Experimental Weapon drops, when and how after January patch


Just questions to settle how and when they drop.
Maybe there is a thread like this but i coulndt find it so sorry if thats the case

  1. Is it possible to get experimental weapons even if the host is under lvl 25?
  2. How diffrent is the drop chance on hunters vs harvester/tanks?

Experimental weapons spawn chance

You need to get to level 25 for them to be a viable drop from Rivals, from what I understand. So if the host of a session is the only one at level 25+ experimentals should drop for them alone.

I’d say, drop chance is probably higher for Tanks, since they’re more difficult to take on. But it’s also dependent on their Rival level. A Level 4 Hunter Rival would also have an increase drop chance.

Rivals can also drop special clothing items.


Since loot is individual, it should be like so where whoever is lvl 25 and/or above can get the 6* weapon, where’s those who are below lvl25 won’t see any 6* weapon drops from Rivals. Also, i don’t think it ties down to host’s char lvl.


Okey thanks. Have been playing for a couple of days since the patch was released without a single experimental gun drop.

But if it’s like you say and it’s in fact gonna drop even if not everybody is lvl 25 in the lobby, and especially not the host is 25 then how low is the drop chance?

Is there any facts on this written out to the players?


Drop chance is RNG with some percentage added to it.

We don’t know exact numbers but what we do know is that leveling up the Rival itself gives better chances. Is there any diff in drop chance between e.g lvl3 proto hunter Rival and lvl3 Apo tank - that i don’t know.

Also, i can’t test it out since i’m one of those poor blokes who’s game crashes after every time battle ends, without chance to go loot the machines. That, and all Rivals currently in my game are only Tanks (about 30x in total) where most are lvl4 (few are lvl3).


As the patch notes say if you are not lvl25 they will not drop, I don’t believe that being in a lvl25’s game will make any difference as the loot is separate for each player so if you are lvl20 and the host is lvl25 he might get an experimental but you will definitely not get one.
Sadly the drop chance is rng but if you level it up to lvl4 you will stand a very good chance of getting either a weapon or an item of clothing.
Before the patch I got more weapons from lvl 2’s and 3’s then I did with lvl4’s infact I got more ammo from 2’s and 3’s aswell - I cant comment what it’s like after the patch as I’ve not bothered playing.


Just wonder what exactly they did with the drop chance because still after couple of rivals at lvl 4(tanks/harvesters/hunters) each day since this first post, still no drop… I mean sure its nice when you need to farm to get gear but in this game, that low really?


So 7 days later and numerous amount of rivals of all types, all lvl 4
Still no weapon drop, and ive been playing with 3 friends at all time.

Maybe the nerf was a bit much?


Try playing solo since there have been reports that MP can affect weapon drop RNG, either for better or for worse.


Been playing solo now maybe 10+ rival tank class, still nothing.
after this amount of time it should add up atleast 1 weapon.

Would be fun if devs or mods posted the source code for drop rates, either its bugged off charts or they nerfed a bit too low without any decent testing


I haven’t had much time to play GZ post January’s Hotfix and so far, i’ve only iced one rival, lvl1 Apo hunter. Got only 86x rounds of 9mm SMG AP from it. No experimental clothing, LMG parts or anything like that from it. Then again, it was just one rival.

Next rival in line is lvl4 FNIX harv and i’ll look what i get from that one.


I’ve downed, in solo or coop games, about 40+ rivals so far, post patch.

Not a single ex. weapon drop, and in the case of coop, not a single drop for any of my friends either.

So, the droprate is beyond broken, and the devs for sure have messed it up big time.

And also, the loot table for both hunters and harvester rivals needs a serious look over. Killing a level 4 hunter rival, and it drops a single stack of .44 ammo is what makes people dislike the game for sure.

We’ve taken good care to level up almost all rivals to level 4, so there’s that.

Fix it!


This Nerf was WAY too much. I’ve been killing rivals since the patch and I’ve probably killed about 10 lvl 4’s, a handful of level 3’s, and tons of lvl 1 and 2’s. I’ve gotten 1 experimental weapon in all of that work. I think they way overdid this


In the latest dev stream, it is asked about 6* weapon drops from Rivals. Devs response is at 00:42:12,
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/547211267?filter=archives&sort=time


Well after seing the responses here on the forum i think thats just a cheap answer.
The game dont have that amount of gameplay for so low drop rates.
If its intended to be that low, they are aiming for something they dont really have.
Its reminds me more of the drops rates from POE…


So 8 days later, still no drops more than a few experimental cosmetics.

Still interested in that the devs explained the feature and what the real numbers are.


Would be interesting to get more reports on this topic. For me it looks something like this:

Character(s) level: 31
Estimated number of rivals (most of them lvl 3 - 4) killed since the january patch: 50+
Number of exp. weapons drop: 0
Type of play: Both solo and multiplayer

They nerfed the droprate so hard I’ve lost interest wasting ammo on taking down rivals.


Thanks for helping me addressing this issue

The balance is totally off which can be a common error when patching but it should definitely be overlooked in the next patch.


Considering the time it takes to level rivals imo for every 10 lvl 4 rivals you kill you should get one exp weapon and the game should track what ones you have to prevent duplicates.

This seems fair as it would still take a long time to attain all the exp weapons.

Anything over this is would be painful, games should be challenging and fun if either are ignored then what’s the point in playing?


Weapon drop rate (KVMs and experimentals) was asked in the latest dev stream. Devs answer is at 00:51:38 (KVM drop rate) and 00:52:28 (overall drop rate),
link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/550826095?filter=archives&sort=time