Exp clothing schematics idea

Heres just some of my ideas for exp clothing schematics
Maybe some exp schematics for clothing like bevause we have exp ammo and medical schematics so why not do it with clothing schematics too that gave you a +10% damage with melee weapons or maybe one that does +5% to handling on all guns maybe one that improves the amount of health you get or your player speed and stamina.
That’s just some ideas for them

Sadly, we can’t split the individual reply, to move parts of it in the proper topics. Due to that, it would be best if you post your ideas in appropriate topics.

Topics that are already in the forums, are:

Though, there is no topic that governs all new apparel bonus schematics. The one topic i found, asks for specific apparel bonus schematic - gas resistance: Schematic for gas resistance clothing

So, we could make this topic the one that governs all new apparel bonus schematics. But that would require adjusting the topic title and removal of the other two ideas, for this topic to be solely about new apparel bonus schematics.
Another option is closing this topic, where you create a new topic, solely asking for new apparel bonus schematics.