[EXPLAINED] How The Home Base Defense Mission works - Can't start the Home Base Defense Mission, "Disabled. Generate region score to provoke attacks"

Platform: ps4

Description: cant start new wavedefence because regionscore is to low but its maxed out.

Steps To Reproduce: start new game, try to engage wavedefence, difficulty doesnt matter

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Host or Client: host

Players in your game: SP

**Specifications:**all dlc

Hello there @Lazur327 :wave:

Repeatable Home Base Defense Missions (the mission where waves of machines attack the home base) can be unlocked by winning battles in the region, similar to how rivals are created. Your region score influences your chance to unlock missions. After unlocking, the same mission can not be unlocked again for an hour.

Home Base Defense missions can be restarted and replayed as many times as you wish, after you have completed or failed them. To unlock them subsequent times after completing them once, you need to increase the corresponding Region’s insurrection level, just like when you are trying to provoke a machine into evolving into a Rival: by destroying enough machines in that Region.

EDIT: The second paragraph/explanation (above) is also available in-game as a tutorial that is triggered after completing the horde mission for the first time. The text can also be read in the tutorial section of the log menu at anytime.

I hope this makes it clearer how the Home Base Defense Mission works, and IF not, please let me know and I’ll try to explain it better!

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for reporting! :pray:


Thank you for that!

So basically what you’re saying is, you can’t do all 3 difficulties back to back, you’ll have to wait 1 hour in between?

Also somewhat confusing this regionscore. the score we are talking about here has absolutely nothing to do with the regionscore displayed on the map?

So you need to kill rivals to lower your region score before getting it back up? Kinda like how we get a Reaper to spawn?

It works like the rival system:

  • After every finished combat, a die is rolled to see if you can (re)start any mission that is connected to the rival region you are currently in. The repeatable horde mode mission is one (and the only, currently) such mission, meaning that if the die roll is a success, that is the mission that will be unlocked.

  • The die roll is biased such that you are more likely to succeed the roll the higher your region level is.

  • If you successfully unlock a mission in this way, a one hour (in-game time) cooldown is started for the region. During this cooldown, all mission starting die rolls within the region will fail. Note that this cooldown is started when you get the ability to replay the mission (i.e. when you can go and interact with the things in the base), not when you actually replay it.

  • All three difficulties count as the same mission. So you can not do all three difficulties within the same cool-down period.

Got help from one of our gameplay programmers who composed this description and clarification. This is a bit complicated, but I hope the text above clears up the additional questions, and if not, let me know!


That’s one, complex explanation. :thinking:

After reading it twice and and trying to understand it, i understood it as follows:

  • After each battle, there is a chance that 1 gameplay hour cooldown is unlocked, which also unlocks another go for the base defense mission.
  • And the higher the region level is - the better the chance for a 1 gameplay hour cooldown unlock.

Thing is, how can we tell at which point the “die roll” is a success?

The mission unlocks.

It’s clear you can’t consecutive start an attack wave at the Resistance home base you’ve built.
Some region score is needed after a wave attack…
How much and what region is needed for the score points?
Is this also difficulty mode depending? Any idea guys?

I’m not sure about the score, but I believe I read somewhere a dev was saying that, also time is a factor. Get Region score back up, and at least 1 hour waiting before you can provoke another attack. But like I said I am not sure. I just go and kill machines until the game says the home base mission is available again.

Yep that’s what I’m doing but is the forest region only counting for the score ?

I think so. I wouldn’t be logical to get the score up in other regions. Same as with the rivals.

Same content topics merged.

@ezekiel, read the above explanation by Knivspark.


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As more valid questions have been raised here’s more information which should hopefully further clarify how the Home Base Defense Mission works;

• Only region score generated in the Forest Region counts towards unlocking the mission
• The region level in the Forest region needs to be at least level 2 or higher in order to have a chance of unlocking the mission
• Higher region score gives a higher chance of unlocking the mission

Hope this helps!


One post summary on how the Home Base Defense Mission works;

This mission is indeed a bit complicated in terms of functionality and can be hard to wrap your head around, however, we hope that the collected text above makes it clearer how this works. If additional clarification is needed let us know!

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If I have a high region score in the forest region, but don’t hunt there, can I still get the mission?

As it says slightly above your comment, it has to be region generated for the Forest Region.

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all you need is for the score to go up, no matter how much, every time you gain score 1 hour after you’ve finished the mission the first time there will be a chance for the mission to start again.

Hello, i thought maybe you could help me. I was able to do two missions where you protect the home base. After that there was a countdown. But that has been done and over twenty hours ago. Then the game updated. And i went about other things. However Im almost finished with the game and still the same message that i need to provoke attacks everytime i check. Which has been hundreds. I think it glitched or something. Also my robot dog is stuck in the cache as well. But i figured thats a total loss. Cant fix that either. Maybe they are related.

No, that’s not related.
Companions aren’t meant to be stored in the plundra.
This has been fixed now, but at the same time you can’t pull it out of there now. It has already been reported multiple times and we have to wait for a new fix.

Regarding the base defense mission you need to get a certain amount of region score points. I don’t know how much, but keep that in mind when hunting rivals, as killing them reduces the region score.