Guide: "Wild West" challenge


With June '20 update, a new set of 5 challenges were added to the base game. Created this topic to help out anyone who might struggle with Wild West challenge.

In Wild West challenge, there are 4 tiers where you need to use .44 Panther Magnum (.44 Magnus) with following requirements:

  1. Kill 10 prototype runners
  2. Kill 5 military hunters
  3. Kill 3 FNIX harvesters
  4. Kill 1 apocalypse tank

Overall tips

You don’t need to use .44 Magnum all they way. You can soften up machines with other weapons but for the challenge to count, final kill shot must be made with .44 Magnum. This criteria makes the challenge considerably easier with less .44 ammo used.

As far as weapon configuration goes, you can use 2-4x handgun scope for better aim and for barrel mods, either compensator (to reduce recoil) or silencer (to muffle firing sounds). I like to use my .44 Magnum with scope, silencer and IR/OPV vision mod.

Tips for each tier

Tier 1 is easy, just aim at the prototype runner’s fuel tank to blow it up easily.
Do it 10 times and you’ll get 1st tier completed.

Tier 2 is harder since military hunter is tough opponent but you can use your other weapons to damage hunter and then switch to .44 Magnum to finish the hunter off.
Do it 5 times and you’ll get 2nd tier completed.

Tier 3 is considerably harder since you need to engage FNIX harvester, who will have 3 FNIX hunters as guards and who can call in additional hunters once it’s initial hunters are taken out. Also, harvester itself isn’t defenseless either.
Tactics on taking on harvester vary and you can hide inside the house, firing through the windows if the harvester is close enough or take it on out in the open.
Do it 3 times and you’ll get 3rd tier completed.

Below is my gameplay of taking on 3rd FNIX harvester, out in the open, to get Tier 3 completed:

My tactics were:

  1. Take out harvester rocket pods to eliminate harvester as a threat.
  2. Take out hunter’s weapons without blowing hunters up (so that harvester won’t call in new hunters).
  3. Engage harvester until it blows up, while avoiding hunters.
  4. Once harvester is dead, take out hunters and remaining ticks.

Do note that i have 5* .44 Magnum and i play on Guerilla. Your mileage may vary depending on your weapon quality and in-game difficulty level.

Tier 4 is the hardest since apocalypse tank has a lot of health and it’s weaponry is also lethal. Here, best bet would be using your other weapons to damage the tank considerably while switching to .44 Magnum later on. It also helps when you use your binoculars in Tech View to see at what level tank’s HP is. And aiming at tank’s components reduces ammo consumption.
Take out apocalypse tank with your .44 Magnum and you’ll get 4th and final tier completed.

Below is my gameplay of taking on apocalypse tank to get Tier 4 completed:

My tactics were:

  1. Be inside the house for cover (to protect against anti-personal cluster mine launcher).
  2. Damage the tank with other weapons to reduce it’s HP.
  3. Constantly check tank’s HP level not to accidentally blow it up with other weapons.
  4. Once the HP was low enough, switch to .44 Magnum to finish off, while aiming at components.
  5. Once tank is dead, take out anyone else nearby.

Since all apocalypse tanks in my game are level 4 Rivals, i didn’t have normal one to shoot at. Due to that, ammo consumption for me was quite high.

And this concludes Wild West challenge guide.



I take out a tank out of a house alone with my 4 star Magnus and it takes a pile of ammunition but it was fun.:grinning:


I’m and buying Generation zero soon, I had it on a PS4 before but I switched to a PC instead I will try this when I get the chance!


I tried that i killed 1 prototype runner and it didnt count i was using a 5 crown .44 magnum

Generation Zero has issues counting anything at the moment. If the Challenge is like the Daily Assignments, some will count, and others get missed…
Keep plugging away, and you will get it.

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k thanks
sorry for the long delay

I did mine on Adventure, where it’s so much easier to hose the Hunters with an lmg (I’m using N60). Tier 3 was the hardest because every FNIX harvester was guarded by a tank except for the 2nd one which was guarded by 3 military harvesters and I had to double check because I only saw one with the binoculars. I did Tier 1&2 with just the revolver. Tier 4 was anticlimactic because it was just the tank by itself