For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

That has never happened in the game. Are you sure it wasn’t a Rival? E.g Proto Hunter and the weapon was 6* not 5*?

Also, screen(s) or it didn’t happen.

Yes, especially since the known spawn point for 4* .50 cal is way up North, part of one of the very last vanilla side missions (if you do missions in order).

My guess, it was added in January’s Update as a condolence for locking 6* weapons behind char lvl26.

If it was in the game earlier, someone would’ve found it already.


Exactly! :smiley:

And even if it was a prototype Rival, I’m pretty sure it would only drop 6-star and never 5, which is exactly in line with your post btw. :+1:


I’ve gotten word that the PVG90 is not supposed to be there. It’s likely it’ll be removed in the near future, but until then it’s up for grabs.


Prototypes don’t drop 5* weapons, and they only used to drop 6* weapons as a rival but still had their normal loot table in terms of the guns or attachments they could drop.
As for the white bjork, it wasn’t there in the latest update, i tend to go back to the archipelago every once in a while for 7.62 so was in this exact spot just a few days ago, that car wasn’t there at all :thinking:

I do wonder about it’s intention though, like you can’t open the trunk unless you blow up the car so if it were intended maybe they plan for people to just not examine the car at all, or if they do write it off as a backpack or something and move on without picking up literally one of the best guns in the game at the end of the tutorial section.

edit: ah okay @Zesiir thank you for clarifying that dude!


The January update added a second weapon to find in Salthamn, anyone know where it is?

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It was a pain but I thanked my way to the special AI-76. I probably died like 20 times because i was really unprepared then.


Well done for getting there @TheSkeleZ it’s not an easy area of the game


I just found the same thing :grin: but since I didn’t wanna blow the car :smirk: I crouched next to it and got the indicator to grab it, so I did! Can confirm it’s there.


it is strange that there is a 5 crow weapon that early but can i complain? i got a hassle free 5 crown weapon

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Methinks that they are shuffling some of the known items around and adding others.

Sjöpvist Semi-Auto


  • Inside Torsberga Fort.
    (Coordinates: -4500, 4497)

this one in particular wasn’t there at all.

BTW that 5 crown sniper rifle allowed me to take down both a military Harvester and Tank without any of them knowing where I was shooting from, used near 30 rounds to do it though! :grin:


The 5* PVG90 found near Saltholmen Church is now gone.

I can confirm this change is on PlayStation as well.

I can’t seem to find the gold rocket launcher at Ostertorn bridge. Is there a required mission, or am I just being stupid and not able to find it? If I’m being stupid, could someone tell me which car or truck it’s found in, if that’s the case? Any help is appreciated.

It’s dependant on the mission The Bridge for it to appear, if I remember correctly.

you can pick up this mission in hermelinen bunker

That isn’t true.

Hermelinen is in North Coast while The Bridge mission is in Marshlands.

The correct Command Bunker is Skvadern.

sorry about that been a while since i played the mission myself

It got stuck behind the buildings for me so I just pounded it with the 50 cal. through the front porch and took zero damage.

40k views wow. i am impressed

AI-76 - Good - Coordinates -3970, 4200 - Safehouse Tokeröd Farm

12G Pump Action - Good - Coordinates -260, -275 - Inside police car on Överby bridge

Granatgevär m/49 - Good - Coordinates 955, -40 - On the roof of the kiosk

Klaucke 17 - Good - Coordinates -4555, 1953 - Inside cockpit of downed strike fighter

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