Experimental components and ideas 2021

  • scopes that can mark targets
  • Drum magazines for AG series weapons
  • Tracking module for the recoiles rifle (Rocket launcher)
  • Optics for other pistols .9mm, etc
  • Experimental compensators that remove all recoil.
  • Experimental Scope moduls that remove all sway (Gyro stabilized)
  • Experimental explosive AG5
  • Experimental EMP HP5
  • Drum mags for submachine guns.
  • Extended mags for the shotguns
  • Compensators for all the rifles.
  • Suppressors for the .50 cals.
  • Wearable backpacks for characters.

*Specific request from a number of friends that I have recently recruited.

  • please make a 3rd person playable option. Several players have medical conditions that are exasperated by the 1st person gameplay.

I know the possibilities are endless but I would love to see these make an appearance in 2021.

I absolutely love this game and it is exceedingly clear that the development team sincerely cares about this game and the community.

Please leave your thoughts on specific ideas.

Be courteous of all members as always.

Very Respectfully,



Pretty good stuff for suggestions. I love the drum mags ideas. The only thing I can say is I don’t think they would make the Marker Scope and the Gyro Scope because if those existed it would make the skills that do those functions obsolete. :+1:t3:


I’d love increased ammo capacity for my Exp. M/46


All of these would be great additions to the game.


I would like to see a third person mode, the basics are already there as when you emote you go to third person


How about an exp shotgun choke that makes a concussion blast like the Runners do?(Because the exp abilities are supposed to be modeled after the machine abilities)


Well, my thought process on the scope with the marking ability would still require the skill points to be purchased but would prevent you from having to switch back and forth between your binoculars.

The gyro stabilizing concept was meant to operate in lou of a skill point at the cost of only weapons with it equipped having that capability.

I figure there would be a slight trade off for some of these ideas and each player would have to weigh the cost benefit analysis between the options.

I sincerely appreciate the feedback.


Optics for the rocket launcher. I supose the lack of mods are to compensate a overpowered weapon but this is not the case.


Did all these things exist in the late 80’s? Well, there were no killer robots equipped with experimental weapons but it seems that the developers try to be faithful to the technology available to the army at the time of the game events.


That’s been requested before. Also applies to the hacking skill. Would be most welcome if you could mark and hack from your scopes instead of having to switch to the binoculars. Another small QOL thing they could implement, because - why not?


Overpowered? Nah if anything I think it needs a bit of a buff the m/49 isn’t really good enough to be in my line up now I never carry one around as the ammo weight is heavy and damage output is low for the cost in my opinion optics and mods should be available for it


I know, I was trying to be sarcastic. I failed miserably.


@Generation Zero Development team


@Avalanche_gipskatt what are the teams thoughts on this?


Your suggestions are great :grinning:. All but the shotgun mags :grimacing:. Neither type of shotgun are compatible with clips/mags in the real world. They’d have to completely change the shotgun; :thinking:which only makes sense in an experimental version which could have one :partying_face:, but not the lesser versions.


Or mag tube extensions. Those could work. Not traditional box mags as you pointed out. But the tube can be extended.


There are shotguns fed from either box or drum magazines. Saiga, Striker, AA12, SPAS-15 - just to name a few.


This is true, but none of those are the 2 from the game which are based on real shotguns in sweden available in the 80’s. Only an experimental version of those 2 guns would make sense. If you wanted to add new shotguns fine, but it won’t work realistically with what it currently in-game. Adding something to a gun is an attachment; but if you have to take the gun apart to put something new on, then that is changing the weapon(ie. experimental version).


//mod removed unnecessary caps for ease of reading.
Good suggestions, though!


Increasing the tube length is what is typically considered adding a larger magazine for many styles of shotguns.

Please forgive the confusion as I was not referring to the box magazine style.

However, there are kits available to add that system to shotguns as well.

Either way I sincerely appreciate your feedback on this topic.

The more notoriety this feed gets the greater the chance that some of this may become a reality.