For people who want to know weapon locations ****spoilers****

There is a military storage building a little to the east of Grantorp (-424, 3136) that contains a few goodies, for example a 3* M/45 SMG and a hand grenade.
As I opened the door it said ” you unlocked the door”, but I don’t know HOW I did that.
Might have something to do with the key next to a similar storage close to the Björknäs farm, but I never knew it could be brought along.

Also, by the small island safehouse next the bridge to Måsskär there’s a 1* AG5.

It does appear that the key you come across at the readiness storage near Björknäs acts as a skeleton key for all of the storages. Dunno if it’s intended, but it’s a nice boon to have.


You are probably right.
I guess the building I found is just another copy. The same type of storage (vapenkassun in swedish) is described in post #21.

Edit: The key doesn’t seem to let you open the larger military storages though.

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They stay unlocked, and (other than placed weapons) ammo & weapon crates respawn so it’s nice to remember where they are.

Yeah, the larger storages require lockpicking skill.

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I think there’s a storage back at Iboholmen, close to the hunters house. I could test this theory, since I gotta go farm stuff anyway. :smile:

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Which key is this? I’ve been to the readiness storage to the north east of Björknäs (near Talludden) but can’t see anything. I even checked this on a fresh save game but I still can’t find anything.

Can you shed any more light on how / where to find it?

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There’s a couple boxes beside it, the key’s hidden on the ground among them. If I’m thinking of the correct place, that is :thinking:

Ah, sorry! It should be Björkvik Farm!
Got them mixed up… :see_no_evil:

The storage is on a hill north of the farm. Right between the farm and Saltvallen sports field.

Look in the grass to the right of the storage entrance. It’s not an object that will go into your inventory, it’s more like you just got it.

Appearently it will fit other similar huts, but not the larger weapon storages. Tried both on Iboholmen and over by the Grantorp radio mast.


Maybe it doesn’t matter which storage you find first? That magic key is wherever you happen to find a storage?

No, it always appears there.

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Now that FNIX rising is out and the south coast and south farmlands are different, has anyone found any new weapons there? I’m console so if someone could help thanks!

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Without FNIX Rising DLC, look into weapon crates in those two regions or kill some FNIX harvs/tanks.
I just found 5* baseball bat from FNIX harv in Marshlands.

With FNIX Rising DLC, you’ll get 1* sledgehammer from the first main mission since it’s part of it.

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Hello all. :slight_smile:

Just any case, I would like to know if someone already found the second weapons in Hosterhallan Marine center dock… It’s a real pain to find any info on the internet… And I have spent hours and hours to find it. Now… I believe either this is particularly well hidden… or it just doesn’t exist at all. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for your help guys ! (and girls of course).

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Anyone got a confirmed location of the 8 weapons by the church - NE Himfjall.

I’ve got all 5 from the house, Rifle from the wall, shotgun from matey behind table.

Any ideas on the 8th?

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Didn’t find it when you joined me?:thinking:

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Is that not the one that is ON TOP of the wooden railings…back right of the dock

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No mate, but Diesel tracks 8, so I think it’s glitched.

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Hmm strange i might have a look in a min as i didn’t pick any up. Ill message u if i find anything.

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It didn’t show any of them when I joined your game, so I imagine it’s bugged.

Feel free to screen shot as you go to be sure

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be back in 10 with info about it

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