FNIX Rising - New Generation Zero DLC

I hope you are right. But as you say here…

Is not always a good thing. The direction of that expansion is what can make or break a game IMO. This Just Cause PUBG like stuff is NOT why I bought the game at all. That said I still support the base game & still hope they give us a “classic” mode of main game that keeps stuff like this in DLC’s.

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It probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that I share your views, @SteampunkPagan. The original game was so pure and atmospheric, and I really loved that. However, perhaps it is better for the game to develop than … well … end. I’ll embrace the changes and play along, as long as new contents doesn’t appear silly. Honestly, I feel I got so much more that I payed for with this game (for better and for worse), so I’ll definitely buy the new DLC and let myself be entertained. Cheers for the team! I’m looking forward to the release :+1:


I see no reason why I would not want to hit a tick-bot with a sledgehammer
DLC looks interesting, but if they won’t improve on base game enough then it’s meaningless

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If I may ask, what reminds you of PUBG?

i guess it depends on the timeline of the dlc happening, too. considering the fact that its playing 6 weeks after the alpine dlc it would be kinda “realistic” that the machines evolve and with that do we (or other survivors). sure. we got some bad ass guns (not counting the exp. guns) but after some time the machines will get to a point were our guns would just tickle them. so imo it makes sense to further develop our guns (exp. guns) to still have a realistic chance against the enemy. when the enemy is developing new ways to annihilate us we need to do the same. that at least could be one possible thought about “breaking” the 80´s atmosphere.

Or instead of introducing ever stronger weapons (I don’t support the arms race) survival could be based more on strategy? Perhaps you could disable machines in other ways than shooting them to bits with an anti-phase-amplificating-anti-matter-recoilless-supercharged rifle? Perhaps you could make your way into control rooms, from where certain machines are operated? Perhaps you could bring down communication systems leaving the machines helpless and confused? More firepower isn’t always the solution … at least not in Scandinavia :wink:


It is a point of reference. Like Fallout 76, Fortnite, Just Cause or any of the other yawn also games. Sorry do not mean to be rude at all. I am a very old school gamer been doing this since Atari 64 & before that in arcades. I have seen many games over the years go down this path…1st the give-in on “super” weapons & then add things that are useless but requested by many at the expense of the base game, quality of life or bug fixes. It is not the Developer’s fault they need to make money after all it is our fault the gamers we are never happy with the games as they are. We always are pushing them to add this or that “You know what this game need”, “Can you make this more like (insert game here}” or “Me & my friends would like to see” so small Dev teams have to decide between new content or bug fixes then between which bug fixes. They have a tough job for sure.

I am just a little sad by this trailer right now & because I wear my emotion on my sleeves I will stop posting about it after this one or replying to stuff before I get baited & blocked from the forums. I love the game, I stream it regularly I get more viewers watching my streams of the game on Mixer than even the Developers stream & I run the largest club on Xbox that has this game listed as one they play…I love the game & that is why I am so passionate about it. I pick/play games that I am going to play not for hours but for years. Anyway take care all, stay safe & have fun in whatever you do.


Just cause games are actually from avalanche studios, and they´re very interesting, just not a survival horror fps game.


(adding more characters to my message…)

If I had the money I would

Is it a new island in the expansion or will it be on the main island?

Love the trailer and all the small details in it… especially the huge armored vehicle and the melee weapons!
But my secret hope is that at least one of the new NPCs will come from bunker 666!

im guessing the westward cuz thats where the arty shell aprox came from

You know, the point of having a console is :

  • Comfort
  • Less crashes and bugs
  • Almost always better exclusives than on PC
  • Not having to constantly upgrade the Hardware
  • Games always look better on a Medium/ Big size TV
  • Less cheating and hacking

And for the record, i own a “medium” laptop, but most games are better to play on console unless you are a hardcore gamer or play in tournaments ,graphics aren´t all you know? Although one thing is sure, Strategy and Rts games are Always better on PC.


Now we’re talking!! I wasn’t expecting this when I woke up this morning! :smile: HYPED!

You should be! :smile:

same here. really caught me off guard. i just were waiting for another message from calle making us throw out more wild theories over at the bombardment thread.

Judging by what we’re able to see from the trailer, this looks exactly like what I wanted to see in GZ. I wanted an expansion into a war torn area, and this looks incredbly well done and atmospheric!

I’m so ready for this! Thank you devs! :blush:

I just have to mention a thing. I’ve argued before that they should have set GZ in 1988. If this is set 6 weeks after AU, were in 1990 by now, and I just want that 80’s vibe to be 100% …sorry, that’s just my kind of nitpicking. :nerd_face:

Is the man in the picture (the DLC picture) Pontus as a teen?
(if you go to the Facebook page you can see them side by side (is their a resemblance))

Settle down son, I’m only joking :joy: