Easter Eggs Compilation



Totally! The Halo reference is a Marathon reference!


I found a dog picture like that one in a storage room in the bottom of an apartment building. I was on a mission in Klint I think that was the town.


Is that the one we went to?


No, IGA Facility is east of Ostervik.


I know another person has probably already said this before, but I think the Generation Zero theme is very similar to the terminator theme. It goes with the game really well however!


This one?


Yah, that’s the one I found. I’m sensing the dev’s like dogs.


I love this thread still have not found the car but that is fine I will. I so love fun playful threads like this one!


I know this is not Easter eggs but I keep finding new details on the map. Long after I was convinced, that I had found all safe houses, I found two more. And I discovered ravine complexes that I completely missed during my first exploration of the map. And just today I found the mines (or grottos) at Annagruva. I wonder what else I haven’t discovered yet …


Also all the paintings in the game are from places in the game that you can visit (expect the painting with jesus christ )


I wondered if that Alsatian is the pet of one of the dev team.


It could well be. I’ve seen the same dog picture plenty of times in the game.


Yes ive found that picture its soo cute. I


I do not know if this is classified as an “Easter Egg” but I thought this find very cool & had yet seen anyone post about it… SPP


In one of the clothing DLCs there is an unlockable emote that is titled rickroll. Its a reference to Rick Astley’s hit song Never Gonna Give You Up. I only found the emote this morning when I got the DLC. :slight_smile:


Anyone wanna team up tonight/now to find easter eggs ?, on PC


In one of the safe houses(I don’t remember which one it is) theirs a Walkman music player from guardians of the galaxy


I’m not quite sure what you mean, @Komander . Could you elaborate a little please? Thanks.


I remember it was at the bottom of the bed on a table but that’s as far as my brain will remember


One of the houses in either the farmlands, forest or archipelago regions in towns or villages