like why?

A question I got is. There was used to be a harvester farming exploit where you can farm hunters to get tons of loot. And that exploit was removed.
But duping wasn’t?
It’s a exploit.
But the exploit still exists?
You know you can fix this duping exploit for consoles veryyy easily.
But they didn’t?

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Not every exploit is harmful.
That’s what we try to say. Otherwise they probably would have fixed it. Or they tried and it’s not as easy as you’re saying. There is just no priority.

You used a lot of words and quotes but have yet to answer the question.

As i said. It’s the autosave.
The way it’s like its a bug.

And @JuanEyeJack
I can’t really explain the exact problem. I’ve experienced that mod told me to remove a reply that what I was saying is how to reproduce the bug duping.

Can’t remember when or where.

Understandable. It’s been against the forum rules/ Code of conduct. It’s like talking about how to get to places where you shouldn’t be able to go to. Have you ever been at the mainland in the north? Or at some isles without bridges? It’s not intended, but possible therefore an exploit of mechanics the game offers. No harm, no need to fix.

Or talking about mods (modifications) for the game. Not officially supported and therefore may break your game or even safegames forever. It’s against the rules. Players can’t harm others with them, too, just themselves. No need to fix…

And of course the effort for doing that isn’t it worth, as there always will be ways to use them (without harming someone else directly).

Hey! We see this and understand where you’re coming from. However, GZ being an offline game, there will always be ways to duplicate items. Trading economy is not a feature of this game, it’s entirely community owned and regulated, so we will focus on issues that prevent players from playing the features we designed in the way we designed them.