Resistance Update Feedback

Greetings all,

PS4 player here.
I have not been keeping up with GZ and it’s development/news for quite a while.
So the latest update for me, came as a surprise.

After playing around a few hours today with the new update, I want to start off with a question: What direction is this game going?

Because I am puzzled and unhappy with this latest update.
Basebuilding, really!?

Where did this game go from a survival-type shooter-looter game to a — “I do not know what it is anymore type of game?”
Horde survival? Run & Gun FPS ? Isometric Puzzle RPG?
This is Generation Zero, not Minecraft, am I right?

Was the community really crying out for basebuilding in this game?
I for sure was not. Sorry to say, never have, never will be.

The new mission upon entering the Ostervik area did not trigger for me (yet? / bugged? ) and I kinda am glad about that.

In my opinion, basebuilding does not belong in a game like this. Or better said; In the game it originally was.

But, I should have seen the signs on the wall…
When you had to gather wood and construction materials on Hjimfall to defend the Bjorntunet Hotel.
But then again, both the Hotel and the Mullvadberget in the Farmlands were pretty decent “Bases” if you can call them that.
No need for any more of those, I did fine without them. Still do.

I would have loved to see a decent crafting of survival material items in this game instead of building a base.
Ways to scavenge and craft some improvised weapons, traps, food and ammunition to survive.

I would have loved to see more locations get upgraded to the latest standards.
More opened buildings like;

  • Hospitals. Where one can find good medical supplies,
  • Gasstations. Providing fuel and explosives (for napalm),
  • Police stations. Where once can find ammunition and law enforcement type weapons,
  • Supermarkets. Where food supplies can be found,
  • Garages and storage boxes. Where general supplies can be found.
    Or more varied opened houses in general.

Instead, most buildings (in Ostervik) have been boarded up, locked or burned down. Not accessible - anymore.
With less places to look for loot and less places to hide and fight from. Sadly.

It also looks very much out of place.
Surrounding areas like the Industry Omrade, Lilla, Balders Vall, Nyhamm, Haga, Tornberget and Granlugnet are completely unchanged while Ostervik itself turned into a warzone.
Did no fighting occur in those other areas, storywise?
It brings up questions, but I fear those will remain unanswered.

With this “overhaul” comes a number of new issues.
Low FPS (again) in the Ostervik area on PS4.
Rendering issues, stuttering and tearing in graphics on screen.
Why? There are less houses and objects now and the whole area is almost deserted, hardly any machines around.

All in all, in the end it all looks incomplete, unfinished and random.
With a new “gameplay element” shoehorned in to place that will not interest me at all.
The game currently feels empty, the idea of survival in an changed world is almost gone.

New weapons DLC, sure a great idea… but I am holding off buying it for now.
The addition of a completel new machine would have been nice.
Revamped bunkers are imho also long overdue. Current ones are dark and mostly empty.
Revamped mission design would have been a great idea too… (like the dreaded unplayable unwinnable bicycle mission!).
Overhauled inventory management, like a weapon/item selection wheel, is long, long overdue too.
Make the inventory or the map available under a separate button for example.

But instead we got base building and some sort of a horde survival thing.

All I was looking for was a game where you could fight and survive against cool machines.
Explore, Shoot, survive, loot, craft, rinse repeat.

Please stop pushing the game in it’s current direction.

Thanks for reading.


Base building was a highly requested feature in the feedback survey. I don’t think they would add anything if they didn’t think a majority of the players would like it.

The bike mission is super fun and nothing is gonna change my opinion on that. It is by far neither unplayable nor unwinnable.
Inventory management is being looked at, devs have asked for feedback / suggestions here.

They already are, default is TAB for the inventory and M for the Map.

I’m sorry you don’t like the direction the game is going and I hope you’ll still decide to stick with it throughout the upcoming patches. I personally don’t think they’re doing us injustice by adding base building, but I understand where you’re coming from.

As for this… You have to enter the Forest Region for the quest to trigger. I think it’s a bit unfair of you to give the update negative feedback without actually having tried the main content it brings. I strongly urge you to give it a try, the rewards are 100% worth it :wink:


I actually hope they just aren’t finished with the region yet. Maybe the outskirts of Östervik will actually be reworked in a later update, like they did with the Farmlands.

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I agree totally, this is no longer the product I purchased. If I wanted to play Destiny or Rust I would be, I bought this game for its unique concept and story but now it is becoming both generic and a Frankensteins monster of genres that just barely hold together.


I have to agree that it is a bit troubling the way the game might be going.
They said something about future updates bringing new stuff to base building, and with that in mind, one starts questioning…are they going to expand it a lot and bring a lot of features that have more to do with games like Rust, 7 days to die, Minecraft or just some small new things to add to base building?
Maybe instead of expanding the base building and focusing all resources there they could add :

  • new machines to fight
  • new buildings like it´s been said before (Hospitals, Gas station, schools, police stations, garages and other civilian and military buildings).
  • More enemies in towns and cities, populate those non Safehouse bunkers and military bases with enemies.

I hope i´m just exaggerating, but this is a survival shooter, horde mode is great, but don´t make things too much a walk in the park, the type of player that stays for months is not the type of player that cries for easier games.

New weapons are great, and although bike missions are not impossible they are indeed horrible and not fun at all!

Sorry, but that sounds like DayZ to me…

And what I nearly like the most of GZ is that I do not have to take care of my thirst and hunger and that I’m not prone to starving from thirst/hunger every 20 minutes…

My 2 ct.


To me, it hasn’t been the GZ i know of, for a long time.

Then again, GZ is viewed as a “live service”, rather than “finished product” and it’s prone to have changes, as time goes onwards. (Similar to Win7 vs Win10, where former was finished and great product, while latter is live service and constantly changing.)

As far as the new Base Building goes, i haven’t had time to launch the game and can’t comment on that.


A quick question re: base building.

Is there a reason to do it (i.e. mission progress / collectible / achievement / exclusive schematic etc.) or can it be safely ignored?


From what i know, these drop only after successful base defense. + There are new challenges, with new rewards, for base building as well.

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Argh! My 2 least favourite game modes (base building and horde mode) in my favourite game with exclusive content gated behind it.



I am really puzzled why Base Building would fit into a game like this.
Perhaps some ramshackle defenses here and there, but full-on base building?
I don’t see it having a purpose.

I’m on PS4, so I have to open my menu in order to see map/inventory.
Good to see it is split up on PC (and Xbox? - no clue), but PS4 Dualshock controller still has plenty of spare buttons that can be used, but are not.

Further on; I entered the Forest Region from the Farmlands region and from the North Region, multiple times. The mission did no trigger. Not on normal entering or on fast travelling.

As for the rewards, i’m not too sure if I really care about those.

I will not go into further details on the Bike mission too. Just know that i’ve been playing this game from 3 months after launch. I know the controls, i’m good at this game.
I Tried that redacted-ed mission numerous times now and it can not be completed. It keeps me from 100%-ing the game. Almost threw my controller through the window out of rage. It is that bad.
If you think otherwise, go right ahead. Or perhaps try it on PS4 yourself. I will not do it anymore unless it gets un-redacted-ed.

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For those who stuck with the game since launch it might doesn’t seem that dreadful but from your perspective it sounds like the frog and boiling water comparison I guess.
The things you mentioned still bother me but I accepted them or try to ignore them. It’s not always easy and seeing that other things have way lower priority then base building especially is a bit mind boggling.

Exactly those things. A really new machine type is suggested for a very long time in this forum but ignored sadly. The population of machines in the world is sometimes really weird. You can run for miles and don’t meet any machine and on some places they pile up.

I feel your pain. I even tried to clear up the area from machines but every time you start the mission, machines new machines are spawned in. This is so aggravating (the terrible bike steering in addition). I hate cheap spawn-ins with a passion. It really ruins the immersion.

I agree that hospitals, fire stations/stationhouses and more should be accessible. But I don’t want GZ to become a survival game in the narrower sense. There are games for that too.

Yeah, and sometimes really cheaply. Just a palette in front of it or a wheelbarrow in front of the door. Or a thin 2 by 4 nailed in front of it. Like this would hinder the player :crazy_face:

Hmm. Tbh I felt the survey was a bit trimmed to make the participants vote for base building. If there was a whole section about new enemy types I bet the survey would have take a different turn. But it is what it is.

You and me both! I dreaded the hotel defense mission and ignored it completely in my second playthrough on Guerilla mode. I find horde missions stupid. Noone would attack this way. And base building on such a vast map doesn’t make much sense either.


I’m absolutely with you, I’d like to see that, too. But not with that described loot mechanics as they would be a copy of DayZ or nearly any other “Survival”-game.

But as it seems the trend goes towards locking off more and more former accessible buildings ?
I strolled around Östertorn yesterday and found most of the houses on the northern border either destroyed or at least partly locked.

Same goes for Alnästet (?) (in the upper NE of the Map, south of the lighthouse)… grr
I loved that place because you could fight the machines in every direction…

Now it’s a completely different house layout, upstairs is completely blocked off, nearly all curtains are closed but instead there are some useless tents around… meh

The layout of the house induces a new problem, it’s one of those where runners and hunters somewhat often glitch in (and in this case shoot you from behind…)
And the closed curtains are not only blocking your view, they also prevent you in some cases from shooting to the outside, either blindfire or with OPV module…
Oh… the machines don’t have this little problem, they hit you pretty normal…

I really hope they stop this trend to “ruin” all good camping and fighting spots like this because that is ruining my game and the way I like to play, too… :confused:


The Forest Region, well that makes more sense. The Devs may want to have someone clarify that in the release notes as the ones on steam and a couple of other sites I saw looking online currently say:

“To kick off your first defense missions, you’ll have to find your way to the northern part of the city region”

I think the boarded-up buildings are there as alternatives to burned-out buildings, and act simply as a way to ease up on game performance. In-world, perhaps it’s a sign they’ve been looted bare, or are simply abandoned.

Don’t like the concept of building a base just to see it destroyed unless you can build/level it up to be indestructible. Now if you create these horde waves spontaneously in various regions on the map, that would be realistic and natural -scary as well. I will keep playing the game provided I’m not forced to that particular area in order to succeed. There are so many missions in this game and methods of play so anything that evolves in the game always makes it better regardless. I never had cool games like this when I was a kid so just can’t get away from this one and only game I enjoy.

Maybe, but this raises the question of why they were ever enterable in the first place.
And for example, when they reworked Salthamn, they actually made buildings enterable that weren’t before.

In the other news - devs either tweaked tanks or ammo stats, but now I can finally consistenly bust “frame support” with .44, .243 and 270 fmj ammo in front projection. It’s making game easier (again), but this does justice for underdog bullet types. Hooray!

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Well the base defense in my opinion is good,
However it provides no or little fun if you are playing with a group of friends who are all maxed level.
why?? because of the difficulty even on the hard mission, it doesnt spawn Apocalypse hunters or even an apocalypse tank. It doesn’t provide that intense fights or challenge… its literrally like a run in the park

  • Concerning the 2 tanks that enter the area, then they die there without even shooting from their rocket pod.
  • The thing is we get like 8 robots at once or may be more but they nearly put a dent in the defense tower. its too predictable ( why not make the spawn randoms)

For me the difficulty of the waves should scale proportionally to the numbers of players in the lobby…
or even scale with the levels of the players in the game - like level 1 -10 spawn prototype wave , level 10-20 spawn military level 20-25 fnix ones and 26- above apocalypse type… etc

I get the point why it is on top of a mountain , so that during fights it doesn’t attract nearby robots…
I hope that they add more things to the base building in the future.

or new class of robots would be awesome, or review the health of robots, because endgame items are too powerful.