Extreme frame drop that doesn’t go away

On Xbox, me and others have noticed that at times when there are several enemies around, the game drops frames dramatically, to the point where I a man literally running in slow motion, guns are shooting at half the rpm they are intended, as well as enemy guns shoot super slow. This issue, once started, seems to never go away no matter how far away you get from the enemies. There’s times where it goes back to normal speed, but only for a few seconds. It’s really annoying to say the least. I have found out that once you fast travel it will go back to normal, but this shouldn’t happen. I will say though that this exact thing happens in Call of the Wild, so I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the game engine or just bad development…


PS4 too,much worse on multiplayer while surrounded.Unjoyable to play when its like that.Too much goin on proccessing i beleive ive played a few games that sufferd a low frame rate while alots goin on.Needs adjusting.

This 100%. It didn’t seem to be a problem until the last mini-patch dropped a few days ago. Three of us were doing the ‘Spike the Guns’ mission, and each of us would randomly start running in slow motion, like when you run down a hallway in a nightmare. Also doors would open extremely slowly.

The other noticeable glitch that accompanies this are enemy runners that will literally spawn directly in front of you after you’ve entered a room or hallway.

Something in this newest patch has had some unintended side effects.


Yea, the game should still have early access across it. It was not beta tested nearly long enough.

Please create a bug report following the correct format to see if the issue can be indentified. Thanks for this seems a little odd.

Alot of peeps on this forum has been saying about the frame rate drop.Single player across the map less frequent but in multiplayer its more frequent and more devastational to gameplay.On all formats.It seems to happen in big battles or big sites with lots hoin on or about to go on.

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Same. Bunkers, towns, lots of AI, Etc. Performance drops substantially. As much as I love this game, that’s the same reason why I could never get into Ark. parts of the game just bogged down too much. It makes a game unplayable. Should definitely be a priority to fix.

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A sticky at the top of the forum says: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report


Thank you for giving your feedback and helping us make Generation Zero the best it can be. In order to get the information we need to fix reported bugs we ask for the following information:

Platform: XB1, PS4 or PC - which Platform you were on when you experienced the issue

Description: Brief summary of the issue, insure to include specifics such as coordinates, quest names, enemies etc…

Steps To Reproduce: What steps did you take to get the issue? Can you follow these steps again and reliably get the issue again?

Images / Videos: Any screenshots or videos of issue you encountered

Host or Client: Were you hosting a multiplayer game? Or did you join somebody else session?

Players in your game: How many other players were in your game?

Specifications: What are the hardware specs of your PC or which XBox, PS4 console were you playing on?

I explained the problem, how it happens, and what platform it’s on… it’s not a chapter book length post, they can see the issue right away…


Issue-Frame rate drops in big battles and in parts of all the map that has alot goin on.Espeacially in multiplayer.
Step to reproduce-Entering towns and bunkers with lots of enemies or multiplayer in a big encounter using fireworks flares etc…
Image-none from myself but others have.
Host-Single and Multi.
Specifications-PS4 Pro I beleive other specs for PC over spec the game.
Hope this is better its hard to do everyone but framerate drop is over the forum.Many thanks


I get it… but I don’t got time for that bro. If you’ll.l see, I literally answered all these points in the first sentence. The rest was just elaborating more on what it’s like.

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I agree with you brother just backing us all up with protocol lol


With your permission, I suggest some hints that might make it easier for the devs to identify your issue.

Did you troubleshoot this issue on all platforms? When you were on PC, which specs did you have? I think it will be easier for the devs if you specify exactly what happened to you only and then let others specify what happened to them. Especially for PC, there are millions of different specs and combinations, and who knows what the root problem could be.

I believe they want to know whether you were hosting a game or whether you were hosted by someone else.

Yes FPS happened to me as well, but when I updated my BIOS it disappeared. Who knows whether the update overwrote some code or if something else happened. But especially on PC it will depend on your unique spec. Therefore it’s easier for the devs if you stick to what happened to you specifically.

Just my two cents.

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I have seen the format several times, which is why when I post issues, I try to answer all the points in the beginning of my post. My main concern is just getting these bugs out there for the devs to see and hope they fix them quickly so I can get back to playing it. Right now my missions are bugged and I can’t progress. I can explore, but I’m worried I’ll wear the game out before they fix/add some features that really needed to be in the game at launch like the storage and crafting/resource breakdown station.


Hi from what ive read over the forum frame rate drop is an issue im on PS4 PRO.Frame rate drop can be totally random at high proccessing points of the game im glad its dissapeared for yourself by updating bios but im not saying it will stay like that as a restart normally lets gameplay flow for a while until it starts again.Im just trying to get it recognized like some of the others in here and hopefully theres a fix at some point.Im sure the devs can see and would ask themselves if they wanted extra info.Many thanks

Hi. New to the forum, but not to the game. Just joining this thread to see if the devs provide an update/respond in any way to this issue, as this seems to be the only issue they are actively ignoring. Any questions/comments on social media are ignored. I am always polite and courteous so the attitude of my posts can’t be the reason for the lack of response.

This issue is really hampering the experience for me and I see many people on all platforms are experiencing it. I do like to assume they are actively identifying/fixing the problem as to the reason they aren’t responding, but still, some kind of update would be nice if there is one.

Hello, and welcome to the forums. The devs would gain nothing from ignoring technical issues, so please don’t presume as much. They’re just very busy most of the time. Framerate issues can be caused by a huge number of problems, regardless of platform. It’s also fully possible that the game’s simply poorly optimized in places, and that it’s taking time to perfect the issue.

There should be a scheduled Q&A stream tomorrow, feel free to ask there if you want to get to the devs directly.

They don’t pay us to be quality testers. I’m not gonna buy the game three times for each console but to.confirm a bug. That’s what the forum is for. I’m on Xbox I post hey on Xbox I saw this. Somebody in PS4 confirms. I get the formalities but feedback is feedback. Bethesda anthem and more has felt the sting of ignoring fans. Just cause it’s not as pretty? if you choose to ignore that because of that. It’s just as much on you as it on us for not following a Suggested template.

Sorry for the late reply. I do understand they are busy, but I just found it odd that if I give them praise or mention some crazy idea they have responded, but mention this and it’s radio silence. From that you can understand why I came to my conclusion. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t presume they are ignoring that issue, but it would just be nice to have seen a response regarding it.

However, on one of the recent live streams they acknowledged someones question relating to it and said they had no idea it was happening, which I found very odd considering how much people mention it online and how much it occurs in game, albeit less so now after the update.

I haven’t had much opportunity to play of late, but the last time it happened it didn’t save my capture, so i’m hoping (aside from it not happening again) that if it does I can get a capture and submit it properly.

Well this seems to be an old topic, but Ive started to experience some pretty bad frame rate drop and when it happened it dropped out all the way down to 3 fps and I got some pretty bad slow motion. Couldn’t do anything but restart and when I did the title screen came up in slow mo and noticed my frame rate was at 4fps, I hadn’t even got into the game yet. Im on pc so I jumped into task manager and both my 1080’s were only running at 12 to 15 percent. Ran some other games on my origin account and they ran fine. Ran a stress test on my gpu’s and they passed and verified my files with steam and passed. I haven’t tried uninstall and reinstall of GZ yet but im going to. Anybody else have this problem lately? I need some clues fellas, point me in the right direction please.