Food and Water in GZ? What do you think?

I like the idea of food in GZ, there has actually been talk about it in a few other threads. It would be sort of a “Survival mode”.


I don’t like the idea.
Most of the time you don’t have the time to think about anything like food or something to drink.

This game is too fast compared to classical survival games. Too many survival mechanics would turn the focus of the game in a completly different direction. It’s about how to survive against the machines, not against the world.

Imagine being in a battle with numerous fnix and soviet machines with your team and suddenly one says:

“Wait, I’m hungry. I go looking for mushrooms in the forest, or search a box with canned food, maybe make a small fire…”… and gets shot.

Then the seconds says:
“Ah, I’m thirsty. I go looking for some drink. Maybe theres a lake nearby, or a truck of BEPP Cola.”… and gets shot.

The third one gets cold. Well, it’s snowy. So he opens his inventory and tries to find warmer clothes (5c cold resistance)… and gets shot.

And you (or it could be me), fighting on the machines, don’t matter about that feelings. "What’s up? It’s a shooter. Let’s shoot the machines. They are everywhere."… and die: starved.

So, where’s the fun?


For a game like GZ it’s not a good idea. It will just add more frustration than anything else.


This is not Day Z , I really don’t think this fits with Gen Z ! :scream:


That’s why it would be a mode that you could activate in the main menu, sort of like in Subnautica. In that game, you can choose whether to have hunger and thirst. Whether you choose to or not, you still can catch fish and things like that, but thats beside the point.

My point is, it could be an interesting mode to have for the people who are interested in it.

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People who are interested in it play or should play other games. Call of the wild for example. Cotw: the angler is also announced.

Or the forest, or sons of the forest… Not gz.
Detailed explanation is somewhere above.


This seems like a great idea, maybe we can just eat all the bugs already in the game! :beer:


Agreed thr game does have bugs, so if the devs were to add this mode, it would deffinatelly need to be after some much needed patch notes.

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Food and water is simply a distraction from your focus and the story…


I don’t see how, if part of the story is surviving,then eating to survive is justifiably part of the story.

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Honestly there should be food, water, diseases, weather conditions, as well as mental illnesses (skins and battle pass too) added into the game. I think it would be a big improvement over the dark and scary shooter we have now.


Hunger and thirst wouldn’t fit with what GZ is. It’s not a realistic survival game like DayZ or something. It’s an open world stealth/action FPS with big robots and RPG mechanics.

GZ really isn’t realistic or survival-y in the slightest. Why add hunger and thirst to a game where dirty weapons are less powerful than clean ones, you can sprint around like a madman while carrying 2 dozen 84mm HEDP rounds, and you can fully heal yourself from multiple machine gun volleys by literally eating two first aid kits?

Now there’s a feature I can get behind.


I think it is about time we start taking ideas direct from the community like this one:

Would bbe ultra-realistic if anyone catches my drift.

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Hmm… no, thanks, not for me. There are plenty of games out there where one can struggle to get some food and water or whatnot, but I do like GZ for what it is about this, that I don’t have to do that. Ymmv

About a seperate gamemode, yeah, why not. But imho there are many many construction sites that have to be fixed before thinking about different game modes.

My 2 Ct. but again ymmv :man_shrugging:


Honestly we should really have food/water and hunger/thirst in GZ. Everyone talks about how the game has become too wacky and a “babies game”. so it is about time we toughen it up.

Brutal survival mechanics could easily do this. And honestly this is the correct and objective way forward.

Like honestly, remove all storage and sorting too, we all know you cannot do that IRL, so why is it in the game?

Where is my realism that was promised to me!!!


I agree, but not with that.
Weights should be more realistic, the carry capacity more realistic, maybe we may bleed and lose health constantly if we don’t use a bandage… But no hunger, thirst or tireness.

That’s too much.

So you don’t agree then?

Honestly your idea should not be implemented. These new weight systems would make you have to take your focus away from the story and the gameplay and you’d have to spend time organizing your inventory instead of playing.

Imagine you are in a fight then say, “ah damn, I cannot pick up this ammo to keep fighting, let me just reorganize…” than you get shot.

Same with the bleading too.
Imagine you are in a fight and you say “aw man I am bleeding let me just bandage…” then you get shot.


:rofl: :+1:

Ok, if we put all pieces together, the game seems to be perfect as it is. All surviving or more realistic features would change the game in a way that takes the focus away of what it is.

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Just saying, all that already happens. If your too heavy, you can’t walk if you pick up too much ammo, thus, you get shot and die.

In the same way, if you don’t have health packs equipped, and need one, you have to use your inventory to get one. So, the problem remains either way.