Everything going to pot, each day new bugs show up


X-Box Version

Before the “fix” the game was decent with few problems for me. I and a friend play coop. Then my friend lost his save file due to that bug. This was when he reached level 14. So we started over, the game was still playable. Until the “FIX” came out then everything started slowly going to crap. It seems the higher we go in levels the more bugs crop up. Were at level 24 and 27 now and 3 days ago. we were around level 20 and the game was still playable, 2 days ago, the game started crashing a few times, less for the host. Everything except for minor bugs were playable, sometimes bots appearing halfway through a wall, floating objects but not enough to destroy the play ability of the game.

Then last night the crap hit the fan. Lockup with loud buzz every 5 minuets over 2 hours, then we lost the ability to hear each others gun shots, then players appeared without guns in hand. Spawing under a church safehouse. Movement slows down like walking through molasses. We both love the game but now its unplayable and getting worse, one bug is stacked on another. The longer we play the worse it gets.

If this was a toaster or TV I would send it back for a refund and look for something else that was as good as this game used to be, before the 'FIX"

If they could only remove the patch, we would still enjoy the game but now its a lost cause. It seems the “cure” killed the game.

How can you play a game in 5 minuet increments. We spend more time reloading and joining then playing. Its a real shame and dissiponment.


Same problems with silent weapons, unseen weapons and consumables, slow downs, etc. and it’s getting worse each time we play


I was able to skirt around the problems pre patch to the patch. I lost two saves than avoided the FNIX rising missions and was able to play the whole game up to FINX rising, the moment this patch came out its become impossible. If theres more than like 10 hunters, game crashes, if anything apocalypse shows up, game crashes, except the ticks, they just cause extreme slow down. I like the game, but holy hell is it unplayable right now, the update needs to be rolled back, people refunded, and try again.


Moved to #feedback-feature-requests, feels like it belongs better here. Voicing criticism against the game works better in this section, just remember to keep it friendly and constructive. Meanwhile, the main thread about the crashing issues caused by the latest hotfix can be found here.



We are not expressing criticism—the game does not work properly! If you cannot see and hear other players’ weapons in Co-op, you cannot coordinate actions with them because you do not know if they are fighting anything. This is a bug and the game is broken.

I do not understand why the moderators refuse to acknowledge that this is a bug.


Like why just happened in a 2-player co-op. I fought a FNiX tank who literally couldn’t hurt me. It completely ignored the other player and just stood there while I pumped over 200 handgun rounds at it point blank. I wasn’t even scratched and the other player saw it shooting .50 at me the whole time.

We call it God mode. I couldn’t be hurt and the other player was invisible.

If that’s not a broken game, I am not sure what would be.


We’ve done nothing but making sure everyone’s issues are being seen by the developers as of late, there are quite literally several topics at this very moment addressing numerous issues people have reported, including the crashing thread I linked above.

There is nothing else that we can do but keep the forums tidy, and making sure the developers of Generation Zero see the issues you have reported as soon as humanly possible.


Fair enough.

I think my misunderstanding is from your characterizing of a post as “voicing criticism” when posters are trying to bring items to the attention of the developers so that they can be fixed.


It was originally posted in #bug-reports , but did not contain an actual bug report, so I had it moved to #feedback-feature-requests. Making a bug report in the appropriate section is enough to report an issue, there is little need for list threads and the like that only seek to grab the attention of the devs.


Hmmm. Seems like my point isn’t getting across. Let me try again.

But there is a reason: for the people who paid, play and like the game to voice their frustration. It’s a natural human response and these forums are the way for them to communicate that frustration to other players and the developers.

When moderators shut down or minimize this response, it frustrates players further and turns them away from the game And frustrating the player base further is probably NOT what the developers want or need right now.

While moderators are gatekeepers and organizers (roles that you’ve expressed quite clearly), they also play a fundamental role as customer service. And that role, imho, is one that moderators on this site could consider more important than they currently appear to do.


Your point is getting across just fine. I’m not going to repeat myself though, so I’ll be brief.

I’m not customer service, moderators are not employees. We do this in our spare time, and we make sure people follow the Code of Conduct. If you disagree with the terms it details, so be it. But they’re the rules.

Let’s drop this now.

 I started this post and still play.  Excuse my ignorance but if your not customer service or part of the development team who are you and how does this get to the proper people and why cant the developers duplicate the problem that everyone else has? Did they provide the game to testers? Have they played the game on all platforms? 

The problem with your method is everything isn’t as simple as filling in a form. The symptoms change every day. Some days it crashes 4 min after loading then plays 4 hours then continuously crashes. Some days its just random. Their is never any crashes you can put a finger on that is aways the same. Some days its the joiner who crashes the most some days its the host some days its both. Never the same thing 2 days in a row. Some days its not playable at all some days its during a battle. Some days its after a battle just before you get your xp’s. I’ve lost 1000’s of xp.
We started the game. Then before we finished we installed the first update then the 2nd one. The game sent us to the island and we ended up getting the cannon and the credits then the crashes got so bad we uninstalled Both updates.
Last night we finished all mission and side missions but its so out of order we have no idea what the story is because even though we removed the updates. It left pieces of the old game. Last night we blew up the lab and still had missions to do.
Then around midnight we couldn’t continue due to crashes one after another. Like a cumulative effect. We have saved copies to an external drive so we could go back. We couldn’t finish the one at the hotel with the waves of bots. Last night we had much bigger battles that didnt crash then for no reason crashes from traveling to just walking in the woods.
Tonight we will reinstall the first update and try to finish that. We love the game, from the enemy to the senery. Neither of us ever found a experimental weapon. I haven’t even found one of the machine guns. Were both around level 27. The small things dont matter that much, its the crashes.
In the end it appears the game was not tested before released and the problems are accumulations or leftover bits from old battles or missions. This game has a lot of things going on.That all being said. If they released another game I would buy it IF i had some proof it was debugged before release.


A Moderator. We keep the forums in shape, make sure people follow the rules and help out where we can. Most forums have people like us.

By making proper Bug Reports by the design that the developers have made, they can get to the issues sooner. It’s a proven system that works. We can also ping the devs if needed. Right now they’re very busy with the current issues related to Xbox. I can assure you, everything that can be done, is being done.

They can only replicate the issues with testing. It’s much faster to replicate these issues with the help of a properly filled out bug report, for example where the user explains what they did when the issue happened.

The game was tested before release, and has a small roster of beta testers for upcoming content. But not nearly as big as say, an AAA developer would have, so it can be difficult to see all issues compared to what the playerbase as a whole sees.

These issues are being looked at, right now. The best thing that can be done is to submit Bug Reports, which many have done already, and they have helped a lot.


Sir, merely asking, can’t this be increased?
I mean, certainly a few players would be glad to help out…?


Thank you for clearing that up. With bugs so varied and random, being an electronic engineer. We always concentrate on 1 thing at a time. I would think if they concentrated on the crashes only, 90% of players would back off. Also if I submitted bug reports on every bug I’ve seen or had. I would still be submitting since I first posted. I can not find anything that happens everytime for a reason and beleive me we have tried. Including starting over, playing the same mission etc. I think most would wait and put up with some bugs (all games have them) If they could only fix the crashes so we could play without loosing our xps radios and other things.


You’d have to ask an Admin, see if you can apply to be a beta tester. I know they’ve accepted people before. Just know that you’d have to sign a non-disclosure agreement that binds you legally to the company. I suppose it also helps if they trust you before that.

@larrylwill That makes sense, yeah. We’ve had some crashing issues on PC too, but nowhere near as much as consoles are facing now. I’d rather all platforms were brought to the same performance level at the very least. I don’t doubt the crashing issues over all are one of (if not the) main issues to get rid of.


Who would be best, good sir?


Me and my playing partner have been playing at least 4 to 5 hours per night since covid. We like shooter looters that are more realistic with a story. Killing robots as opposed to people also appeal. The open world and bueatful senery and unreapatable sceans are also great. Like I said this game has a lot of moving parts. Trying to keep them all working together is really hard.
Im.not in the position to say but as soon as a bug was found I would fix that first befor moving on. Trying to fix multiple bugs at the same time makes for new bugs. I write testing programs for integrated circuits and test them and have all the same problems. I work for myself. I do not concider myself as being a gammer. Im also not a game programmer. Btw I have to sign nda’s with every company I do business with. I am a 1 person test house since 1986.


Ergh, try @Carniv0re perhaps. If nothing else an Admin would have more information on the how’s and why’s. I’m afraid I can’t be much more help about it there :man_shrugging:


Thank you very much, good sir. :slight_smile: