Resistance Update Feedback

Definitely agree that base building on hard is too easy. There should be more enemies and more FNIX and apoc tanks. Quantity is super important. Maybe they could add more enemies with more players in the party. That would be cool. On the final wave of hard there should be 1 tank per player in the team. 4 tanks at once would be AWESOME.

I imagine a dev responding to this saying, “well just play on guerrilla difficulty.” And to that I say that it’s way more fun to shoot a lot of tanks with low health than 1 tank with high health. Fun gameplay is everything.

I too think we need a harder wave mode, we were four players yesterday and it was too easy on guerrilla and hard. I think the devs need to make medium a bit harder and then hard a little bit harder, and then a new mode like “super hard” or something, where we get apocalypse machines. Also i would appreciate if there were more random spawns, not completely random but like wave 2: two hunters and three runners but from which direction they spawn is random. Also annoying thing, make the host able to skip the “prepare for the next wave” time. But most important for me would be either 1) lower the cool down between raids, or 2) simply give the player some more uranium and maybe one extra schematic. Those are just some things that would make it better in my opinion, but I’m still really happy with the latest update!

I’m way disappointed that most of the buildings are now closed off. I like to go in to buildings to look for kit and hide and fight from, and now you enter a village and you are struggling to find a building you can go into! I used to mark on the map the nearest homestead, village or farm that I could run to and defend if I got bumped en route, and now you’re stuffed. Tearing round in circles, chased by Hunters, looking for a way in is just bizarre. They didn’t need to shut off the buildings - they could have just left them as they were. Don’t get that at all. The first change to the South Coast made more buildings accessible, not less! So that bit’s a shame.


True, it should at least try to re-create the best fight scenes we can have in the wild.

The enemies coming in with indicators on them like in normal missions is a bit much, most often you can just beat this without letting any enemy come close. I’d rather just hear a siren, or the trucks horn or some audio cue.

I haven’t got a chance to try adding structures (not enough crafting material somehow, couldn’t figure out what it was (no tooltip info?)), but obviously I don’t want to build my own cheezy funnel or box myself in and just press Mouse1. Besides adding a Plundra, not sure what I would do with that.

Maybe I got the wrong idea, maybe I need to watch people play this on youtube to understand how I’m supposed to play it.

I don’t particularily like it either. Looks a bit artificial with so many boarded up houses. Though I can’t help wondering if they left the buildings like this on purpose to perhaps, save them for later, rather than just blowing them up.

Yeah… That is exactly the thing.

I thought this was an “Open World” game.
But instead it got turned into a “Boarded Up / Burned Down World” game.

I did not like it when I noticed the village of Aso (north part of the South Coast region) was wiped off the map, but at least you can find plenty of loot there.

When Boo, in the north part of the Farmlands was made into a warzone, plenty of loot stayed around, some houses still accessible. Ok, not too big of a problem.

And now Helgaryd, on the banks of the lake, northern part of the Forest region: All houses used to be open, featuring loot and place to take cover.
After the update only 1 house and a barn remain, most loot is gone.
But you can go into the Gasstation… and it has only 1 lootbox.

The area itself is almost completely deserted too, no machines in the vicinity…
So there is no incentive to go there any more.

Hopefully this is not a trend that keeps up. If it does, it needs to stop. (In my opinion). Because it does not add anything of value to the game, it only detracts.


Another issue, is that as the game “evolves” for better or for worst, it will continue to stray from the concept it was designed around: Sneaking around and Looting, both of which you can’t do or have become obsolete. Even in its current state, the original story no longer makes sense as the whole flipping map is practically drowning in human corpses.

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I like that idea, maybe have a type of forward positions some distance away from the base that will work as a sound warning and the machines that you have to fight by the base are machines that slipped past the forward position. they may fire a signal flare to indicate where they are coming from perhaps a green flare for the first and second wave, to warn about machines that have slipped past them and then a red flare to indicate that the machines have overran their position so now the heavier machines that they kept at bay until then is approching.

Now this gunfire would serve no other purpose than as a directional warning and will immediately start firing when you choose difficulty. they will also start firing 20-30 sek before the 2nd and 3rd wave starts to.

Fair criticism, I too miss that feeling of uncertainty when you wonder what happened. It was like everyone had just left, vanished into thin air. Now it all seems so chaotic, like the military dug trenches and got their ass f-ed.

I initially didn’t like the FNIX rising update because the FNIX structures looked like something from Terminator. It sort of lost it’s uniqueness and strange charm.


This is a fair point and one I’ve thought about. I’ve often wondered if the game needs a recertification.

Originally, despite the PEGI 12 rating, I felt comfortable letting my 8yo son play it (under supervision) and he’s graduated to playing it co-operatively online in private sessions with his Grandad (my father).

But this was back when there was no blood, barely any human bodies and no NPCs. Swedish language so no UK swears, and no violence other than shooting robots.

These days there’s blood & corpses everywhere and gone is the whole mysterious ambience. If it had launched in this state there would have been no way I’d have let him play it tbh. and doubt it would have been rated as a 12 in the UK.


Discussion here: Updated game Trailer and ESRB/PEGI Recertification

I’m disappointed in the direction of the game. Does it really have to satisfy only fast twitch players? Recent updates seem to be driving me out into the open, first with vast tracks of devastated land then with too many closed buildings. In the past, closed houses meant newly opened businesses but Ostervick now only has a couple partly-opened single story houses and one business that wasn’t there before. I admit I’m not an accomplished player. I like fighting house to house. I despair of ever seeing any more new areas to explore - just more frenetic combat with weapons that have become strangely ineffective, especially when trying to get anything to explode near an enemy.


Base buildning feels more like a cheap tower defence minigame than an actual home or a base worth defending. The actual defence missions are immersion breaking for me. I kinda thought that you could build your base where ever you’d want and that you’d get notices about incoming attacks as you where out doing your thing. Not my cup of tea at all :frowning:

Also it does not seem practical or logical at all to have a large base out in the open when you’re waging a guerrilla war on an superior enemy with nearly endless supplies/forces and superior weapons. Super immersion breaking update imo.


Especially after we already got to know, that big base equals big target for artillery. Salthamn and Ringfort are examples. And then we got to build a new fort on top of a mountain. What makes 'em think that FNIX won’t build another artillery piece or just send tanks and hunters with long-range siege equipment (milk-tank and hunters with mortars and rifles).

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Sad to see Basebuilding isn’t doing the trick, because I thought it could refresh the perspective on the game. This was very requested and you could really see it coming from a mile away, but hoped the turnout would be better.

Maybe if everyone’s finally on the same page that the direction of the game is a little confusing, we can go back to the roots of requesting and instead of >New stuff<, fix/upgrade/change >Existing stuff<

I’ve been asking for QoL and more depth towards simple actions for a while just to solidify the player and their actions in the world. Every little animation of the player for equipping a gas mask, every little animation for crafting an item, every little head nod and greeting by an NPC would do so much better for the general feel of the game.

Here are some older topics by me, if interested -

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So far the update has been great and very fun to play, but it does need some major balancing and tweeking:

1: the current hardest wave should be the easy wave of the base defence but with atleast double the hunters and tanks to be a real threat

2: normal wave and above should have atleast triple the robots compared to what game currently sends even if they come to your base at volleys of 5 every 7 seconds to not just instantly overwhelm

3: the current robots armor layer should be made more durable before breaking to justify the new experimental ammo without beefing the base health of the robots and to make AP ammo more useful

4: in pubs there is a minority of people griefing and destroying players bases with explosive ammo on the 9mm smg, invited players to hosts world shouldnt be allowed to build, deconstruct or damage the hosts buildings only repair

5: the normal waves should have a fnix only with a millitary and apoc minotiry spawns and hard should have a half and half apoc spawn wit fnix only and end the base deffence with 2 apoc tanks from the same direction to hit the front of the base

6: there should be titanium walls with extra durability to combat apoc class machines that take less from fire damage because they dont use wood

7: add a host only can skip the intermission wave, almost 2 minutes of waiting is very jarring and gets boring very quick, replacing walls after waves would be urgent after a difficulty increase but also replacing walls shouldnt take more than a minute max

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Solo PC Player here.

I’m frustrated with the mechanism for restarting the wave mode, and I’m not really clear on the benefits. I had to look up more info on how to do it. To my understanding, I need to run around and generate threat to (hopefully) trigger a random reset, and I haven’t been able to do that even once. As far as I know, there’s not a way to know if it has reset without going back to the camp and trying the radio again. (Even if I’m wrong about this, I still find the rest of the system frustrating.)

I’m just not at all motivated to do the work to reset this, especially since I haven’t really even been able to try out the system. I did one easy run to see what it was about before fully building a base, and now I have a base that is entirely useless unless I grind for who knows how long to activate it. Is there even any benefit to doing these raids? Is there a better chance of loot or something?

I guess I understand you wanting to keep a similar mechanism to your current endgame content, but the radio missions reset daily, so why not base raids? Right now I don’t really see any reward to grinding to reset a raid when I could be farming bosses in the (much more fun to traverse) Alpine Unrest area for better rewards.

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I agree with the motion that most of this stuff the “Base building” and “resistance” stuff would have made WAY more sense in Second Extinction rather then Generation Zero.

Hopefully they make a game after Second Extinction that’s more like what Generation Zero should have been.

@Ixhaton I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I can understand if you’re disappointed that the game’s not taken the direction you wanted.

@Badusername I’ve edited your post, please keep in mind the community guidelines, insulting the playerbase does not amount in anything good.