Face coverings?

My boyfriend and I have been playing for about 3 weeks now and we are slowly learning that you can’t find too much about the game online when it comes to asking questions. So thankfully I found you guys!

We’ve noticed that some people we bump into online have Bandana like things or smaller gas masks on their faces and we are on the hunt for those items. Are they from certain challenges? Or can you pick them up only in a certain area?

I think by “smaller gas masks” you mean the Vraken pilot’s breathing gear and aviators. It is a eye vanity item obtained through doing all the main and side missions in the south coast. The bandana is probably the Resistance Bandana. Which comes in 3 colors as far as I know. iirc it is included in the Shweet vanity pack. A lot of vanity items are obtained through challenges, and looting. You can see the rewards for challenges by going to the “challenges” tab in the inventory menu.

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I don’t think the Resistance Bandana is included in any “vanity pack”. All items in the Resistance category are found by destroying and looting Apocalypse class machines. :slightly_smiling_face:

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hmmm. Probably. I just assumed it was since it had the dlc icon next to it.

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Ohhhh okay So the face bandana is a random drop from an apocalypse class?

Sadly for some reason it’s saying we haven’t completed the challenge for completing the Main and Side missions in the South Coast. We’ve done them all (as far as we know) but we are having some issues with the game registering when we’ve completed a challenge (it may also be just our fault, we are new to the game).

You have to find the starts to some of the side missions. All side mission starts can be found on the wiki.

Link:Missions | Generation Zero Wiki | Fandom

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Correct. :blush: Those face bandanas seem to be a bit rare, though.

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It has that icon because you’ll need Alpine Unrest DLC to obtain it and it only drops in Himfjäll.

If you have Alpine Unrest DLC and you battle in Himfjäll (where most machines are apo class), then: Yes.

If you do not have Alpine Unrest DLC and battle few apo class machines found in vanilla game, then: No.
Though, you can get ultra rare Police set from them instead.


Face coverings in GZ:

From left to right;
Top row:

  1. Gas Mask (found in vanilla game, has 6 variations)
  2. Hazard Suit Gas Mask (unlocked after completing “Wild West” challenges, Guide: "Wild West" challenge)
  3. Vraken pilot breathing gear with aviators (unlocked after completing “Cataclysm Day” challenges)

Bottom row:

  1. Stalker’s Hockey Mask (dropped during limited event, currently unavailable)
  2. and 3. Resistance Bandana (found at Himfjäll from Apo class machines, has at least 5 color variations)
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I had a bandana drop the other day from an Apoc Tank on Himfjäll, so they do still drop.

They’re just rare to find.

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Fallout Power Armor Helmet!!!

Knew i’d seen in somewhere ( middle top )

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Thank you so much! I have the DLC and my boyfriend found one of the Bandanas last night off of an Apo Hunter! This was the most helpful one yet, thank you!