Resistance Update Feedback

There’s nothing wrong with criticising the game and the direction the developers have taken it’s development in, that’s what this forum is for.

But there are ways to form a discussion around that feedback without dragging it down, by being constructive and accepting the opinion of others.


I think it’s time for me to write my feedback of the Resistance update as well. Since i’ve had some time to play it, including building my base and surviving all three difficulty modes in base defense.

Lets start from the beginning:
When you 1st play the Resistance update and if you’re not in the Forest region, you can’t tell that something has changed. But once you venture to the Forest region, you’ll see new and overhauled POIs. Of course, not all POIs have been overhauled (e.g IGA, Lilla). So, there is still room for improvement, that is, unless devs are deciding to leave some of it in the original, abandoned state, which i’d prefer.

Once you venture near Lergerbet, you’ll get the pop-up of new mission, that directs you to Lergerbet. From there, you’ll find a letter from one of the main NPCs and it’s a nice continuation to the lore. Explaining what has happened and what plans there are for future.

Along the way, you’ll also find new collectables, messages in a bottle. Their execution i also like, since when lore was told by the side missions, now, the lore is told in those little messages. Every message in the bottle has a tie-in to the setting, in which it is found. My only regret is, that i didn’t read every message as soon as i found it. Instead, i read them all after i found all of them. But that’s on me.

At some point, you’ll make your way to Tylöveden mountain, to destroy FNIX’es base. Here, there are some lore vs player conflicts that i find hard to comprehend.

  1. How come, a player, who is supposed to be a teen, is able to waltz into the FNIX’es base, easily take out the guarding machines, infiltrate the base, plant explosives, and get out before the base blows up? While several of the ex- and current military members, who have planned and coordinated the same attack, with far better knowledge and combat experience, fail miserably.
  2. Player blows up only the small outpost on top of the mountain. While it’s clearly seen that FNIX’es base is far bigger and most of it is inside the Tylöveden mountain. It feels strange that Resistance wants you to build their base on top of the still active FNIX’es base. And it’s no other random base, but instead the biggest FNIX’es base we’ve seen so far.

Once you’ve constructed your base, you have an option to call in the machine attack. While why that attack happens is explained in the lore, it doesn’t make sense that player is able to dictate when that happens. It should be the other way around, on lore aspect. But i guess, it’s made for player convenience.

After every successful defense, there are rewards for the player. Besides the crafting materials (which i guess the other Resistance members are secretly giving to you for your efforts), you’ll also get the experimental consumable crafting schematic.
That i find a bit hard to understand, mainly as of why you get it and from whom. One could say that Resistance is also providing these for you but on the schematic itself, it’s clear that it was developed by the FOA. It is possible that Resistance got their hands on those schematics and they are now sharing these with you as well. But one question still remains: Why isn’t Resistance using the schematic to craft the gear for themselves? Since when you have an unlimited access to all required crafting materials, including the rare and radioactive Uranium + schematic on how to craft it, then why not to craft it? Lore has left player to believe that Resistance needs anything they can possibly get, to fight against the machines.

Base building mechanic itself is easy to understand and simple to use. Though, the limit of modules that you can craft (e.g 150 wall pieces), in my opinion, is too low. Namely because some decorations also are counted as Walls and the big area what is given to us, in where to construct the base, can easily accommodate big and complex base.
At current moment, you can construct only one layer of wall, around the outer perimeter and that’s about it. You have a bit left over to construct few more wall pieces but you’ll be hitting the Wall build limit fast. I did.
As far as the base modules themselves go, what we currently have, are barebones. Few different wall pieces, gate, one pillbox design, one watchtower design and few decorations. Though, it’s seen that we get more variety to base modules at a future date, in form of payed DLC, which i don’t mind.

I’m that kind of person who loves base building, especially when i get to choose between several different modules and are not restricted by limitations. However, i’m not so sure that base building fits GZ and it’s essence.
In the early days, and until the Resistance update, GZ was all about where player is just random being, who happened to walk into what we now know, a machine overtake, led by FNIX. Trying to make sense of all of it and somehow survive. But now, with Resistance update and base building, player has been made into a hero and leader of the mankind, against the machines.

I know that the lore needs to go on, and perhaps, at some point also end. However, i’m not sure that the base building is proper way to continue the lore. And just because base building was a popular request by the player base, doesn’t mean it needs to be added to the game. There are several, popular requests, that haven’t made their way to the game. To name the few: PvP and player controlled motorized vehicles.
Though, don’t get me wrong. Base building, as such, when viewed alone, has good potential to evolve into something good and overall, i like it’s mechanics. But in the grand scheme of things, i don’t think it is a good fit to the GZ.


Yes, I’ve seen God knows how many people screaming on the comments of YT videos and streams for them to make it a Battle Royale.
And personally I think some people try to take advantage of the development team by making them feel bad and pressured to add what they want rather then what the development team thinks is right for the game.


Tons of great feedback in here! A million thanks to everyone who took the time to give us this extensive feedback on the update. Much appreciated!


Quite right my friend well said.

And instead of " reviews " being tagged as constructive feedback - when clearly its a tantrum the keyboard warriors will always come out in full force. Its 2 years old now, get over it - or change game it’s gonna go where they want it to.

The focus should be developing what we have, not what we haven’t.

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Or focus on what we have, have had and don’t want to have.

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I agree with what you say about the base building logic. With the way it is set up at the moment it would have made more sense for it to be a case of further fortifying one of the two existing resistance bases as you would already have a reason why FNIX is trying to destroy them.

I believe base building is a good direction depending on direction they futuristically implement it. I don’t like the radio and score idea when to allow attacks on the base. But, it’s start. I do like theme of Rise up against the machines resistance though perhaps an area take over the map from the machines, and defending it. The machines can retake the land as well. Make it challenging. Then be able to build offensive and defense position for control of the area. Just an idea. You don’t have to do base building. That’s up to the player to build a base or not, or just go out and destroy and survive machines.

I never said you can only get it in russian boxes. It is more frequent in those ammo boxes though due to the loot pool differences i’ve noticed. Might be just happen chance, but thats what i’ve found.
What i do say is that russian ammo doesn’t spawn on dead soviet soldiers but that’s a different issue.

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Thanks for the correction. I don’t know what ‘loot pool’ is. Maybe how the game builds loot for individual players? I see mostly 7.62. I get plenty of Russian ammo, but rarely from Russian boxes.

A term used to refer all items as a whole, that you can “loot” (collect) in the game.

Yes, there is individual loot in the game. But it is RNG based and calculated via several formulas, milliseconds before you open any loot container.

Actually, i haven’t noticed this myself. :thinking: Though, when it comes to the loot containers, you can find ammo from 3 different kinds of boxes: small metal one, big green one (rarely) and the new, Soviet ones.

And you have completely missed out on any feedback Xbox players might have had.

Hey, be nice now. They’re doing what they can about the update for Xbox.

Okay, I’ll play nice!

No problem man, wasn’t saying any of that harshly just setting things straight :slight_smile:
So for loot pools (or sometimes called loot tables) it’s as @Aesyle explained perfectly here, a big list of everything that can go into the lootable box, in this case ammo.

So for Soviet boxes and why they’re a bit better odds wise than the standard boxes is because you never see 5.56 or 5.56 AP.
Removing two ammo types from the loot pool might not seem like much but when you then take into consideration the way the game prioritizes ammo based on your current weapons held, it improves odds respectably, numbers wise. RNG can always get in the way!

Is this something that was introduced in the Resistance Update?

No. Ammo has been dropped based on what weapons you have in your inventory for about as long as I can remember.

In all honesty I don’t see any correlation between what I carry and what I find.

I always find SMG, ACP or 44 ammo all the damn time in certain areas. Never have them equipped, don’t even have them in the Plundra.

Himfjäll for example always gives me the same pool of ammo types regardless of what weapons I take with me. Even playing multiplayer and chatting we’re finding the same ammo types independent of character / load outs across the whole team.

Personally, I feel that the loot drops are more weighted towards area specific loot pools than load out / weapon based.


I’m backing pure RNG unless I get an official comment and @SR_knivspark can share some clarity.

I would appreciate a dev confirmation as well. From what I have noticed, I only get HEDP and large amount of 5.56 when carrying weapons that use those ammo. I can see this even more clearly when having an AT-WAD in my inventory, all hunters just start dropping 9x39mm.

But we should probably get back to Resistance update feedback.

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