Resistance Update Feedback

I can’t help wondering if the person or people who produced the original game concept are still with the company. So many compromises without a fight seem odd to me. It’s not just the things I mentioned - it’s the ammo pickups from the machines (so no one needs to go looting); it’s the missions all marked on the map and showing up on the HUD, which makes missions almost irrelevant except as a point-gainer for XP and therefore levels. There’s not a problem to solve now - you just follow the HUD.

I wish we immersionalists had someone on our side in DEV-land…


Basebuilding is great fun. It just doesn’t make sense in this game, or at least in this way in this game. I wish they’d given an island to the Doom-screamers, and left the mainland alone for the development of the story.


I agree Time Jumping and the Spawning of Assets and Set pieces after certain points in the story makes way more sense then just throwing everything down all at once.

Also the Resistance Base in the Archipelago that is also the entrance to late game DLC makes no sense at all lol

I’d wager they blocked off the buildings there to limit the number of assets tracked in that area to help give them the ‘headroom’ to be able to include and track assets for base-building.

To be honest, I’d have rather the base-building was included as part of a paid DLC on the island to the north of Himfjäll than have them ruin an established area such as Östervik.

Introducing it as paid DLC would have allowed them to recoup some costs for all the dev time this must have taken and let them move time forward on the island as they did with Himfjäll. Building a new area all around this new feature to showcase it’s possibilities would make so much sense than retrofitting it into the forest region.


Signing under every word.
I’d pay for it anyways for benefits. Testing them on remote island is a better idead, but problem is that you need “Alpine Unrest” to reach that island or have certain “fast-traveler” with route specificly there.

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Explanation here: Regarding inaccessible houses in map revamps - #14 by Zesiir

And folks, lets keep the following discussion about houses in the linked topic. :slight_smile:

Explanation here: [EXPLAINED] How The Home Base Defense Mission works - Can't start the Home Base Defense Mission, "Disabled. Generate region score to provoke attacks" - #14 by Avalanche_knivspark

And to know when you can do the base defense mission again, you’ll get a pop-up, notifying you, that you can do the “Our New Home” mission again. :slight_smile:

I agree completely. If you start the game now, you are going though three time zones simultaneously, and it is spoiling the base game. That, of course is absurd, since that is where the new money is coming from.

I have wished I had a Fallout set in Scandinavia so yes I am one of those that bought the game only when I heard base building was coming!

But playing it for a 100+ hours I do get your point, too.

This is a game in it’s own, it’s not “Nordic Fallout”.
Base building isn’t necessary. If people hate it and it ruins stuff for them, maybe they should have left it to the modders and keep the original game free of it. My computor is mod free tho, so I wouldn’t been able to use such mods. I find mods mess games up. (Not :purple_heart::cat2:Inigo​:cat::blue_heart: ~Skyrim~ of course :slight_smile: and if so a little bit, it would be worth it.)

Now we do have base building and it’s just starting out, so I’m exited to see what they’ll add in the future (a door not so high please the only option now is not practical). It looks great so far tho! My fiance enjoys it, too. The building and testing it with battle, and the rewards.

It is a pity that most feedback is negative, and I hope more like yours would post. Some people can’t seem to accept games how the devs envision it. They say, I don’t like this and I want that or else I’m going to post bad reviews.

A bit late on the party, while the devs say that the game is treated as a live service. I not enterilly argree with that definition. Personally I see GZ as a early acces game, mainly due to that it came out buggy but most importantly, bare bones. The main story all though fun to play, got boring extremly repetivte in it’s mission design and structure. And after that, there wasn’t anything to do. New features like the home base and crafting came out at their bare minum, with the intention of fixing it later. Prestige points are actually the best example of this, they are just numbers and dont really have to do anything with the word prestige. Currently it’s a bloat feature

A game like Destiny 2 (though also severly flawed) had a very good foundation and content that comes out feel like they add to the foundation. Like a house decoration, but in GZ new content feels like it is the foundation. For players who stuck around or joined early in it’s realease, can feel like the content we get (that isn’t paid) should have been part of the main release. One might argue that post release content is free, well yes but only for people who bought the game before they came out. For people who buys the game now, the free content is now paid content.

I dont think it’s a problem of how the devs envision it. The problem is that it came out like most of the games features bare bones, with a strong intention of fixing it later. While I do agree that some people who complain for the sake of complaingen withough having feedback or cristism, aren’t really good for the community. While I think the idea of base building in gz is a cool idea, it’s current presentation and implementation feels extremely rushed and barebones. For starters the intro mission makes zero sense in that you blow up a FNIX base and use the location as a base when it’s pretty obvious that FNIX knows where you live. It’s like robbing a bank and hide in the toilet.

Then a resistence truck just apperas when the base blows up, with zero commication from other resistence members or acknowledgement that someone drove it there. Where is everyone? Who drove the truck? The game is trying to make a big deal of everything but does it in the most minmal way possible. The things you can build are just defenses, but nothing outside of some lamps that say “this is where the resistence is making their moves”, cause it’s only you the player defending a random truck. The fix it later approach was okay at the start because it would take time due to the game being buggy, but two years after realease and content is still barebones in it’s completion, the game feels like early acces than a live service it claims to be

There’s a difference between people who bring constructive criticism/feedback and people who complain without good reasoning. I think you should learn the difference. Because right now you are bundling them to the same thing. The game does good and bad things, and talking about and giving critique/feedback on the bad things can help it become good. That is how you improve something.

We as consumers think in terms of what we have played before and compare. But how boring would it really be if all the games were the same, just reskinned? Problem is we give innovations too little of a chanse, and shoot our mouths off too soon, then we stubbornly defend our first reaction. With age, some of us learn to hold back an opinion until we have given it a go. Because maybe there is something there to be discovered, that isn’t imediatly apparent? I like to think game creators isn’t doing something apart from the norm because they are lazy or stupid. But because they are inventive.

For example. At first I was surprised about the extra character feature since I had assumed that it would let me play the game all over as in many other games. Initially disappointed, I changed my mind as my creativity was sparked by Gen Zero’s approach. I like that it’s different. I’ve never done it like this before.

While I can see where you’re coming from, and I very much empathize with the devs (small team, labor of love, Covid and all), the issue is one of preferences. Some like a balls-to-the-wall action shooter with guns galore, some love base-building, some want a stealth game, some explore, some are just here to take in the sights and ride bikes. Taking a look at the reception over time, the game started with pretty bad reviews, and fought its way up, so at least the ‘downvoting’ can’t be that bad.

I joined the fun with the May 2020 sale, expected a flashy robo-shootin’ romp and got a kinda meditative stealth exploration mystery game. It wasn’t what I expected, but it clicked with me, and now it’s gone. I see the improvements, and there are genuine improvements over time. I also see a shift in tone and intention, and frankly, I can’t really tell whether this has been the devs’ vision right from the start, or if it morphed along the way.

I think the ‘problem’ is that, depending on why you bought (and loved) the game, the hook is no longer there for some of the commenters. When I buy Fallout 4, I know what I get. Same for GTA, Doom, Resident Evil, etc. They may get bug fixes, DLC, additional remastered content, whatever. The mood, the layout of levels or the world, the controls mostly stay the same. GZ is kinda live-servicey/early-access, and while that in itself is alright, it’s bound to alienate those that wished for one direction and got another.


I do complettly agree that people who make reviews with content are that of hatred or something that doesn’t include constructive criticism and feedback. However, a review is meant to examine something with the intent to give criticism and usually feedback. You claim to know the difference between hate and constructive criticism, but I feel as you dismiss the constructive criticism and lump it together with the hate ones. This forum thread is literally a feedback thread, but you just ignore it and say a thing bad is because it is but won’t actually analyze and argue against criticism.

I just don’t get the negativity. I have played this pretty much since launch, I still enjoy it and I know this is just my opinion, however I am hopeful the story is progressing, and there are clear indications this is just the first of many updates this year.
I really think many don’t realise how small the team is that work on Gen Zero, adding the last year and a half of insanity it’s not been easy for anyone. I am not looking for another fall out, how depressing that would be, gen zero isn’t fall out, that game is beyond depressing at times, there is still something here that I haven’t found in any other release, and if the game isn’t for you any more then that is the individuals choice, some of these comments border on personal so maybe it’s not great for the forum, we all have different view points!

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There’s nothing wrong with criticising the game and the direction the developers have taken it’s development in, that’s what this forum is for.

But there are ways to form a discussion around that feedback without dragging it down, by being constructive and accepting the opinion of others.


I think it’s time for me to write my feedback of the Resistance update as well. Since i’ve had some time to play it, including building my base and surviving all three difficulty modes in base defense.

Lets start from the beginning:
When you 1st play the Resistance update and if you’re not in the Forest region, you can’t tell that something has changed. But once you venture to the Forest region, you’ll see new and overhauled POIs. Of course, not all POIs have been overhauled (e.g IGA, Lilla). So, there is still room for improvement, that is, unless devs are deciding to leave some of it in the original, abandoned state, which i’d prefer.

Once you venture near Lergerbet, you’ll get the pop-up of new mission, that directs you to Lergerbet. From there, you’ll find a letter from one of the main NPCs and it’s a nice continuation to the lore. Explaining what has happened and what plans there are for future.

Along the way, you’ll also find new collectables, messages in a bottle. Their execution i also like, since when lore was told by the side missions, now, the lore is told in those little messages. Every message in the bottle has a tie-in to the setting, in which it is found. My only regret is, that i didn’t read every message as soon as i found it. Instead, i read them all after i found all of them. But that’s on me.

At some point, you’ll make your way to Tylöveden mountain, to destroy FNIX’es base. Here, there are some lore vs player conflicts that i find hard to comprehend.

  1. How come, a player, who is supposed to be a teen, is able to waltz into the FNIX’es base, easily take out the guarding machines, infiltrate the base, plant explosives, and get out before the base blows up? While several of the ex- and current military members, who have planned and coordinated the same attack, with far better knowledge and combat experience, fail miserably.
  2. Player blows up only the small outpost on top of the mountain. While it’s clearly seen that FNIX’es base is far bigger and most of it is inside the Tylöveden mountain. It feels strange that Resistance wants you to build their base on top of the still active FNIX’es base. And it’s no other random base, but instead the biggest FNIX’es base we’ve seen so far.

Once you’ve constructed your base, you have an option to call in the machine attack. While why that attack happens is explained in the lore, it doesn’t make sense that player is able to dictate when that happens. It should be the other way around, on lore aspect. But i guess, it’s made for player convenience.

After every successful defense, there are rewards for the player. Besides the crafting materials (which i guess the other Resistance members are secretly giving to you for your efforts), you’ll also get the experimental consumable crafting schematic.
That i find a bit hard to understand, mainly as of why you get it and from whom. One could say that Resistance is also providing these for you but on the schematic itself, it’s clear that it was developed by the FOA. It is possible that Resistance got their hands on those schematics and they are now sharing these with you as well. But one question still remains: Why isn’t Resistance using the schematic to craft the gear for themselves? Since when you have an unlimited access to all required crafting materials, including the rare and radioactive Uranium + schematic on how to craft it, then why not to craft it? Lore has left player to believe that Resistance needs anything they can possibly get, to fight against the machines.

Base building mechanic itself is easy to understand and simple to use. Though, the limit of modules that you can craft (e.g 150 wall pieces), in my opinion, is too low. Namely because some decorations also are counted as Walls and the big area what is given to us, in where to construct the base, can easily accommodate big and complex base.
At current moment, you can construct only one layer of wall, around the outer perimeter and that’s about it. You have a bit left over to construct few more wall pieces but you’ll be hitting the Wall build limit fast. I did.
As far as the base modules themselves go, what we currently have, are barebones. Few different wall pieces, gate, one pillbox design, one watchtower design and few decorations. Though, it’s seen that we get more variety to base modules at a future date, in form of payed DLC, which i don’t mind.

I’m that kind of person who loves base building, especially when i get to choose between several different modules and are not restricted by limitations. However, i’m not so sure that base building fits GZ and it’s essence.
In the early days, and until the Resistance update, GZ was all about where player is just random being, who happened to walk into what we now know, a machine overtake, led by FNIX. Trying to make sense of all of it and somehow survive. But now, with Resistance update and base building, player has been made into a hero and leader of the mankind, against the machines.

I know that the lore needs to go on, and perhaps, at some point also end. However, i’m not sure that the base building is proper way to continue the lore. And just because base building was a popular request by the player base, doesn’t mean it needs to be added to the game. There are several, popular requests, that haven’t made their way to the game. To name the few: PvP and player controlled motorized vehicles.
Though, don’t get me wrong. Base building, as such, when viewed alone, has good potential to evolve into something good and overall, i like it’s mechanics. But in the grand scheme of things, i don’t think it is a good fit to the GZ.


Yes, I’ve seen God knows how many people screaming on the comments of YT videos and streams for them to make it a Battle Royale.
And personally I think some people try to take advantage of the development team by making them feel bad and pressured to add what they want rather then what the development team thinks is right for the game.


Tons of great feedback in here! A million thanks to everyone who took the time to give us this extensive feedback on the update. Much appreciated!